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360 Total Security

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  • Compatible: Windows/macOS

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360 Total Security is an effective antivirus, firewall and security software. It comes in different versions, each having a corresponding user interface. It has multiple features, including one for tablet PCs, one to cater to mobile phones and one which can be used for desktops. It also offers many customization options such as adding your own user profiles, adding additional firewall rules or even changing the default firewall settings to accommodate your requirements.

360 total security for mac download interface

When using the 360 Total Security software, there are several settings to keep in mind. One of these is the "Settings" tab, where all the settings that the software requires running will be displayed. Clicking the "Advanced" button will give you an overview of the current settings and the ones that you may want to change. This is important because if you don't see something you think you may need, don't change it.

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