6 Best Dual Band Routers in 2024

By Robin Owens 14 days ago, Routers

Speed up home wireless network with the dual band routers. 

top 3 dual band routers

From the cheapest to the best dual band router, they will have two things in common: a long-range 2.4 GHz and a short-range 5 GHz signal. The rest, however, can be quite different, and if you want to equip your house with this anti-congestive device, you need to make your pick carefully.

Top 6 Dual Band Routers

  1. ExpressVPN Aircove - Our choice
  2. TP-Link AC1200 - Fast Setup
  3. Linksys AC1000 - Budget
  4. ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2 - Gaming
  5. ASUS AC3100 - MU-MIMO
  6. NETGEAR RAX15 - 4-stream

Some recent models are pretty good, supplementing the dual band with various other attractive features. Should you need the latest generation of Wi-Fi, the best price or efficient gaming optimization, there will be some model offering that below.

1. ExpressVPN Aircove – Our Choice

Easy setup
expressvpn aircove dual band router

Speed: 1200 Mbps | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet | Features: Built-in VPN protection

  • ✚ Ability to protect multiple devices
  • ✚ Supports up to 1,200Mbps of WiFi speeds
  • ✚ Good range and coverage
  • ✚ Direct connection to ExpressVPN servers
  • Requires an active ExpressVPN subscription

The Aircove router is a game-changer when it comes to protecting numerous devices. Setting it up is a breeze, and you can control device connections with a simple app. Unlike other routers that only protect one device at a time, the Aircove allows you to organize devices into groups and connect each group to a different VPN location.

One standout feature of the Aircove is its tight integration with ExpressVPN software. You can easily protect every device in your home with just a few clicks. With the ability to create up to five device groups and connect them to different ExpressVPN servers in various locations, you have complete control over your VPN connections.

2. TP-Link AC1200

Fast Setup
best dual band router

Speed: 1200 Mbps | Connectivity: Ethernet | Features: Dual Band Wireless Internet Router, 4 x 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Ports, Supports Guest WiFi, Access Point Mode, IPv6 and Parental Controls

  • ✚ Attractive price
  • ✚ Quick setup
  • ✚ MU-MIMO support
  • ✚ Reliable at 5 GHz
  • Antennas attached

It’s the best dual band router model among the affordable ones. It is very performant, in part thanks to the newer AC technology that exceeds the previous one. The lower frequency band can operate at a 300 Mbps speed, and the higher one can be 2.5 times faster than that.

Since this is an entry-level device, it is sufficient for HD streaming, gaming and tasks of similar intensity. If you like to have control over devices, you will appreciate the app for adjusting your network preferences.

3. Linksys AC1000

Budget dual band router
dual band wifi router

Speed: 1000 Mbps | Connectivity: Ethernet | Features: Delivers Enhanced 1.0 Gbps Speed, Range, and Security

  • ✚ 2 highly powerful antennas
  • ✚ Great internet speed
  • ✚ Hassle-free Installation
  • ✚ Simple yet classic design
  • Frequent restarts required
  • Instructions are a bit complex
  • Quality is not as good as advertised

A fine router with a slim design, this model mainly stands out to us for its reasonable price tag. Not only is the design classic, but the dual-band functionality is meant to provide a great internet speed of 1000 Mbps. The router provides fast internet to many devices, and firewall protection ensures a safe connection.

In case you need a reliable router within a tight budget, you should definitely consider this model. Moreover, the 2 antennas effectively boost the signals and spread them in every corner of your home.

4. ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2

Gaming dual band router
dual band wireless router

Speed: 600 Mbps | Connectivity: Ethernet | Features: Compatible with major U.S. cable internet providers, Quick & easy setup

  • ✚ Easy installation process
  • ✚ Comes with a limited two-year warranty
  • ✚ Optimized ISP offerings
  • ✚ Highly versatile
  • Not the best Wi-Fi range
  • Could use better signal strength
  • On the much higher-end of the spectrum

It really optimizes their internet service package and allows to maximize the usage without suffering from dropping signals, connectivity issues, overheating, or incompatibility.

This unit is very easy to install and comes with great tech support, which aids in the process. Thus, it would be perfect for people who aren’t very tech-savvy and would normally hire help to do so. Furthermore, its practical and innovative design would make it a worthy investment for anyone looking for a good router.

