5 Best Free Genealogy Software in 2022

If you want to trace the genealogy of your family and learn about your ancestors, finding the best free genealogy software is a very smart choice. Such programs allow building family trees, indicate names of your relatives and show the relationships, as well as specify the major events.

Some programs also allow you to generate reports and charts and print them out to shows the results of your work. This article contains the description of the most reliable genealogy software, which you can run on your computer.

Top 5 Free Genealogy Software

  1. WikiTree - With privacy controls
  2. RootsMagic 7 - For storing large volumes of data
  3. Ancestry - The Match List feature
  4. Family Tree Builder - 12 billion historical records
  5. Family Historian 7 - Ease of use

The latest genealogy software amaze with a plethora of handy features for the task. They can easily satisfy newbie explorers as well as experienced researchers. However, with such a multitude of options, you may get easily confused. To help you out, I have selected 5 top programs.

1. WikiTree - Our Choice

With privacy controls
  • Horizontal pedigree view for family tree
  • Developed WikiTree community
  • Extensive help pages
  • Doesn’t sync with any outside trees

Verdict: If you have been researching your family's history, you may want to check out WikiTree. The WikiTree family tree maker is a free genealogy software solution that can help you create your family tree as easily as possible.

It is an online database that allows you to create and edit your family tree in many different ways with adding of dates, facts and even family photography.

wikitree interface

2. RootsMagic 7

For storing large volumes of data
  • Mac-compatible with add-on
  • The program FamilySearch certified
  • Can be made completely private
  • Accessing sources requires third-party software

Verdict: RootsMagic 7 is an innovative software product that helps you create and develop your family tree. It is also referred to as a family tree maker or database program.

The free trial version of RootsMagic 7 allows an individual to test the software without obligation. This software was created to assist individuals in building their family tree and doing research on their ancestors.

rootsmagic 7 interface

3. Ancestry

The Match List feature
  • Some printable charts, reports, etc.
  • Use real historical records
  • Over 1,000 global ethnic regions
  • No access to historical records

Verdict: What is Ancestry free genealogy software? In order to answer that question, it is important to know exactly what is included in the program. This type of software allows users who have little or no experience with creating family trees to quickly construct and customize their own family tree using the genealogy software.

One of the benefits to using this type of software is that you can have results quickly, even if you are just trying to get an idea of your relationships by using public records. Using this type of genealogy software also makes it easy for other family members to view and understand your results as well.

ancestry free genealogy software interface

4. Family Tree Builder

12 billion historical records
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy integration with MyHeritage DNA testing
  • Extensive webinar library
  • Some search results are irrelevant

Verdict: Family Tree Builder is one of the latest products in the family tree software market. Although it is considered to be a genealogy software for Mac, it is actually a spreadsheet-based program that you can run on your own computer. It does not require that you be a professional genealogist to use it.

It was originally designed as an easy-to-use genealogy software that could be used by anyone. But because it was developed as a program for the layperson and because it is now being offered as a free download, its popularity has become much broader than before.

family tree builder free genealogy software interface

5. Family Historian 7

Ease of use
  • Sync trees to web
  • Same sex relationships
  • Options for adding relatives of unknown se
  • Not Mac-compatible

Verdict: Free Family Historian is one of the many freeware family tree maker software that is available on the Internet today. This software allows the user to create a family history chart showing when any member of the family immigrated to the United States, when they married, when they had children and when they passed away.

This software is intended for use by anyone who wants to create a family tree from different ancestors and who is at a point in their family's history where they might have questions about the genealogy of their family. Also Free Family Historian even provides functions of free photo editor. You can crop and adjust photos to add them into family tree. If you are one of these people and are interested in exploring genealogy, this software can help you.

family historian 7 free genealogy software interface