5 Best Flat Screen TVs in 2023

By Robin Owens 8 days ago, TVs

Affordable and high-quality flat screen TVs.

best flat screen tv

If you ponder on buying a new TV, you have probably thought about getting the one with a flat screen. Such models have undergone certain upgrades and became thinner and bigger. Not only can they deliver remarkable image quality, but perfectly complement any interior.

Top 5 Best Flat Screen TVs

  1. TCL 50S425 - Stylish
  2. TCL 40S325 - Clear picture
  3. SAMSUNG UN65TU8000FXZA - Large display
  4. LG 50UN7300PUF - Multifunctional
  5. Sony X750H - Slim design

The whole process of selecting the best flat screen TV boils down to defining your needs and the content you’ll be watching. This overview touches upon the most popular TV sets with a flat screen currently on sale.

1. TCL 50S425

tcl 50s425 flat screen tv

Available sizes: 43/50/55/65/75 inch | Input lag: 12 ms | Refresh rate:: 120 HZ

  • ✚ Crisp display
  • ✚ Stylish
  • It does not have as many features

The TCL 50S 425 has a much crisper display than the previous model which made the image a little clearer. The display on the TCL 50S 425 was also much sharper and brighter than the previous models, but we were a little disappointed that it did not have as many features as the previous models. Overall, this is a great little flat smart tv for anyone who needs a little more out of their entertainment experience.

2. TCL 40S325

Clear picture
tcl 40s325 flat screen tv

Available sizes: 32/40/43/49 inch | Input lag: 7 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Smart LED backlighting technology
  • ✚ Clear picture
  • ✚ Precise colors
  • Software is slow

The TCL 40S325 is a flat screen T.V., which has built in Smart LED backlighting technology. The technology is similar to that used in Sony's PlayStation 2, which uses a light emitting diode (LED) to produce light, instead of the traditional fluorescent lamps found on older CRT monitors. The effect makes colors more vibrant and the entire picture appears clearer and more life-like.

With the TCL 40S325, you can easily view even the most dimly lit rooms without the aid of additional lighting. Another advantage to having LED backlighting on this flat screen television is that it produces more precise colors.


Large display
samsung un65tu8000fxza flat screen tv

Available sizes: 43/50/55/65/75/85 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate:: 120 HZ

  • ✚ True digital picture quality
  • ✚ Large widescreen display
  • ✚ True Picture Technology(TPT)
  • High price

The TU-8000 Series 4K UHD TV brings state of the art technology and combines it with the most advanced television technology. The new television offers true digital picture quality with zero distortion, clear text, and outstanding sound quality. With the Samsung UHD television, you can watch movies and videos in all their glory with no loss of image or sound quality.

The TV has a very large Widescreen Display. This is achieved through the use of a new thin optical audio component which is located right below the large screen's parallax image. As a result, there are no horizontal lines to present when the image is viewed. Another technology found on the Samsung TU-8000 Series 4K UHD Smart TV is its True Picture Technology(TPT), which uses an advanced Signal Processing System that provides an excellent picture quality and great resolution. There are also some features such as Samsung's Adaptive Frame Response System(AFRS), which is a motion recognition technology that offers fast and accurate picture response.

4. LG 50UN7300PUF

lg 50un7300puf flat screen tv

Available sizes: 43/50/55/65 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Multifunctional c
  • ✚ Built-in speakers
  • Limited viewing angle

The 50UN7300PUF model is one of their best so far and one that will not disappoint you at all. This model offers a lot of innovative features which are built in as standard so that they provide the best experience on your television.

Some of the additional features that come as standard with this model are the Google Assistant, built-in IM and text message assistant, Netflix application, and a wealth of entertainment choices that can be accessed with the built-in internet browser. One of the great things about this television is that it comes with two built-in speakers so that you can enjoy great sound from your speakers as well as watching videos. There are also many extra features available through the internet which will enhance your television experience even further.

5. Sony X750H

Slim design
sony x750h flat screen tv

Available sizes: 55/65/75 inch | Input lag: 10 ms | Refresh rate:: 60 HZ

  • ✚ Slim design
  • ✚ Easy to transport and easy to assemble
  • High price

With a slim design and advanced technology, the Sony X750H TV is designed to make life easier, especially when watching movies. The slim design also ensures that the television is easy to transport and easy to assemble.

With this Sony's Android television and the popular Google Assistant, easily access information, control multiple smart devices, access live television, play games, and much more with your own voice. The ultimate in flat-panel convenience and entertainment comes to you with the new Sony X750H TV. The best part is that it works great in any room of your home.

tcl 50s425 flat screen tv
TCL 50S425
  • Crisp display
  • Stylish
tcl 40s325 flat screen tv
TCL 40S325
Clear picture
  • Smart LED backlighting technology
  • Clear picture
samsung un65tu8000fxza flat screen tv
Large display
  • True digital picture quality
  • Large widescreen display

How to Choose the Best Flat Screen TV?

how to choose the best flat screen tv

We have also listed the key features you need to consider before deciding on a particular product. Look them through and make an informed choice!

TV Screen Size

If you inspect the niche of LED TVs, you’ll find a slew of items with different display sizes. This can be a miniature 15″ model suitable for limited space as well as a huge 85-inch beast that can become the centerpiece of your living room. Frankly speaking, there are TV sets that even exceed these dimensions.

In case you are interested in OLED sets, you have to put up with a more limited lineup of products. Most models are 55-inch and 65-inch TVs, but manufacturers are also seriously involved in the development of the 75″ segment. Those looking for something smaller than 55-inch TVs, will be disappointed as there is almost nothing of that size.

TV Screen Resolution

Talking about the screen resolution, we mean the number of physical pixels that make up a screen. This parameter is also called a native resolution. If you want to buy the best flat screen TV, you can choose from such screen resolutions:

  • 720p: 1280 x 720 pixels - aka HD Ready
  • 1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixels - aka Full HD
  • 2160p: 3840 x 2160 pixels - aka 4K / Ultra HD / SUHD
  • 4320p: 7680 x 4320 pixels - aka 8K / Ultra HD 8K

Since each resolution is defined by a certain number of pixels, you get 720p or 1080p when you buy smaller TVs. This happens because manufacturers don’t want to bother cramming more pixels into a small screen. Besides, this way they can reduce costs on the product development. When the screen size gets larger, you are likely to see 1080p or even 4K. In general, the best flat screen TV sets guarantee 4K resolution. 1080p and 720p are TVs with small screens available at a budgetary cost.

High Dynamic Range

The introduction of High Dynamic Range (HDR) was a huge leap in the development of TVs and chances are high you want to get a model capable of delivering such video content. HDR files contain metadata that boosts the contrast ratio of an image. In other words, blacks are darker, while whites are brighter. Moreover, this technology allows you to enjoy livelier colors thanks to an extended color range. To watch HDR content, you need to invest in HDR-certified TV. If you compare models with HDR support and those without, you will immediately notice the difference, since the former deliver strikingly vibrant and lifelike images. Regardless of how many dark and bright areas are there on the screen, each detail will be accurately defined.