10 Classic & Creative Ways to Mount Action Camera to Body

By Tati Taylor 23 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Action cameras are a must for every videographer who needs to shoot footage in extreme conditions. It might be impossible to capture all the important moments in detail unless you use the best action camera body mount that allows you to fix your device securely. In some situations, you might not be able to hold your camera in your hands, which is why it’s better to purchase a secure mount beforehand.

You can attach such camera body mounts to the bicycle handlebar, your chest, or your helmet. All the accessories listed in this article will help you to securely fix your camera in the necessary position.

They are quite affordable as their prices start at $10. Read on to learn more about the 10 types of camera body mounts.

1. Head Strap Mount For Seamless Image Rotation

action camera body mount head

Recommended models: Head Strap Mount, Dream Bull

You can attach such a model to your forehead to secure your camera. It will allow you to enjoy the full freedom of movement. Besides, you will be able to smoothly move your camera without causing any motion blur.

Head strap mounts are used by experienced travelers and other people who are interested in extreme activities and prefer using special cameras for sports for capturing first-person footage. Using action cameras and such mounts, you can shoot engaging POV clips to show your followers what you are doing during your trips. Thanks to it, they will be able to see everything clearly as if they visited this location together with you.

POV mounts are durable harnesses that are wrapped around the head and connected at the top. You can easily adjust the length of your action camera head mount if it’s necessary. Besides, you can put such a camera mount on the top of your headwear.

2. Helmet Mount for Rain Protection

action camera body mount helmet

Recommended models: SUREWO, MiPremium

Such camera body mounts are deservedly popular. You can attach them with the help of an elastic strap, suction cups, or an in-built fastening element.

Such models have straps that can be put through the ventilation holes of a helmet. They can be tightened to attach a camera securely in place. This type of camera body mount is hardly suitable for bikers. When riding at a high speed, they might experience discomfort caused by the wind pressure.

If your helmet doesn’t have ventilation holes, it’s better to use camera body mounts with a velcro platform that can be rotated for adjusting the shooting angle. Such types of mounts are often weatherproof so you don’t need to worry about rain or splashes of water.

3. Chest Mount for Providing Better Stability During Shooting

action camera body mount chest

Recommended models: TEKCAM, Zoukfox

The chest mount will come in handy for vloggers and travelers who need to create POV content. Many people prefer using this option as it allows them to stabilize their cameras better. You can wear it over your regular sports clothing without worrying that your movements will be restricted.

The only disadvantage of this option is that you might incidentally cover your lens with your hand. It might be impossible to notice when unwanted objects get into the frame. If you are interested in water sports and have to wear a life jacket, you won’t be able to use the chest mount.

Besides, it might be difficult to select the right angle for your camera since it will be fixed in one position. To ensure that your chest mount is convenient to use, select a model made from breathable materials. Such camera body mounts will be more convenient to use in hot weather.

4. Hand Mount for Underwater and Landscape Use

action camera body mount hand

Recommended models: ParaPace, SUREWO

Such miniature camera body mounts are often used for shooting footage underwater. They look like a sports watch and can be fixed securely to your wrist.

You can use such models if you need to capture the beauty of sea depth. If you have an underwater camera for snorkeling, such a camera body mount is a perfect option to consider. You can rotate your camera 360 degrees and use it for taking selfies. Besides, such models are widely used by skydivers.

5. Shoulder Mount for an Unusual Viewing Angle

action camera body mount shoulder

Recommended models: PellKing, STUNTMAN 360

The models that get fixed to the body have tighter fixing elements that are attached to the chest and shoulder. You can fix your GoPro camera to a small platform that can be kept securely in place.

An action camera body mount of this type allows you to select an unusual camera angle and capture the movements of your legs and hands as well as your equipment, such as a skateboard. These models are often used by hunters, racers, and paintballers.

6. Magnetic Mount to Use While Riding, Skiing, Biking or Climbing

action camera body mount magnetic

Recommended models: SNAP Mount, SNAP Mount PRO

If you prefer working in different conditions, you can use this all-in-one action camera body mount as it’s suitable for a variety of tasks. Thanks to its magnetic elements, you can quickly attach your camera to your bag or clothes and experiment with different angles when shooting videos.

Snap mounts are popular among skiers, bikers, and climbers. Another advantage is that you can use them without any additional tools, which allows you to mount them quickly. You can connect its magnetic halves in different ways to ensure that your camera is secure.

7. Finger Grip Mount to Have Optional LCD Screen

action camera body mount finger grip

Recommended model: Sony AKA-FGP1

You can use a finger grip mount in the same way you pull a trigger, however, you will hold your camera instead of your weapon. Thanks to a circular grip fitted with a half-round clip for better stability, it allows you to quickly point your camera in any direction without fearing that it will slip out of your hands. This option will come in handy when you need to use your camera in poor weather conditions.

You can articulate this grip mount 120 degrees to select the most suitable shooting angle. However, keep in mind that you can use it only with Sony action cameras. You can purchase such a camera body mount together with an LCD.

8. Bite Mount to Use While Surfing

action camera body mount bite

Recommended model: Bite Mount + Floaty

Only the helmet mount can beat this option when it comes to capturing first-person footage. The bite mount was designed specifically for those who want to keep their hands free. They can firmly bite down the camera when holding it in their mouth.

This is the best action camera body mount for surfers and skydivers who perform risky moves when holding 360 degree cameras. These models come with a special element that keeps them afloat when a surfer gets thrown off the board by a wave. During surfing wipeouts, it might be impossible to pay attention to the camera. However, when holding it in your mouth, you can be sure that you won’t lose it. The bite mount comes with a gel mount guard that prevents your teeth from being damaged.

9. Backpack Mount for Making Shooting More Comfortable

action camera body mount backpack

Recommended models: Taisioner, SKEZN

If you find it inconvenient to use a shoulder mount, you can try attaching your camera to your backpack using a dedicated mount. Unlike the chest mount, it can be removed quickly when you need to change the position of your camera while keeping the harness on.

When you use this type of mount, you don’t need to worry that your movements will be restricted when you decide to add some style to your grabs on a snowboard.

10. Vehicle Mount for Shooting in Motion

action camera body mount vehicle

Recommended models: ChromLives, SublimeWare

You can fix such camera body mounts to the steering wheel, trunk, fuel tank, driver side window, or other parts of the car body. To do it, you can use a suction cup, bolt clamp, or clip mount.

These types of camera body mounts are the most widely used. However, it’s better not to place them near rotating elements or details that are prone to heating.