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VERDICT: Templatic website templates are top-notch, fully customizable WordPress themes for creatives. This Templatic review is devoted to a thorough study of these themes. Each template is unique and stylish, which can help you attract the maximum attention of your customers.

  • Many plug-ins
  • Great functionality
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Wide selection of awesome WordPress themes
  • Not the best support service
  • The price is high
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The company started with a selection of 25 themes but their launch was so successful that now they offer countless options. You can cover anything from a simple blog page to an e-commerce business. Working in WordPress to manage the content, you can customize the details and operate with ease.

The official start of the company is dated December 10, 2009, but in reality, it launched 1.5 years earlier. Some rebranding took place then, together with the change of name, and this successful version, scrutinized in the Templatic review today, stayed with the users.

Complete Templatic Review

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The dozen years that the company spent on the market is a remarkable term that puts it among the leaders. The first steps were made in India by a bunch of designers that concentrated on simplifying the process of starting a webpage in order to make it less expensive and time-consuming. The success caused expansion and made the company spread over three continents and increase the number of employees.

Any can name many reasons why you should trust their products. Here are some of the most relevant ones.

SEO and Monetization Optimized

Any kind of business needs a well-designed website with good SEO that will help to promote the page among potential customers. In addition, many businesses like putting advertisements on their pages for passive income or promotion of affiliate goods.

The control panel adds an extra touch of convenience, making advertising and monetization more convenient. The users who might require an extra level of functionality should either address an expert, who would do further customizing or work towards the goal themselves.

Good View on All Devices

templatic view on devices

An important task for a designer today is to make the theme look equally good on the whole range of modern devices and screen sizes. Ordering from this company, you can rely on them, as they optimize any design and eliminate the possibility of distortion.

Niche Themes

templatic themes collection

Those people occupied with webpage design often categorize their themes according to the activity they are supposed to cater to. As a result, there is much generalization and users often remark that no solution is capable of satisfying absolutely everyone.

Templatic’s elegant themes are designed with the needs of specific businesses in mind. If you consider property agencies, the company recognized several major needs and created the Real Estate V2 for those that need to segregate items for rent and for sale, the Vacation Rental for promoting the best villas and apartments for vacation, the 5 Star for those, who need an availability calendar to provide booking services, etc.

It is possible to select an additional directory theme out of several options to put out online listings.

Plugins Support

templatic plugins

You would expect such a popular company to offer more than just themes and they take great care in helping business owners boost their online sales. As a result, they offer App Plugins, Directory add-ons, and Payment Gateways that are altogether the most important services businesses need.

A page that sells literature can equip itself with a Publisher theme and a PayPal Express Checkout plugin to make the selection and purchase of books effortless for users. A booking company, on the other hand, can use a Reviews Manager plugin to deal with comments.

Great Installation Services and Membership

templatic membership

The company includes three different levels of services. With the Basic one, you get the assistance on installation of the theme and plugins, plus can upload some sample data.

The Pro level is next and grants you such assistance as logo image upload, removal of footer credits, a compilation of a sample navigation menu.

The last is the Premier service that will entitle you to 2 full hours of personal consultation by the company’s specialist. You can also become a member of the Premium Themes Club which gives you the freedom to access all themes and plugins, multi-use license, updates and upgrades, and guaranteed support.

Interesting Templatic Blog

templatic blog

The latest innovations can be studied on the company’s blog page. In addition, the blog has a large number of tutorials on creating themes in WordPress. For example, an article that explains the easy steps that need to be taken by a beginning entrepreneur to create a business website.

Templatic Price

For a standard theme, you have to pay $65 on average. A template will be charged for in accordance with the volume of use so expect it to become more expensive with each additional website that you will be managing. Three options provided are:

  • 1 site license costs $89
  • 5 site license costs $189
  • Become a club member for $299

You can consider becoming a Templatic member (the last option on the list above). The yearly fee will open such services as unlimited access to the templates plus licenses for an unlimited number of websites.

This membership option is a favorite with many website developers. They simply select a convenient template, make necessary alterations to them, and sell to their own customers.

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