8 Best Live TV Streaming Services

8 Best Live TV Streaming Services in 2024

If you are searching for the best live TV streaming services to get access to your favorite movies, sports programs, news, etc., without spending money on cable channels, here is a great review to read through. You’ll learn about the major pros and cons of each service, the number of channels they offer, and the pricing packages you can choose from. Knowing all these details, choosing the most fitting service won’t be a problem.

Top 8 Live TV Streaming Services

  1. YouTube TV - Best Cable TV Replacement
  2. Hulu Plus Live TV - Streaming Alternative to YouTube TV
  3. Sling TV - Budget-friendly option
  4. FuboTV - For sports fans
  5. Muvi - Live streaming software
  6. AT&T TV Now - For channel flippers
  7. Philo - Only main channels in the subscription
  8. TVision - 100-hour cloud DVR

This list of the best live TV streaming services was created on the basis of many reviews and tests in order to cover the main information, their strong and weak points, as well as possible problems that can arise with each service. All services provide trial versions so that you can test the features without paying a subscription.

1. YouTube TV - Our Choice

Best DVR and channel lineup
  • Huge variety of channels
  • A plethora of sports-related content
  • Unlimited DVR
  • Not for users with limited funds

Verdict: Many people claim that YouTube TV is the best live TV streaming service, and the addition of 8 new channels, NFL Network and optimal RedZone increased its global popularity even more. It offers lots of content for sports lovers, which is a well-thought-out move considering the 2024 football season.

Not only it comprises the largest selection of top channels, but is the only service with local PBS stations. Other strong advantages are the best cloud DVR currently available, unlimited storage, and the possibility to watch recordings for 9 months.

When it comes to navigation, everything is absolutely understandable here. The interface has all the must-have features nicely arranged. Unlike Sling TV and similar services, this platform eliminates possible confusion by offering 1 package and 1 price. Besides, it allows you to watch YouTube TV outside US. However, the extension of its network significantly affected its cost, and nowadays it is the most expensive streaming service.

youtube live tv streaming service interface

2. Hulu Plus Live TV

Best overall
  • Many sports, news and entertainment channels
  • Local channels
  • Hulu’s on-demand streaming library
  • 50 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • High-priced add-ons
  • Only two screens at once

Verdict: There are many positive things about Hulu Plus Live TV, which make it one of the best streaming services you can find nowadays. Here you can choose from multiple sports, news, and entertainment programs, as well as enjoy local channels in many cities. There is also a full on-demand streaming library available to every Hulu subscriber for $54.99 per month.

Mind that the price will increase on December 18, 2024 to $64.99. By default, cloud DVD storage is limited to 50 hours, but you can increase the amount for an additional fee. The 2-screen streaming feature also implies further upgradability.

Belonging to the group of the best video streaming services, Hulu runs smoothly on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast devices. Unfortunately, there is no way to access top channels – AMC, Comedy Central, etc.

hulu plus live tv streaming service interface

3. Sling TV

For families with children
  • Minimal monthly cost is $30
  • Rich compatibility
  • Affordable add-on channel options
  • Few local channels
  • Just 10 hours of cloud DVR
  • Only one stream with Sling Orange

Verdict: If you decide on this service, you can choose from 2 Sling TV packages 2024, which cost $30 each. Alternatively, you can combine Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages into one offer, paying just $45. This way, you get access to a multitude of kids’ channels including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and others. Adding just 5 dollars a month, you can treat your children with even more entertaining cartoons by activating the Kids Extra package.

The original selection of Sling TV channels is impressive, and when complemented with add-on packages, it gets even better, especially if you are interested in sports events. You just need a bit of patience and time to navigate through extras and color-coding to set everything up. Being available on numerous devices (AirTV Player, Apple, LG TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox consoles, etc.), this service is a go-to option for many American residents.

Those of them moving abroad frequently look for methods of how to watch Apple TV channels outside US, because nobody wants to lose access to such a huge variety of content.

sling live tv streaming service interface

4. FuboTV

Live sports and TV without cable
  • Great variety of sports channels
  • Mix of news and entertainment networks
  • Up to 6 profiles in a single subscription
  • Additional 30 hours of cloud DVR require upgrading
  • Just 2 simultaneous streams

Verdict: What makes FuboTV so popular is an impressive variety of channels, which almost reaches the number offered by YouTube TV. A special focus on sports programs is a decisive point for soccer and NFL fans being on the lookout for the best live streaming service that allows them to keep tabs on their favorite teams and athletes.

