Ugly Jewelry Photos: Hall Of Fame

Have you ever seen those ugly jewelry photos on ETSY or Amazon that seem to be terrifying and evoke simple skepticism or laughter? Check out 50 different images of the ugliest jewelry in the world to avoid taking these kinds of photos on your own.

50 Ugly Jewelry Pictures

Originally, jewelry pieces were meant to enhance the beauty of a wearer and, in some cases, to emphasize their social standing. However, ugly jewelry might create an opposite effect.

Grotesque jewelry pieces might look outright weird and unappealing. For instance, there are necklaces made of dead ears and rings encrusted with teeth. These jewelry pieces might not be something that most people are willing to embellish themselves with.

1. Jewelry with Insects

ugly jewelry photos

Firstly, the ugly jewelry photos that come to mind are probably the insects-infused adornments. Surprisingly enough, there are even samples to see in museums, like the recently added Victorian cockroach necklace collection. People, who create such "masterpieces" should use jewelry design software to understand how awful this type of jewelry actually looks.

2. Popped Pimple Jewelry

ugliest jewelry in the world

Thanks to Winona Johnson, every fan of such leisure time activities like popping zits can get a relevant ring to feast their eyes on.

3. Creepy Dental Jewelry

ugly jewelry images

This one is best kept away from someone who is afraid of dentists. Though, it can be a great present for the professionals. The ring features an actual tooth of a human being, which may be a quite obvious explanation as to why it doesn’t need any more jaw-dropping elements. Such creepy pieces would be right for a Halloween costume.

4. The Steak Cufflinks

ugly jewelry pictures

This one isn’t necessarily the ugliest piece of jewelry in the world, but it won’t get a title of “most delicate accessory” either. These miniature steak cufflinks are a real discovery for the gourmet lovers, just don’t show it to the vegan fellows.

5. Blinking Eye Jewelry

ugly jewelry

These cuties are often on the funky jewelry websites. This ring is like a crossover between the hi-tech and jewelry worlds that seem impossible to connect and yet, their creators managed to bring it to life.

6. Flesh-Encrusted Jewelry

ugly jewelry

The ugly jewelry photos list would be incomplete without these hairy flesh samples. The ring is no joke, its designer used his own skin from the belly area, preserved it with salt and then tanned to turn it into the piece of art, even if it’s a questionable one.

7. Necklace

grotesque jewelry

This weird jewelry, created by G. Jarvis, actually has a noble purpose behind its unusual design. The thing is that all of the jewelry is made out of the recycled material; the plastic legs and heads belonged to the real Barbie dolls and represent kind of a common historical heritage.

8. Human Body Accessory

disgusting jewelry

The ugly jewelry photos obviously have to include the human parts accessories and I have one for you. It’s from the Gregory Larin's compilation called “Anatomy lessons,” inspired by the human body in all its incomprehensibility.

9. Zombie Necklace

worst jewelry

This necklace can be proudly called one of the ugliest jewelry in the world but at the same time, one of the most popular items, due to its “The Walking Dead” appearance. It’s sure to impress any zombie lover or hater.

10. Skull Jewelry

weird jewelry

This line of accessories is hard to label as disgusting jewelry, but it’s definitely more on the gritty side. The skull rings, bracelets and chains became an unexpected phenomenon that is targeted mostly at the male audience. However, the jewelry looks quite unisex for anyone who searches for the accessories with an edge.

11. Real Meat Jewelry

hideous jewelry

Oddly enough, real meat jewelry is getting fashionable and trendy among the ugly jewelry images. It’s even environmently-friendly because you’re able to use the materials you have on hand. Besides, what if a real meat buffet can spark up your hunger for creativity?

12. Tooth Fairy Jewelry

tacky jewelry

For me personally, this isn’t the ugliest necklace I’ve ever seen, the previous examples I find to be far stranger. The Le Knockout jewelry by Kim Kovel derives inspiration from the fairy tales that every child knows. Like the majority of projects, it all started with the tooth of her own son and I think it can be really touching to keep a little baby part if it’s put into the right shape.

