6 Best Drum Software in 2024

Create authentic acoustic sounds and electronic music using the best drum software! It will help you express rhythmic ideas in the most efficient way. Such programs allow you to generate various sounds, starting with real-sounding drum tracks and ending with electronic drum machine sounds.

The post below describes top-rated drum plug-ins and virtual drummers to produce an ideal rhythmic track.

Top 6 Drum Software

  1. Superior Drummer 3 - Tracker technology
  2. Addictive Drums 2 - Huge library of MIDI grooves
  3. EZdrummer 2 - For songwriters
  4. Steven Slate Drums 5 - With live preview
  5. Xfer Nerve - Great sample library
  6. Sennheiser Drum Mic’a - Professional production tool

Choosing software for this review, I considered how extensive the sound library is and whether it is possible to retrieve rhythms from audio tracks. The best drum software provides a huge MIDI library of styles, patterns and fills to stimulate your tracks. It also allows experimenting with mixer effects and presets.

1. Superior Drummer 3 - Our Choice

Tracker technology
  • 230 GB of raw samples
  • Includes 11 room mics
  • Has a library of styles, patterns and fills
  • None

Verdict: Superior Drummer 3 comes fully packed with all the top digital recording and sequencing software available today. It has been designed to capture and control all parts of the drum kit, including the Tom pads, kick pads, and cymbals. This includes a wide variety of effects and MIDI tools. Superior Drummer also features a large library of musical hooks, drum samples, and drum scratching sounds.

The electronic drum samples include the most modern and traditional sampling techniques and provide you with over 80 professionally captured sound effects. In addition, the program contains a large library of drum samples that are individually controlled by a variety of sounds, including bass drums, percussive kicks, and other special effect percussion sounds.

superior drummer 3 interface

2. Addictive Drums 2

Huge library of MIDI grooves
  • Includes three drum kits
  • Huge library of presets and beats
  • Many expansion packs
  • Not so intuitive user experience

Verdict: Providing millions of users with incredible drum sounds, powerful beats, and expertly detailed sound manipulation tools that inspire creative dreams and make them into reality. Drummers around the world have been enjoying the high-quality drum samples, lush sounds, unique drum styles, and user-friendly interface Addictive Drums 2 has to offer. This amazing drum software also has several features that allow users to share their music online.

Drummers can put together a drum loop from various sources like samples, loops, and other digital sound effects, and lay down one single drum loop. They can quickly mix multiple layers of samples in order to add another layer of creativity to their tracks. Users can export recorded tracks to music libraries or hard drive and they also can play along tracks with guest vocals.

addictive drums 2 interface

3. EZdrummer 2

For songwriters
  • Drag-and-drop templates
  • Offers 40+ expansion packs
  • With 5 complete drum kits
  • Only for home recording needs

Verdict: Toontrack EZdrummer is a multi-track drum sample library, designed especially for beginners and professionals alike, to offer the highest quality in drum samples and audio editing. With this drum software you can make and save different styles of drum beats, as well as edit other drum sounds and beats, with the beat editor feature similar to options in the EDM software.

Other features include an extensive library of sounds and drum samples, and a large user list and manual to guide you through the software. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use recording capabilities, Ezdrummer is one of the best tools out there for professional sound recording.

ezdrummer 2 drum software interface

4. Steven Slate Drums 5

With live preview
  • With expertly constructed kits
  • Percussion and sound effect instruments
  • Options for microphone customization
  • Lacks of additional features

Verdict: The Steven Slate Drum Software comes with features that can be useful for beginning drummers and advanced players as well. There are drum samples, which allow the user to listen and determine what sound he wants his to make. There are several sounds including snare, bass drum, hi hat, cymbals. One has the option of altering sounds through the mixer and also the equalizer. These options are also included in the open source music software.

It comes with two decks, which can store different types of songs. It provides additional features like a virtual rack that allows you to see what songs are available for play and how much can be saved on the virtual racks. This software has several useful features, which include auto panning, auto swing-back, hi hats/soft hats support, play/pause, next/previous track control, track display, and it supports USB MIDI.

steven slate drums 5 drum software interface

5. Xfer Nerve

Great sample library
  • Over 13,000 audio samples
  • Used with any digital audio workstation
  • 1,200 authentic beats
  • Limited languages

Verdict: Xfer Nerve features a huge library of sounds and also an extensive library of drum styles, drum programming options and other parameters to create different drum beats and other musical structures. The software allows you to make use of all kinds of drum samples and also has a vast collection of percussion instruments that can be used for percussion and drum programming.

In addition, there are many videos included that show you how to use the entire application and show different examples. The visual section allows you to see the actual drums and other elements of the interface as well as hear it being used. There are also many tutorials available online that help you master all the features and demonstrate how to use them with other musicians.

xfer nerve drum software interface

6. Sennheiser Drum Mic’a

Professional production tool
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: Drum Mica comes with a vast amount of features and tools that will allow you to create your own beats as well as edit and combine loops from other sources. One of the best features is the drum sequence library. Here you can put together entire songs with just one click of the mouse, allowing you to take your electronic music to a new level. Some of the coolest things you'll find when using Drum Mica include the ability to instantly add a drum beat from an existing source, and the ability to run multiple tracks simultaneously.

This software used with any free DAW software. Just a few of the amazing features you'll find in Drum Mica include the ability to lay up chords and tracks, as well as creating and editing drum bars. This program also includes virtual racks so that you can load up one of hundreds of drum styles and use them in your productions.

sennheiser drum mic’adrum software interface