5. ASUS AC3100

MU-MIMO dual band router
best dual band gigabit router

Speed: 3100 Mbps | Connectivity: Ethernet | Features: Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router (AC3100) with MU-MIMO, supporting AiProtection network security by Trend Micro, AiMesh for Mesh WiFi system, and WTFast game Accelerator

  • ✚ Blazing speed
  • ✚ eight Gigabit LAN ports
  • ✚ MU-MIMO technology enabled
  • ✚ Smooth gaming experience due
  • Place of USB 3.0 isn’t so great
  • Ordinary NAS performance

Asus RT-AC88U dual band router has everything you would look out in any wireless router. It is packed with many useful features, provides speedy throughout performance and supports multi-client MU-MIMO data transfer simultaneously.

Overall, it’s a great router for any home network, streams 4k UHD video smoothly at low latency internet connection along with file-sharing. It is perfectly suited for gamers because of its game accelerator from WTFast for smooth gaming experience.


4-stream dual band router
simultaneous dual band router

Speed: 1 Gbps | Connectivity: Ethernet | Features: AX1800 Wireless Speed (Up to 1.8Gbps) | Up to 1500 sq ft Coverage & 20+ Devices | Ideal for iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20

  • ✚ More than adequate performance
  • ✚ Up to 1 Gbps
  • No 8 gigabit port

The NETGEAR 4-stream AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 router built with the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 technology provides greater capacity to handle more devices on your network and speeds up to 1 8Gbps ensuring that you can enjoy blazing fast Internet connections on all your devices.

This next-gen router is recommended for a small to medium home up to 1 500 sq Ft with 20 or more connected devices.

NETGEAR Wifi 6 Router NETGEAR 4-Stream RAX15 is a great router that will enable to have a stronger signal and full MBS with most of the wireless connection.

expressvpn aircove router
ExpressVPN Aircove
  • Speed: 1200 Mbps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Features: Built-in VPN protection
best dual band router
TP-Link AC1200
  • Speed: 1200 Mbps
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Features: Dual Band Wireless Internet Router, 4 x 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Ports, Supports Guest WiFi, Access Point Mode, IPv6 and Parental Controls
dual band wifi router
Linksys AC1000
  • Speed: 1000 Mbps
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Features: Delivers Enhanced 1.0 Gbps Speed, Range, and Security

How to Choose the Best Dual Band Router?

best dual band router

Check out the mentioned parameters while you purchase a dual band router.

Connectivity Ports

If there will be more connectivity ports, then you can have better convenience. With more USB ports, you can easily connect your router to a flash drive or a USB printer.

You can also see if it comes with LAN ports that allow you to increase the number of users. Always see if it comes with at least four Ethernet ports that let you connect to home automation hubs, PCs, and NAS (network-attached storage) drives.


A dual band router can come with multiple features. For better transfer, select the one that includes the feature of link aggregation.

You can also see if it comes with removable antennas that improve the performance of the router. See if it can balance the load for better efficiency and boost the performance.

best dual band router

Remote Management

With the feature of remote management, you can conveniently use your router from anywhere you want. This will let you sync the device with your smartphone and control it on a touchscreen device.

You can even monitor and use it from a PC and control it from anywhere. Many of it allows storing the data on storage drives via the USB port.

Mesh System

The mesh system is perfect for wireless routers as it fills the wireless dead zones. You don’t have to get any additional wiring, access points, or range extenders. This will provide you with a better signal and deliver consistent performance. With it, you can have seamless connectivity and roam freely at home.


  • • Is dual band router better?

Dual-band router has longer range and better signal strength. Due to its strong signal, the dual-band router is suitable for online high-resolution gaming, video streaming and high-resolution audio.

  • • What is the benefit of dual band router?

Here are some advantages of using a dual band router: Up to 100x the wireless bandwidth; Dedicated Wi-Fi Network for video and gaming. Separate networks avoid interference.

  • • Should I get a dual band or tri band router?

Tri-band routers can connect to more devices than dual-band routers. The advantage that the tri-band router has is the extra 5 GHz band.

  • • How many devices can a dual band router handle?

Most of the wireless routers and access points state they can support about 250 devices connected at once. This WiFi connection number includes computers, cameras, tablets, smartphones, appliances, and a wide variety of other devices that are now internet-enabled.