13. Appetizing Accessories

weird jewelry

The EatMeDo name needs no explanation. The collection looks very realistic and appetizing to unsuspected onlookers, who may want to have a bite.

14. Animal Skin Jewelry

weird jewelry

The jewelry is made out of the thinnest, laser cut animal skin and looks so elegant that it’s hard to determine its source. The “KimoKawaii” term suits it perfectly and means “mixture of the beautiful and ugly” in Japan. The skin of different animals was used for Marta Mattsson's Rebirth project, including goats and reindeer.

15. Unzipped Body Adornments

gross jewelry

Who said that everything you wear should be zipped? The nasty gal accessories don’t have to follow the general rules and are a unique way to amp up your style. It would be especially handy if you want to add some Gothic flair. You choose whether it’s a collar with ribbons or a lace bracelet, appropriate for the wedding day.

16. Kitty Chain Jewelry

gross jewelry

Everyone loves kittens, thought Ginette Lapalme and created unique handmade jewelry for the cat lovers out there. Furthermore, she put a little twist on cats' traditional image, painting them into mind-bending colors and added some jewels on their heads.

17. Sci-Fi Formal Accessories

pretty jewelry

Sci-Fi inspired accessories sound like an embodiment of tacky jewelry, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These duds come in metal and are reserved enough to show off your passion without looking like a teenager.

18. Vibrant Adhesive Accessories

unique handmade jewelry

This artsy jewelry is available on Etsy and consists entirely of duct tape that gets attached to the base ring. The unique design of these accessories is emphasized by the color and pattern variations of the duct tape.

19. Dead Doll Jewelry

ugly jewelry photos

Crocodile or snake print is officially out. The chicken leather accessories are a new idea to think about and implement in your life. What do you think about these pieces by Rakel Hafberg?

20. Poultry Fashion

ugly jewelry pictures

Crocodile or snake print is officially out of the latest fashion trends. The chicken leather accessories are a new idea to think about and implement in your life. What do you think about these pieces by Rakel Hafberg?

21. Let’s Play a Game

ugly jewelry images

The hero of a famous film will immediately make it clear with whom your interlocutors are dealing. With this accessory, you can easily make a variety of everyday outfits, the main thing is to not make everybody run away.

22. Fly

ugly jewelry

Not all ladies are convinced that the most beautiful insects are butterflies and only they can become the best decoration of their evening bow. Some choose flies.

23. Child’s Face

ugly jewelry

A voodoo party waiting for you? Choose this jewel, which will add a sinister look to your look. Hopefully no baby was hurt.

24. Creepy Baby

disgusting jewelry

We continue the story for those who love babies, and especially using them in ugly jewelry. Such a pin will perfectly complement the overall ominous picture.

25. Cats Are Not Always Cute

ugliest piece of jewelry in the world

Cat lovers make beautiful and cute jewelry, those who love disgusting jewelry create works of art with evil cats ready to pounce on you.

26. Merry Ugly Christmas

grotesque jewelry

The dress for the Christmas party not festive enough? Do not use these earrings in the form of Santa Claus to complete the look. Actually, I have only one question. Why their hair is green?

27. Monkey and Banana

nasty jewelry

In recent years, animalistic motifs in outfits have become very trendy and fashionable, but I'm not sure that this applies to grotesque jewelry in the form of monkeys.

28. Anatomy Lessons

gross jewelry

A great option for medical students who study the anatomy of the human body. For others? Not sure.

29. Duckling Charm?

hideous jewelry

At first glance, I did not even understand what it was. The only thing that is clear right away is that this is the typical worst jewelry. Duck? Swan? A lot of questions.

30. For Harley Quinn Lovers

tacky jewelry

Awful key chains for fans of movies on comics. Want your favorite hero to always be with you? Buy a key chain. However, perhaps more elegant.

31. Bird Motives

weird jewelry

Nature lovers will never pass by such a pendant. It is not the ugliest piece of jewelry in the world, but it lacks grace.

32. Bra?

ugliest necklace

The ugliest necklace for girls who are too shy to show their bra, but really want to.

