6 Best Cricut Alternative Software

6 Best Cricut Alternative Software in 2022

If you are a DIY craft enthusiast but feel a bit disappointed with the Cricut die-cutting system, then it is high time to look for the best Cricut alternative software. The biggest problem of Cricut reported by many users its restrictive performance in many situations.

In general, this digital die-cutting unit allows you to cut a limited number of fonts and then you need to buy a separation, which is a rather expensive investment. I have studied similar tools and gathered the best Cricut alternative software, so keep reading to understand which one can satisfy your needs.

Top 6 Cricut Alternative Software

  1. Adobe Illustrator - Vector-based image editor
  2. CorelDRAW - Support for TTF file
  3. Adobe Photoshop - Unlimited layers, masks, filters
  4. Inkscape - Open source
  5. GIMP - Great for beginners
  6. Gravit Designer - Large library of vector assets

All the options cope well with creating intricate and precise patterns, and offer file formats supported by the majority of popular hardware and software. Besides, they come with guides and tutorials that you can’t find in free access online.

1. Adobe Illustrator - Our Choice

Vector-based image editor
  • Integration with other Adobe products
  • Wide selection of custom plugins
  • Customizable gradients
  • Simplified vector paths
  • Monthly payment

Verdict: For many people who work in the design industry, Adobe Illustrator Cricut is one of their most commonly used programs. Adobe Illustrator is the preferred program of many professional graphic artists, freelance developers, logo designers and web designers as well. Adobe Illustrator provides the user with the ability to create wonderful vector artwork using the most advanced graphics creation tools on the market today.

This software has the ability to export full resolution files, so even if you are on a limited budget, or simply need to save money on printing out high resolution files, Adobe Illustrator will still fit your needs.

adobe illustratorcricut alternative software interface

2. CorelDRAW

Support for TTF file
  • The interface customization is ideal
  • The training videos are very helpful
  • The right-click gives awesome vectorization
  • Shaping docker gives maximum usage
  • No Mac version
  • Navigation is not easy

Verdict: It is a multifunctional graphic design software package. The professional tools included in it allow you to create signs, logos, fairly complex marketing materials and Internet graphics on your computer. The software package is used by professional photo artists and designers to create new trends in advertising and the fashion industry. It will also appeal to users starting to learn the basics of web design.

coreldraw cricut alternative software interface

3. Adobe Photoshop

Unlimited layers, masks, filters
  • Professional tools for vector graphics
  • Customizable brushes
  • Masks and layers support
  • Industry standard
  • No perpetual-license option
  • Premium assets aren't cheap

Verdict: Adobe Photoshop is the preferred software for digital artists and photographers of all levels. This particular software application was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated in the late 1990s, and has been a mainstay of editing photographs since its introduction. The fact that this particular software offers so many options and capabilities for use is what makes this application stand out above so many others. Not only does Adobe Photoshop offer great tools for photo retouching, but it also has powerful photo processing functions that can do almost anything a designer or photographer could possibly need them to do with the assistance of some special software.

adobe photoshop cricut alternative software interface

4. Inkscape

Open source
  • Great for beginners
  • Lots of useful tools
  • Excellent format support
  • Frequent updates
  • Overloaded interface

Verdict: Inkscape Cricut alternative software is a open source design software. This program allows you to print directly from your computer, or from an external device such as a flash drive or CD-ROM. The program works by allowing you to import images from multiple files. You can then arrange the image and color and even add text, logos, and graphics for a variety of purposes. You can create scrapbooks, posters, and cards with this program. Inkscape is the leading program for scrapbooking that incorporates high-quality paper texture and properties into digital art.

inkscape cricut alternative software interface


Great for beginners
  • Ability to change functionality
  • Packed with features and tools
  • Works with different file types
  • Developer support
  • Functional packed to a minimum
  • May freeze

Verdict: This software allows individuals to create their own designs for use in different industries such as education, architecture, advertising, art and design. Users can also export data from the program into many other applications. In addition, this software is also used to convert PSD-based files into GIMP format. It also offers basic editing capabilities and functions for adjusting borders and colors of images as well as text. GIMP has the ability to convert between different types of file formats, including PSD and JPEG.

gimp cricut alternative software interface

6. Gravit Designer

Large library of vector assets
  • Cross-platform
  • Simple to understand and use
  • Modern UI
  • Friendly keyboard shortcuts
  • Relatively limited functionality
  • Some bugs

Verdict: The Gravit Designer Cricut alternative software is a revolutionary computer application that allows you to create your own graphic arts. The application has many useful and at the same time easy to understand and use functions that will allow even novice designers to create beautiful graphic elements for use in a variety of purposes - web design, presentations, advertising banners and much more.

gravit designercricut alternative software interface