8 Best Computer Glasses in 2023

By Robin Owens 19 days ago, Hardware

Protect your eyes with the best computer glasses.

best computer glasses

These days most people spend hours staring at a screen, which causes certain mild side effects over time. Eye dryness and fatigue, followed by a headache over extended periods, are only several nuisances that people frequently report. Get yourself a pair of the best computer glasses to free your life of all the problems screens can be causing.

Top 8 Computer Glasses

  1. FEIYOLD - Classic
  2. Livho - Casual
  3. TIJN - Retro
  4. Gaoye - Ergonomic
  5. J+S - Elegant
  6. MEETSUN - Fashion
  7. Livho Gun - Comfortable
  8. Oiamik - Innovative

If you spend long hours at a computer, regardless of what exactly you do there and even if you think you’re not feeling anything wrong, you should still get a pair of blue-light glasses. Apart from the size, you need to decide on the frame shape and a tinted or transparent lens. Those, who have experienced heavy strain, should consult an optometrist to make sure this measure is enough.


Best classic computer glasses
computer glasses feiyold

Shape: Round | Spring Hinges: No | Color: Black + Crystal | Tint: None

  • ✚ Classy style
  • ✚ Weigh very little
  • ✚ Fairly priced
  • Offer no sight correction

These are non prescription computer glasses so they don’t amend any issues you might be having with your eyes. However, these are great at what they were designed for and eliminate the blue light almost entirely.

They only dim the image slightly, so you can fully enjoy the visuals. The change in the life quality will, instead, be well-pronounced, with the sleep getting better and your eyes feeling less sore at the end of the day.

2. Livho

Best casual computer glasses
computer glasses livho

Shape: Square | Spring Hinges: No | Color: Matte Black + Leopard | Tint: Amber

  • ✚ Casual-looking
  • ✚ Flexible nylon material
  • ✚ UV protection
  • Cheap manufacturing

If you believe that computer screen glasses should not be expensive and pretentious, you will appreciate this model. In it, you will find protection from blue and UV lights, as well as glares. All of this is obtained through a more powerful amber-tinted lens that, however, does not make the picture weird or unrealistic.

You can keep concentrated with a pretty neutral and casual frame design whether you’re using them for work or entertainment. Because of the nylon, they are incredibly comfortable to wear so you might forget entirely about their presence on your nose bridge.


Best retro computer glasses
computer glasses tijn

Shape: Square | Spring Hinges: No | Color: Pink | Tint: Yellow

  • ✚ Retro frame
  • ✚ Impressively lightweight
  • ✚ Depicts true colors
  • Doesn’t remove glare

These are great if you know yourself to be careless with utilitarian objects. They are pretty resistant to scratching or rubbing, protect both from blue and ultraviolet lights.

The glasses have an interesting design that is slightly less boring than the previous versions and you can even pick from a few color options. As a cherry on the cake, you have quite a reasonable price for the glasses. Needless to mention, they do their job of protecting your eyes from strain splendidly.

4. Gaoye

Best ergonomic computer glasses
computer glasses gaoye

Shape: Rectangle | Spring Hinges: Yes | Color: 5-pack mix color | Tint: None

  • ✚ Ergonomically built
  • ✚ Reduces glares
  • ✚ Weigh nothing
  • Somewhat flimsy

Another nice model of blue light blocking glasses that comes in a pack of five for a very reasonable price. Many users like this model because you can spread them among family members or keep a pair in every location.

They have a casual look and the resin used for the frame is flexible and lightweight. You can comfortably browse anything, from a computer to a phone, and your eyes will always be protected from blue light, UV, and glares.

5. J+S

Best elegant computer glasses
computer glasses j+s

Shape: Rectangle | Spring Hinges: Yes | Color: Black | Tint: Light yellow

  • ✚ Elegant look
  • ✚ Preserves natural colors
  • ✚ Filters out UV
  • Hard plastic material

This model is for those, who are looking for eye protection combined with viewing quality. Instead of canceling out all the blue light, their filter only removes 90% that are considered harmful. This way, the color distortion is minimized while the health of your eyes is preserved.

The glasses look elegant and their build with a tiny spring mechanism can be adjusted to the width of your face. This is a well-made and efficient pair of protective glasses.


