6 Best Art Projectors in 2021

By Robin Owens 11 days ago, Projectors

Affordable and high-quality art projectors.

top art projectors

By getting one of the best art projectors offered on the market, you’ll receive a tool you never even suspected you needed. As an artist, using a projector can help improve your craft and simplify the process of creating your works. It’s also great for increasing your sketches and projecting them onto the canvas. A projector is also irreplaceable if you want to maintain the same sizes as in the original design but on a larger scale.

Depending on the device’s type, you can project either a digital or a physical image onto a large surface. There are three main types of projectors, with the choice between them depending on what type of artwork you’re creating, your needs, and your budget.

Top 6 Best Art Projectors

  1. GRC Mini - High quality
  2. QKK Upgrade - USB port
  3. ViewSonic M1 - Big screen
  4. ViewSonic SVGA - Clear sound
  5. TOPVISION Mini - HiFi stereo
  6. Artograph EZ Tracer - Easy to use

Art projectors offer different power levels, image sizes, and picture quality. In this article, we’re covering some of the best art projectors that can help you master the craft of scaling paintings.

1. GRC Mini

High quality
grc mini art projectors

Resolution: 1920x1080 | Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 5000 | Screen size: 32" - 200"

  • ✚ Compact size
  • ✚ 1080P support
  • Inconvenient

A lot of people consider the GRC Mini Projector to be the best art projectors available in the market today. They are very well constructed, lightweight, and affordable. The best thing about these mini projectors is that they have the same features and quality as their larger counterparts.

One of the best things about GRC mini projectors is the fact that it is capable of projecting standard definition video signals. This means that you are able to view your projectors in virtually any type of display environment.

You will be able to view your digital media presentations, DVD's, video clips, music, photos, or whatever else you can think of. There are even some GRC mini projectors that can be connected to a computer via a USB port. You can also connect your mini projector to a television set or other display device via a HDMI connection to provide a full-fledged experience.

2. QKK Upgrade

USB port
qkk upgrade art projectors

Resolution: 1920x1080 | Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 5000 | Screen size: 32" - 176"

  • ✚ Clear display
  • ✚ Easily connected
  • Average build quality

QKK Upgrade is the latest addition to the ranks of the best art projectors. With its sleek and sophisticated design, along with the superior picture and sound quality it offers to its users, QKK is one of the most popular brands of projectors today, considered the best in the market.

With an interchangeable lens, users are able to project an image onto any surface they wish. Since it has been developed using the best materials available in the market, QKK Upgrade can project beautifully on any surface including glass, metal, and even wood. Also, this projector has a built-in anti-glare feature that eliminates all traces of glare so you can enjoy the movie or film with optimal vision and no eye strain whatsoever.

Aside from its sleek design and superior performance, you can also expect to receive complimentary technical support from the manufacture, making it easy for you to get the most out of your purchase.

3. ViewSonic M1

Big screen
viewsonic m1 art projectors

Resolution: 854x480 | Contrast Ratio: 120000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 250 | Screen size: 24" - 100"

  • ✚ Ultra-portable
  • ✚ Simple setup
  • Tiny remote

The ViewSonic M1 best art projector is an affordable digital camera for anyone's budget. While it doesn't have a lot of fancy features, it certainly has everything that you would want from a digital projector.

It is easy to use, even for a beginner, thanks to a self-contained guide that walks you through the on-screen operation process. The one complaint that we have about the ViewSonic M1 best art projector is that the screen might be a bit dimmer than you would like.

Overall, the ViewSonic M1 best art projector review crowns the best digital projector for anyone's budget. If you're looking for a basic digital projector that has all of the features you would expect, then this is definitely a projector that you could consider. It also offers a decent level of image quality, especially for an entry-level art projector .

4. ViewSonic SVGA

Clear sound
viewsonic svga art projectors

Resolution: 800x600 | Contrast Ratio: 22000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 3600 | Screen size: 30" - 300"

  • ✚ 5 colour modes
  • ✚ Vertical keystone
  • Remote has low range

There are a number of things that make the ViewSonic SVGA best art projector different from all of the others on the market today. One of those things is the fact that it offers a true "all in one" package with its monitor, projector and sound system.

