Vido Photography Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 10 days ago, Photographer

Vido Photography Review 2023

Dariusz Domagalski, a professional photographer from Warsaw, dedicated this easy-to-navigate website to his favorite activity – finding beautiful moments related to important events in life and capturing them in a well-thought-out frame. A properly taken picture instead of a thousand words – this is the professional approach of Dariusz, who turns into an invisible “ghost” with a camera after a friendly acquaintance with the guests.

Therefore, his shots feature only sincere emotions and a relaxed atmosphere. Dariusz invites you to take a look at his work not only on Vido Photography but also on some of the best stock photography sites.

Vido Photography: Main Genres

As an experienced photographer, Dariusz owns a studio near the park and will provide professional equipment and access to the client in the city and surrounding area. His specialty is event photography: studio and field photo sessions are offered, as well as photo sessions related to wedding, communion, child, portrait, food, culinary and business photography. There are also beautiful landscapes, galleries of events and macro photography shots that Dariusz takes in his spare time.

vido photography wedding

As for wedding photography, you will find ideas for traditional, romantic or extravagant outdoor photo sessions.

vido photography newborn

In newborn photography, Dariusz pays special attention to the sacrament of baptism and Holy Communion. After all, this is a closed rite in special conditions and held according to the rules, so guests should fully trust the invited photographer.

The approach to children is also special – depending on the age, children’s activities are often complemented by outfits and backgrounds, so that you can look at your child in a completely different way.

vido photography product

Product photography highlights not only the appearance of the product but also presents its features and characteristics in a favorable light, with the focus on the promotion and sales.

Dariusz conducts business sessions for corporations and small companies: culinary photography dedicated to the food industry, corporate photography related to conferences, events, branding, company image and employee photos. The service of professional photography for documents (identity card, passport) with subsequent digital photo editing is available, as well as photo ads with the placement of products by agreement.

Photo shoots, digital photo editing and costs are adjusted according to the customer’s capabilities and needs to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. For the sake of a high level of service and full satisfaction of customer needs, the studio offers a unique service in the form of a preview of the order result.

Upon completion of the work, a trial version of the photo with watermarks and reduced resolution is provided. All comments will be taken into account, and the necessary corrections will be made in the final version.

Vido Photography: Mini Sessions

vido photography product

Vido Photography keeps up with the calendar and gift concept, so it arranges exclusive seasonal and festive mini-photo shoots at an attractive price. The current Christmas mini session for children and the whole family will not only create an elevated mood but will also be a great digital souvenir for many years to come.

More and more people choose this type of session precisely because of its value as a gift. In the form of an album or photo book, a mini session can become a unique gift under the Christmas tree, which will certainly emphasize the family character of the holiday in every home.

Now there is a tempting offer of a Christmas mini session on the appropriate background with decorative elements and high-quality props. The Christmas atmosphere in the photos is conveyed by the proper selection of colors, surroundings and lighting, as the best Christmas photos can only be taken in the studio of an experienced photographer.

Whole families become the characters of festive mini sessions, and the Vido studio is ready to receive as many guests as possible. Aside from digital photo editing and two Christmas images with different decorations, you will get to invite an unlimited number of guests – it all depends on how many people can ideally fit within the lens.

Vido Photography: Retouching

editing vido photography review

Professional photo retouching and digital photo editing are included in the price of the photo session and can even be discussed with future owners of photos at the preview stage. But what prevents you from trying the same professional photo editing tools from VidoFix, especially since the studio doesn’t keep them secret? Moreover, with discounts up to 50% of the original cost of collections?

There you will find presets for Lightroom, the most popular photo editor, as well as actions, overlays and textures for Photoshop, the most popular image editor. Mobile presets for editing photos on the go, LUTs and video overlays for video editing are also present.

If you want to entrust photo retouching or restoration to professionals, you can choose the appropriate service package here. To get familiar with what is offered, try free samples of some of the most popular tools presented on the resource.

Vido Photography studio cooperates with nPhoto, a well-known professional photo printing lab that produces high-quality, hand-crafted photo albums, photo books, wall art and other photo products for professional photographers.

It is popular not only in the USA and UK, specializing in photo albums and preserving gorgeous artwork that captures the meaningful moments of the client’s life. You can get acquainted with the catalog of new products for Poland directly on the Vido website, or contact nPhoto to have your photos printed.

A nice free addition to an extended wedding or event photo shoot will be a flash memory card with shots saved in JPEG format and/or a medium-sized photo book. If you are ready to spend the whole event and even the next day with the photographer, parents or godparents of the wedding couple will not be left without a memorable gift.

Vido Photography: Blog

tips vido photography review

Let’s say you already want to try out Lightroom presets from scratch here, or make a biometric passport. But what does it take? In the tips section, you will find answers to questions regarding photo shoots and photo editing in small but comprehensive articles, which are richly provided with photo materials and examples. Dariusz will not only help you better prepare for the types of presented photo shoots. Also, he will be absolutely honest with readers, revealing the sides of a good or not very competent photographer.

A good photographer is distinguished by the presence of clearly defined regulatory documents, privacy policies, agreements and contracts. You can pre-read the necessary documentation to decide for yourself whether this photo service provider is suitable for you.

Vido Photography: Prices

In order not to compromise between the number of photos, the time of the shooting and the quality of the services provided, Vido studio has prepared convenient adaptive packages of photo sessions and one-time shots. The studio sticks to the key cost-saving rule of the service: you order more – you pay less, and you get a keepsake. The price starts from 11.5 pln zł + VAT or about $3.5 per shot within the photo shoot.

If your needs go beyond the existing offers, contact Vido Studio for a one-on-one discussion of the terms. In Vido, it is convenient to pay through the generally accepted PayPal payment system, using Visa or Mastercard cards, or via bank transfer from partner banks.