Best fashion computer glasses
computer glasses meetsun

Shape: Square | Spring Hinges: No | Color: Black + Leopard + Pink | Tint: None

  • ✚ Fashionable frame
  • ✚ No tint on the lens
  • ✚ Upscale materials
  • Not too robust

If you want some cool computer reading glasses that are supplied with everything needed for maintenance, here they are. These can be used outdoors because they also protect your eyes from UV. These have no polarization.

Instead of that, the glasses have special dust repelling qualities and are not afraid of water. They come in a neat pouch with a special cloth to easily remove stains and streaks and a keychain screwdriver to tighten them should that ever become needed.

7. Livho Gun

Best comfortable computer glasses
computer glasses livho

Shape: Rectangle | Spring Hinges: No | Color: Gun | Tint: None

  • ✚ Very pleasant to wear
  • ✚ Provide clear view
  • ✚ Strong blue light filter
  • Not for bigger heads

Another nice pair of glasses for indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight construction minimizes the strain of carrying them for extended periods of time. The high-performance filter prevents upwards to 90% of the fatiguing blue light coming from your device’s screen.

In the stylish polygonal carrying pouch, you will find accessories for wiping the lenses and testing their efficiency. With the little torch and test card, you can see how efficient these or any other glasses are at protecting your eyes and sleeping patterns.

8. Oiamik

Best innovative computer glasses
computer glasses oiamik

Shape: Square | Spring Hinges: Yes | Color: Black | Tint: Light green

  • ✚ Striking design
  • ✚ AR coated
  • ✚ Sturdy construction
  • Delicate lenses

These glasses for computer use are slightly different from the earlier entries but equally efficient in the main goal. They also come with a testing kit and a super cool and unique magnetic box that can be further used as a case.

The pen will show you that the resin lens with a thin greenish filter is very efficient at cutting off the harmful light. It also removes the annoying glares and reflections.

As for the build of the glasses, they have a flexible frame with a coil-sprung hinge. They are additionally light and ergonomic so can be comfortably used without measuring.

computer glasses feiyold
Our Choice
  • Shape: Round
  • Spring Hinges: No
  • Color: Black + Crystal
  • Tint: None
computer glasses livho
  • Shape: Square
  • Spring Hinges: No
  • Color: Matte Black + Leopard
  • Tint: Amber
computer glasses tijn
  • Shape: Square
  • Spring Hinges: No
  • Color: Pink
  • Tint: Yellow

How to Choose the Best Computer Glasses?

computer glasses

There is not much fuss in selecting a pair of protective glasses but since you ought to use them for long hours as well, making a careful choice is important and the advice below should help that.


To be efficient, the glasses need to stay on every time you’re interacting with a screen. This won’t happen if something is wrong with their frame. Go for something lightweight and check that they measure well for your face type.

Too loose will end up sliding down and too tight will give you a headache instead of the filtered-out light. Last but not least, play with styles and find something that makes you feel great to have on your face. If you think they’re unflattering you will soon stop putting them on, so don’t rush with a choice.


The best computer glasses are the ones that do their job without straining the budget. If you have very little to spare, you can still find an efficient and comfortable pair that will be just as protective as expensive glasses. The price increases as you start adding other filters, various accessories, or fancier materials and while those could increase durability, they are not crucial.


Those of you who wear prescription glasses daily anyway will have to work around that. If you don’t want to buy a whole new pair that would have the added filter, you can have yours coated. Alternatively, you can shop for models that attach to regular glasses and keep those next to your computer.

computer glasses


Same as the style and size of the frame, its weight can make it undesirable to wear. Heavy glasses strain your ears and nose bridge plus slide down as soon as you sweat or move. In most cases, people persevere for some time but then just stop using the pair and return to straining their eyes. Don’t ignore this issue.


  • • Is there special glasses for a computer?

There are several types of glasses. The simplest are the ones that just have a coating that filters out blue light. Technically, you can have your prescription glasses coated that way, too. A more elaborate model will have an additional layer that decreases glare and increases contrast.

  • • Do computer glasses really work?

Yes, the filters in glasses cut off some of the light that can make your eyes tired. If you wear those and shorten your screen time, you should protect yourself from computer vision syndrome.

  • • Can computer glasses damage your eyes?

There has been no sign of damage caused by computer screen glasses in researches. They won’t cause any changes to the vision and will only protect the eyes from potentially harmful lighting.

  • • Should I get computer glasses with magnification?

If you notice that focusing on objects that are close to you became harder and things look somewhat blurry, this might be a time for you to test your vision and have some prescription glasses.