33. Old But Not Gold

edgy jewelry

That's what will happen if you turn to an inexperienced jeweler with a request to create a unique wedding ring. This is definitely one of a kind.

34. Rococo

ugly jewelry images

Do not believe those who say that minimalism and sophistication are in fashion now. This lady is sure that the more, the better.

35. Plastic and Metal

ugly jewelry images

If it was an attempt to create sea foam from which Aphrodite came out, the jeweler failed. More like the effects of land waste pollution.

36. The Third Eye

ugly jewelry pictures

Nothing but a huge third eye comes to mind when you look at this ring. In the competition of weird jewelry, this would win a prize.

37. African style

ugly jewelry images

These are typical representatives of the ethnic African style of jewelry, but this looks strange in an everyday environment.

38. At the bottom of the sea

ugly jewelry pictures

A great piece of jewelry for your little Mermaid outfit, if she lived at the very bottom of the Mariana Trench.

39. Lone swan

ugly jewelry images

It seems that this swan alone became depressed and lost all its diamonds somewhere somewhere. I feel sad looking at this disgusting jewelry.

40. Stale cupcake

worst jewelry

This cupcake feels bad. The jam inside is probably spoiled.

41. Barnyard

ugly jewelry images

For all fans of George Orwell’s "Animal Farm," this terrible necklace. Boho style in all its glory.

42. Spongebob Tired Face

ugly jewelry images

Children love Elsa from “Frozen” and Ralph now, and poor Spongebob is already retired. If your childhood is gone and you feel sad just like this Spongebob, you will definitely like this piece of jewelry.

43. Turtle Paws

ugly jewelry pictures

I don’t know what jewelers imagined when they made this weird jewelry, but as for me, these earrings are turtle legs and a piece of armor.

44. Bells

ugly jewelry images

This hideous jewelry is created specifically so that you can give it to your girlfriend who is constantly lost at Christmas parties. Ringing bells will help her find.

45. Christmas lights

ugly jewelry pictures

You can hardly find such earrings on cool jewelry websites because even the name itself says a lot. This will be a great addition to the terrible Christmas sweaters.

46. Scarab

ugly jewelry images

Scarabs are a symbol of wealth in ancient Egypt. Try to say it faster than your aunt screams.

47. Spoon

ugly jewelry images

An interesting option for recycling old and unnecessary things. However, it still looks very strange.

48. Crown

ugly jewelry images

Positive ring for those who love to smile. The main thing is not to see this face in nightmares.

49. Excess

ugly jewelry pictures

The word "No" in the center of this bracelet accurately quotes those who love minimalism.

50. Venus de Milo

ugly jewelry images

Antique statues in museums look the same and they are considered exquisite works of art. This keychain has the right to life.

How to Avoid Ugly Jewelry Images?

Yes, in most cases, it’s better to select beautiful jewelry. However, there are several tips that will help you take eye-catching photos even of ugly-looking pieces. Here’s a list of 10 typical mistakes you should avoid during jewelry photo shoots.

Mistake 1. Smudged, Unprepared Products

To avoid ending up with ugly jewelry photos, ensure all items are completely stainless. Maintaining the right level of polish is important because cameras for jewelry photography significantly increase the size of an object when photographing it. Tiny dust specs or smudges that aren’t visible with the naked eye become highly noticeable.

pretty jewelry

Be sure to polish the jewelry after every contact. You can use cotton gloves to avoid cleaning objects again and again or retaking images.

Mistake 2. Inconsistent Shooting

Come up with basic rules that you’ll stick to during artsy photo shoots. It’s essential to be consistent when it comes to product photography since noticeable differences between pictures can confuse viewers. Write down everything: lighting conditions, backdrop, the equipment settings, angles, etc. This way, you will be certain that you can continue taking photographs in the identical conditions the next time.

artsy jewelry

Mistake 3. Complex Background

Rookie business owners sometimes think that white backgrounds seem “bland” and lack “brand identity.” Such people tend to experiment with prop-rich or colorful backdrops. It’s a trap that may result in ugly jewelry photos.

unique handmade jewelry

It isn’t the coincidence that websites like Amazon or eBay demand a white or inactive background for any product, even for weird jewelry. White or bright gray is a safe choice that ensures that the viewer is focused on the product. Jewelry is also often photographed on a black background, but such images may be rejected by some major retailers.

