8 Best Blur Background Video Apps

By Tani Adams 10 days ago, Software reviews

8 Best Blur Background Video Apps in 2022

Want to add eye-catching bokeh effect to your videos? Then download the best blur background video app and start improving your footage. Moreover, you can make unwanted objects less visible by blurring or hiding them. These applications are a real lifesaver for those who want to fix imperfections in the background and give the video a polished look.

Top 8 Blur Background Video Apps

  1. Blur Video - Video editing for social networks - Android
  2. MagoVideo - Create GIF videos - Android
  3. Square Video - Easy-to-use video app - Android
  4. Blur Video & Image - Blur multiple areas of video - Android
  5. Video Toolbox Movie Maker - Advanced video editor - iOS
  6. MovStash - 4 types of video blur - iOS
  7. VideoShow - Professional video editing – iOS | Android
  8. Video Mosaic - Add mosaic to your video – iOS | Android

If you are a beginner-videographer or unsure of your skills but you want to record breathtaking videos with your smartphone, then you should install the blurred background video app. Most of these applications contain a lot of tools for blurring the background or individual parts of the picture, adding a bokeh effect, and more.

You can perform these manipulations immediately after shooting. Below, you will find a description of the eight best video blur apps available this year. There are options for iOS and Android devices, so everyone can choose what suits him/her.

1. Blur Video – Our Choice

Video editing for social networks
  • Useful Instagram Crop option
  • Includes Fun Blur option
  • You can use the Style Blur feature for free
  • Free trial version
  • None

Verdict: If you are searching for the best video editing apps to enhance your videos, then this option is worth considering. You can edit videos of various formats such as 3GP, MP4 format, WMV for Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Using this app, you can blur your videos in several ways. All tools, including FreeStyle Blur and Fun Blur, are simple and straightforward to use.

Using Instagram no Crop feature, you can export videos to this social network without changing the aspect ratio. Thanks to this feature, this blur background video application allows you to add various effects to those parts that are usually cropped.

blur video background video app interface

2. MagoVideo

Create GIF videos
  • Ability to add music to slideshows
  • Allows adding stickers and text
  • Stunning video frames
  • Cutting and trimming tools
  • It takes long to save a video

Verdict: This app to blur background Android contains many useful tools to enhance your videos. You can apply various effects, magic touch, insert GIF stickers, free music, and frames to make your videos look more attractive and professional. It is a great option if you want to add fantastic background effects for bokeh videos.

The Music for Fun Lip Sync feature is used to create music videos. This is the best blur background video app to prepare works for various social media thanks to the possibility to use multiple aspect ratios.

magovideo blur background video app interface

3. Square Video

Easy-to-use video app
  • Live video editing
  • Cropping tools
  • You can blur the background or change its color
  • Music export from your device
  • Sometimes it freezes

Verdict: This application is a great variant for those who need to blur the background in square videos. It is very easy to use, so it won't take much time to master the available tools. Moreover, it allows you to shoot square videos that you can easily rotate.

In addition to background blurring tools, the application contains options for customizing the background color. You can also import music from your devices to make your video clips attention-grabbing.

square video blur background video app interface

4. Blur Video & Image

Blur multiple areas of video
  • Video background modifying
  • Ability to define the duration of the blur
  • Blur intensity settings
  • Blur mode adjustments
  • Too long video saving

Verdict: This blur video app allows you to apply a blur effect to videos and images. You can define more than one blur area using the rectangle or freeform shapes. You can also set the duration of each blurring and adjust its intensity.

blur video & imageblur background video app interface

5. Video Toolbox Movie Maker

Advanced video editor
  • Quick Cut
  • Video FX
  • Chroma Key
  • Reverse Video option
  • You can't save videos for free

Verdict: You can use this application to add various effects to your videos or combine two clips into one. Unfortunately, if you need to blur video background, you will find only a few suitable options here. You should also keep in mind that you can only apply the static blur. Therefore, this is not the best variant for cases when you need to blur the objects moving a lot.

The app allows you to cut a long video into many parts easily and attach the desired pieces to the final clip. Besides, you can create top-notch videos, cut out colored pixels and make seamless backgrounds as this is one of the most powerful green screen apps.

video toolbox movie maker blur background video app interface

6. MovStash

4 types of video blur
  • Different types of blur
  • You can set the blur level
  • Possibility to make video mosaic
  • Sometimes lags
  • Few video editing features

Verdict: This is a good blurred background video app for iPhone which can also be used to create mosaics. You can choose from several types of blur to achieve more impressive results. Moreover, it contains Simple and Timeline modes for more experiments.

The simple mode allows you to define the blur area manually and adjust some settings, e.g. blur intensity, with a slider. If you want to blur multiple faces or parts of an image, then you need to use the timeline mode.

movstashblur background video app interface

7. VideoShow

Professional video editing
  • Great Toolkit options
  • Video dubbing feature
  • Doodle on video
  • Post your video on various social platforms
  • Lots of in-app purchases

Verdict: This is the best blur background video app if you enjoy taking selfies and embellishing them with beautiful bokeh effects. It has facial recognition function, options for adding live face effects, and motion stickers. In addition to the background blurring, this application includes other video editing tools such as adding visual effects, creating slow-motion effects, and more.

One of the advantages of this app is the ability to share your final videos in HD quality without cropping. You can upload your entire clip to any social platform. This blur background video app has other useful tools as well. You can create slideshows or videos with pictures, make memes, music, stickers, and sound effects. All features are very easy-to-use.

videoshowblur background video app interface

8. Video Mosaic

Add mosaic to your video
  • Different types of video blur
  • Lots of beautiful mosaics
  • You can share videos in one click
  • The application may not work
  • It takes too much time to download the gallery

Verdict: This is the best background blur app for those who want to blur video while shooting. You can choose different blur options to meet your needs. Blur only a specific area or entire image, create automatic face mosaics, or apply other options as you wish.

To get more attractive blurred pieces, you can use different mosaic shapes. Unfortunately, it has a lot of in-app purchases and it can be rather annoying. You will have to pay to eliminate possible distractions.

video mosaic blur background video app interface