Another thing that makes the ViewSonic SVGA best art projector stand out from the others is its image quality. It has very good resolution, and while the colors are not as sharp as you'd want them to be, they are still very good.

The response time is long, which means that watching movies or videos with this projector doesn't cause any tearing or juddering, which is a common problem with LCDs and projectors from other companies.


HiFi stereo
topvision mini art projectors

Resolution: 1280x480 | Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 4000 | Screen size: 36" - 200"

  • ✚ Good contrast
  • ✚ Lots of ports
  • Cheap build quality

The all new Top Vision Mini Projector from Phillips is truly a unique and improved device in the world of mini art projectors. While it does share some common characteristics with its predecessors like interchangeable lens and built-in stands, there are enough differences that make this system stand out amongst its peers. It now has a full host of new features and functions that will allow you to take full advantage of your viewing experience whether at work or at play.

Built-in speakers are built right into the device and these not only deliver crisp audio output but are also extremely clear. One of the great things about a full-fledged video projector is its ability to project not only text but also images on your screen, so if you want to have a presentation with a lot of moving pictures or animated graphics, then this is the best mini projector for you.

It also boasts of a host of new and helpful features like automatic red eye reduction, pan/tilt adjustment, pan/zoom, and full-image display when projected.

6. Artograph EZ Tracer

Easy to use
artograph ez tracer art projectors

Resolution: 1280x720 | Contrast Ratio: 16000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 1600 | Screen size: 49.2" - 157.48"

  • ✚ Easy to use
  • ✚ Lightweight
  • No light bulb included

The Artograph EZ Tracer is one of the latest technology in the art projector market. It is generally regarded as being one of the easiest to use and most affordable of all art projectors.

It comes with a USB connector allowing it to be used with any computer. Also, it is the only product that offers a self-contained lighting system that is also the best technology for giving you a clear view of the work being done on the projectors.

With the light source of the projector integrated in the system, the projected images are more defined and the colors are also more vibrant. This means that a user will have a better viewing experience when using this projector.

grc mini art projectors
GRC Mini
Our Choice
  • Compact size
  • 1080P support
qkk upgrade art projectors
QKK Upgrade
USB port
  • Clear display
  • Easily connected
viewsonic m1 art projectors
ViewSonic M1
Big screen
  • Ultra-portable
  • Simple setup

How to Choose the Art Projectors?

how to choose the best art projectors

Projector Type

As is the case with any other kind of technology, there are several types of projectors for you to choose from including opaque, LED, and digital. It’s a fact that out of those three types, digital projectors are the simplest to use and the most universal option in terms of functionality.

Meanwhile, opaque and LED projectors are purchased for specific projects. For instance, opaque models are great for scanning and displaying large-scale images.

Brightness Levels

Have you ever thought about where you’re planning to install the art projector? Usually, you don’t need extraordinary brightness levels unless you want to project your artwork outdoors. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that the best art projectors are usually meant for indoor use and you have to remember that when planning your next project.

best art projectors

Size of Your Art Studio

The physical size of your art studio can significantly affect your choice between different art projectors, as they are divided into long-focus, short-focus, and ultra-short-focus models. Each category differs from another in terms of how far away the device is placed from the supposed screen to achieve optimal image quality.

For instance, the QKK Mini projector has a projection distance of 5m (16ft). In other words, this mini-projector has a large projection distance since such models typically produce fantastic images at a distance of 10-12ft. Short-focus models provide a clear image at 7 or 8 feet, while ultra-short-focus models usually have a projection distance of only 1 or 2 feet.


Since we’re discussing the quality of the projected image, it has to be mentioned that picking an art projector with a high resolution is the easiest way to ensure you’ll receive the results you need. The highest resolution supported by the best art projectors is 4K, and we’re certain it won’t get any higher than that in the near future.

On the other hand, most artists don’t need anything more than an art projector that has a minimum resolution of 1080p. As long as the device has HD support, you’ll be able to see the tiniest details of your artworks and sketches without any issues.

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