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If you are interested in getting Artweaver free of charge, I advise you to read this article. I will talk about how you can legally use the image editor without unnecessary expenses and explain what problems can arise when using the pirated version.

As a bonus, you can also find a list of alternative graphic editors for artists of any level. Additionally, at the end of the article, several freebies await you for more convenient work in the Artweaver free version.

artweaver free interface

Artweaver Free Benefits

  • Works with numerous file formats like AWD, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PNG, and PSD with layers
  • Can configure transparency, layers and layer groups
  • Provides basic tools like gradient, fill, select, cut
  • Has additional filters like sharpen or blur, emboss, mosaic
  • Can be improved by add-ons (Artweaver standard)
  • Layers with text can be edited
  • You can use a tablet with a pen 
  • Shows history and allows to cancel/redo last changes
  • Support for many languages


  • Can I use Artweaver for free indefinitely?

Of course, it is absolutely free. There is also a premium version with more professional instruments, but you need to pay for it.

  • What are the differences between the paid and the free version?

The difference between the Artweaver programs lies in the capability to work with the PSD extension and EXIF ​​metadata, additional types of brushes, and individual user interface settings which are only available in the premium version.

  • Can I use Artweaver on my smartphone?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available.

  • Which operating systems is Artweaver compatible with?

You can use Artweaver on Windows 7, 8, or 10 if your personal computer has at least 512MB RAM (1024MB recommended).

  • What features does the program support?

Artweaver provides an impressive selection of realistic brushes, customizable user interface, plus a possibility to record the entire drawing process.

The Consequences of Using a Pirated Artweaver Version

If you ended up on an Artweaver free download page, which says that you will receive the full version without having to pay for a license, don’t rush to get it! First of all, read about the risks you run by downloading and using software from an unofficial source.

Risk of Getting a Fine

Downloading Artweaver pirated freeware entails liability for copyright infringement. The fine can reach $1,500. In addition, the official distributor may refuse to work with a computer on which pirated software is installed.

Threat to PC Security and Performance

Downloading pirated digital art software free of charge, you just get a broken program that will show ads at startup. In the worst case, you run the risk of getting a whole set of viruses that will significantly reduce the performance of your computer or even crush it.

Lack of Support and Updates

The manufacturer monitors both licensed and unlicensed software, updates are provided for the former, and the latter can be blocked through online verification. Thus, you will install an application with poor performance and crucial errors.

Artweaver Free Alternatives

If for some reason the Artweaver free version doesn’t suit you or you just want to try several free programs in order to choose the best, then these options may be a great starting point.


gimp logo
  • Supports graphics tablets
  • Recognizes PSD extension
  • Creates plug-ins
  • The user interface isn’t very well organized
  • In comparison to paid analogs, it offers fewer opportunities

GIMP is an alternative to the famous Adobe software and it provides more than enough options for amateur and professional designers. GIMP can suit beginners, who have just discovered the world of graphics and drawing.

GIMP’s toolkit resembles those of Photoshop and Artweaver drawing programs, letting you use layers and masks, perform color gradation, smart selection, and filters, plus choose from an assortment of brushes and some rather advanced features.

If you lack something particular, plenty of add-ons can expand your toolkit and allow creating complex drawings by operating the adjustable brushes to imitate any art media.

You can also benefit from the layers that allow applying smoothing or other effects and give a personal touch to any piece of art.


krita logo
  • Modern interface with a convenient layout
  • Improved OpenGL
  • A diversity of brushes
  • Supports layers 
  • Works with HDR
  • No image retouching tools
  • An update can bring lags
  • Hard to work with text

Krita, like GIMP, is an open-source program. However, it features nice tools and functions that it will appeal to lovers of illustrations and comics. So, if you are far from painting and prefer to develop in an animated direction, then Krita digital art software is what you need.

Development involves learning, so you cannot do without manuals. This program was officially launched on May 31, 1999, and has become popular among the best digital artists engaged in creating graphic novels, strips, manga, and other illustration.

If you still doubt whether it is worth using it, then pay attention to its stylish and convenient interface.


mypaint logo
  • Works on any platform
  • Has unique features
  • Perfect free tool for users, who create manga and anime
  • You need to wait a bit to undo an action 
  • Interface issues while switching brushes

Taking Wacom graphics as a starting point, the designers managed to create an impressive alternative to the drawing Artweaver software. It stands out due to the fully adjustable brushes, which makes them versatile and fit for art or technical drawings.

Such software makes quick completion of any artistic task a reality. From the start, you see that it has all the necessary tools for convenient work even at the professional level, especially as you begin using them and discover hidden possibilities of each tool.

The stroking system deserves particular attention as it has been beautifully configured. You can see that by just scribbling with different types of instruments.

In addition, this program is under development so you are likely to see improvements and entirely new features with each update.

Corel Painter

corel painter logo
  • Frequent updates
  • Numerous tools imitating real art instruments
  • Convenient interface
  • High price for an upgrade
  • Hard to master

The software is raster-based and allows users to create digital art in high quality. With its help, you can imitate painting, drawing, and printmaking techniques on your computer and process drawings in real-time.

This great alternative to the Artweaver digital art program will suit both digital artists and photo editors because it provides access to rather advanced features necessary for both jobs.

The program works both Mac and Windows. It has a selection of digital brushes based on the natural ones, plus some photo cloning features. It is also a great option for beginners since it has a built-in teaching system. Whatever your inspiration and passion call for, you will find a way to represent it with the help of this program.

MediBang Paint

mediabang paint logo
  • Intuitive UI
  • A vast selection of patterns and brushes
  • Allows to choose an input mode
  • Sometimes advertising interferes

MediBang Paint is free cross-platform manga drawing software. Easy, intuitive, fast, this program can be installed with a basic set of tools.

If you go through the registration and create a free MediBang account, unlike with the Artweaver programs, you will get full access to all functions (saving in the cloud, teamwork) and an expanded set of brushes, fonts, textures, etc.

You will find this program irreplaceable if your art is connected with comics, anime, and manga. You will enjoy flicking through the collection of over 800 backgrounds and templates carefully selected for the theme.

An extra benefit is the program’s ability to process PSD files, which is a rare feature in free software.


Here I have collected some free tools that you will definitely need to work with Artweaver. They don’t require installation, and will provide a high-quality result.

Grunge Brush

grunge brush for artweaver free

You can use this free tool for city landscapes or street paintings, and will get a rather unusual result. Images edited with this brush can pleasantly surprise viewers with their non-standard look, color scheme, composition, and other attractive elements.

Grass Brush

grass brush for artweaver free

It is a great brush for adding a bit more greenery to portraits or landscapes or to create fun effects on logos and other designs. The brush adds a thick patch of grass with clearly visible blades.

Watercolor Brush

watercolor brush for artweaver free

This watercolor brush resembles a dense cluster of bright particles in the night-black sky. This is the usual place from watercolor paint.

Such bright spots can decorate night photographs and portraits. They are also useful in creating wallpaper or background design.

Clouds Overlay

freedom overlay for artweaver free freedom overlay for artweaver free

With this free overlay, you can add realistic white clouds to your images. The sky will become more saturated and closer to the horizon, while the overall picture will become brighter.

Sparkling Glow Overlay

sparkling glow overlay for artweaver free sparkling glow overlay for artweaver free

In order to add bright multi-colored fireworks to your illustration in a matter of seconds, I advise you to use this free overlay. It is ideal for images where there is a fairly large amount of space in the sky.

Download Artweaver Free

artweaver logo free forever

Create your best work using Artweaver free on your PC. This program is perfect for both beginners and professional illustrators.

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