In August 2024, FuboTV added ESPN and Disney channels, but, for some reason, dropped Turner networks including CNN, TNT, and TBS. The latter 2 are also aimed at the sports sphere. The Base plan for $54.99 a month includes over 100 channels, 30 hours of cloud DVR and allows watching on 2 screens simultaneously.

However, if you want to enjoy 4K viewing, you surely need to get the best TV for PC monitor that supports this format.

fubo live tv streaming service interface

5. Muvi

Live streaming software
  • DRM protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Dedicated streaming app
  • The Live Chat option
  • A free version is limited
  • A limited number of templates

Verdict: Muvi allows users to launch live streams 24/7 without wasting a lot of time. You may either use cameras or feeds. This service supports DRM protection and makes it easier for you to engage your clients using DVR, video cards, and live chat. You can launch live streams without any prior experience in coding.

Users can embed Live streams on their platforms or utilize APIs & SDKs to make the experience of using their apps more enjoyable. In addition, they can live stream from their tablets and smartphones using the Muvi Live Mobile App & SDKs. This service is available for free.

muvi live tv streaming service interface

6. AT&T TV Now

HBO Max included
  • Many channels
  • 500-hr. DVR
  • Expensive plans
  • Confusing interface

Verdict: If we compare AT&T TV Now with the live streaming services described above, it becomes evident that it lags behind them in many aspects. First of all, the service lacks many major channels and the only way to access them is to pay extra. This also refers to HBO, which has been excluded from the Base package some time ago.

Another point to keep in mind is rather limited DVR storage. Anyway, the platform has its loyal audience appealing to it with a traditional interface layout, instant swipe-style change of channels, and nice filling of the Max Plan. The latter is available for 80 dollars a month, offering HBO Max and Cinemax channels.

Besides, you can watch some regional sports networks. If you are ready to spend such a sum, you will be pleased with 500 hours of cloud DVR and 3 simultaneous streams allowed.

at&t live tv streaming service interface

7. Philo

The most budget-friendly subscription
  • Reasonable cost
  • Unique channels
  • Lacks sports or local channels
  • Without add-ons or upgrades

Verdict: If neither local nor sports channels are of interest to you, but an affordable price plays the most significant role, then Philo can become your ideal Live TV streaming service. It was named after television inventor Philo T. Farnsworth and conducts non-traditional streaming policy, which allows keeping prices so low, but, at the same time, is its biggest minus. This service doesn’t allow streaming local and sports channels, which are rather expensive to carry.

Philo decided to step aside from other live streaming services and focus solely on lifestyle and entertainment channels providing access to them at an affordable cost. If that is insufficient for you, there are 2 ways out – sign up for a second streaming platform or buy an HD antenna.

In terms of customization, Philo has nothing to brag about, and its cloud DVR is “unlimited” only for 30 days (meaning, recorded shows are automatically deleted after a month). If we compare Philo with Hulu+ Live TV and YouTube TV, we can call it a bare-bones offer. However, it is strange to expect much for $20 dollars a month.

philo live tv streaming service interface

8. TVision

Focus on sports, cable news and local channels
  • Affordable plans from $10 to $60/month
  • 100 hours of cloud DVR with TVision Live plans
  • Intuitive navigation
  • No CBS offered
  • No Roku support
  • Eligibility requirement

Verdict: T-Mobile has worked out 3 TVision Live streaming plans with a focus on sports, cable news, and local channels covering many cities. There is also an individual Vibe Plan that costs 10 dollars a month and is ideal for viewers interested in entertainment programs.

The Live Plans grant 100 hours of DVR and 3 simultaneous streams. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Roku devices. Currently, this service to stream Live TV is available to T-Mobile wireless users. But developers plan to make it open to everyone in 2021.

Live TV Plan includes channels from ABC, ESPN, NBC, FOX, Disney, while Live TV+ and Live Zone plans add more sports. Vibe Plan offers AMC, BET, Discovery, and many more. If you opt for Live, Live+, and Live Zone plans, you receive 100 hours of cloud DVR. This is also possible within Vibe Plan for extra $5 a month.

tvision live tv streaming service interface