Another advantage of the white background is that it is cost-efficient and simple to make. You can construct a lightbox or use rolls of white paper.

Mistake 4. Unnecessary Props

Some entrepreneurs think that jewelry items like necklaces have to be presented on a complex background or on a mannequin. However, such a background will distract the potential customer and can lead to ugly necklace pictures.

Thematic jewelry photography props or models may be used for jewelry pictures. However, such pictures are meant to establish brand identity and have to be featured in magazines, website headers, and email newsletters. They shouldn’t be used for the product category section.

pretty jewelry

Mistake 5. Reflections Everywhere

As a photographer, you have to ensure that when customers are looking at an item they don’t wonder if it’s your reflection they see on a gemstone or a common flaw.

Put the item on a table and place big professional light sources on both sides and use umbrellas to diffuse them. Place a large roll of white paper behind and below the item. Next, connect it to the lens. This trick allows blocking forefront reflections by shedding more light on the product.

unique fashion jewelry

Place the camera on a tripod to establish a slight top-down angle. Put the lights and umbrellas on both sides above the jewelry and focus them onto the item. Such a set-up will uniformly light the object without any distracting bright patches and will ensure you’ll never get ugly jewelry shots.

Mistake 6. Shaky Images

Regardless of how good your lighting conditions are, they won’t do you any good if you decide to handhold a camera or a smartphone. Such an approach will lead to either shaky or poorly focused ugly jewelry photos, which isn’t something you want.

how to shoot pretty jewelry

Purchase a tripod for camera. It’s inexpensive and incredibly useful to improve the look and consistency of your jewelry pictures. A tripod also allows you to use the most appropriate ISO and aperture values. Also, consider marking the tripod position to ensure consistency of your shooting conditions when organizing several sessions.

Mistake 7. Poor Focus

Avoid taking art-like photographs with a small aperture setting and focus on a small part of an item. It seems like you’re selling disgusting jewelry and are trying to hide the defects. If you want to make customers believe you, create high aperture, fully-focused pictures.

unique fashion jewelry

Viewers want to examine a product in detail. Give them such an opportunity by setting the aperture at f/11 or higher and using the smallest ISO, preferably 100.

Mistake 8. Inaccurate White Balance

If white balance isn’t correctly configured, colors won’t be represented accurately and you’ll be left with ugly jewelry pictures. The best example would be the gold/blue dress picture that had the entire internet arguing about its true color. The white balance can be adjusted either manually or in auto mode.

reflection while shooting for funky jewelry websites

Mistake 9. Too Few Images

A complaint shared by many customers is the lack of different images of the same product. For instance, a person might be attracted to a top-down picture of a bracelet but would also want to see a close-up shot to examine the engraving. Always give them a chance to do so.

angles of artsy jewelry

You’ve dedicated a lot of effort to prepare the item, lights and equipment. There’s no reason to take only a couple of photographs. Earn trust from potential customers by displaying every aspect of the pretty jewelry you’re selling. A larger number of pictures has proven to increase the number of sales, so take as many photographs as you can.

Mistake 10. Bad Post-Processing

Customers are immediately put off by poor editing. It can make even a magnificent ring look like the ugliest piece of jewelry in the world. Either improve your Lr and Ps skills or pay an experienced retoucher.

In addition to editing, it’s advised to develop templates that have identical crop-, margin-, and alignment settings to strengthen the consistency of your photography.

editing of pretty jewelry

If you don’t have time or skills necessary to edit pictures and don’t want to end up with the ugliest necklace photo you’ve ever seen, make use of services provided by post-production agencies.

Use Effects for Jewelry Images

jewelry photos lr presets

By adjusting color settings properly, you can avoid taking ugly jewelry photos. With rich colors of gemstones, the saturated gold color and clean background, you are guaranteed to take photos that will catch the attention of new clients.