Proxy-Seller Review 2022: Pros & Cons

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Verdict: Proxy-Seller is an online platform where users can buy individual proxies for various websites, including gaming platforms, social networks, e-commerce sites, education websites, etc. I like that here you can find both web proxies and mobile ones.

  • 100+ networks and 300 subnets
  • Offers both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs
  • Flexible rental
  • Compatible with 20+ countries
  • Accepts all payment methods
  • Supports a limited range of websites
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The service offers elite proxies that guarantee top security. Thus, you can “hide” from most proxy-detection websites and platforms.

Proxy-Seller stands out with fast services paired with flexible payment packages, rental periods, multiple IP addresses options, and reasonable prices.

Complete Proxy-Seller Review – Main Benefits

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Proxy-Seller has been the leading proxy provider for over 7 years. The company works great for Internet marketers, providing solutions for web scraping, social media management, online gaming, and SEO for photographers.

Most users opt for Proxy-Seller due to fast and cost-effective solutions without speed, traffic, and performance compromise regardless of cost.

Premium Proxies IPv4 and IPv6 Available

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Proxy-Seller offers IPv4 from 16 countries, 100 networks, and 300 subnets and IPv6 datacenter proxies from 8 countries with several providers who offer support for IPv6 IPs. Besides, Proxy-Seller supports both Socks and HTTPS protocols suitable for photography marketing.

With proxies, you can promote your brand in multiple ways, including social networks, mass posting on forums, placing ads from multiple accounts, performing promotions, etc. Moreover, you can use proxies for personal goals when playing online games or using gambling platforms. Proxy-Seller allows you to access streaming services blocked in your country, however, we haven’t tested this option.

Beneficial Affiliate Program

The service offers a beneficial affiliate program that is popular among those who want to increase income. Users around the globe tend to join the affiliate program to get stable and reliable payments. If you join the program, the company guarantees 30% on the first payment and 10% for all the rest.

You get a unique link that you can share with your friends on social media, via messengers, and by email. Besides, you can post the link in various groups on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

Unique Dynamic Mobile Proxies

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This service offers unique mobile proxies. Alternatively, you can buy a dynamic proxy with constantly changing IP addresses. Proxy-Seller ensures effective work, fast connection, and reasonable prices due to the lack of intermediaries and specially-created value formation policy.

Among Proxy-Seller’s clients are digital marketing agencies and freelance SMM specialists. With the dynamic proxies, you can use several accounts at a time along with third-party applications, including auto-postings, auto-likes, and auto-replies.

You can buy a proxy for personal use on your laptop. Since one plan includes one proxy, you’ll enjoy trouble-free operation. If you face any issues, the company will make a replacement.

100% Proxy Uptime Reliability

Users appreciate high speeds and traffic with no limitation. Besides, you can find multiple nets and subnets supported by Proxy-Seller.

Since they deliver high-quality proxies with a reliable process during the paid period, you won’t face any issues in the middle of the work. The team checks all proxies in terms of reliability, workability, and performance before passing them to clients. Once you get proxy, you need to paste the IP into the desired website/software and start working.

The proxies offered by the company work great for craigslist, supreme, dating platforms, etc. Besides, you can use them for Digital Marketing purposes.

Good Location Coverage

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If you are looking for datacenter proxy providers, you may have heard that they usually have a problem delivering proxies in multiple locations. Since datacenter proxies must have data centers in each country they are available, it’s more challenging to work with them compared to residential ones.

Proxy-Seller is one of few services that offer datacenter proxies in various countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, and 10 other countries.

Supplemental Guides and Support

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You can find helpful setup guides that work for most platforms and browsers (except for Microsoft Edge) on the official website.

Besides, the team has the “articles and news” section with tips on how to use different platforms and software. If you strive to get maximum anonymity, we don’t recommend using proxy with the Tor browser. In case you failed to find the desired answer, you can contact the help center or 24/7 live chat support.

Proxy-Seller Price

The cost for a proxy depends on the target country, the number of proxies, and the length of usage. Even though the pricing structure is a bit confusing, the service offers basic plans such as:

Small plan tariff (5-19 addresses): $0.5 per proxy for a month

Medium plan tariff (20-99 addresses): $0.3 per proxy for a month

Large plan tariff (from 100 and above addresses): $0.15 per proxy for a month

In case you get 100 proxies for 12 months, you will receive a 27% discount, where a 15% discount refers to the quantity and 12% – for the rental period.

The company supports all payment methods, including debit and credit cards, PayPal, BitCoin, or PerfectMoney. They offer a refund during the first 24 hours. In case you face issues later, they guarantee a replacement.

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