Photoshop Camera Review

Photoshop Camera 2024

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: FREE
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Adobe Photoshop Camera is a mobile app that allows you to take photos with filters and is based on the Adobe Sensei AI system. Recently Adobe Photoshop Camera preview version has become available for download.

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What Is Photoshop Camera?

Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: FREE

photoshop camera interface
  • Real-time photo editing
  • Perfect for landscapes
  • Many filters available to download from the library
  • Ability to edit photos from the gallery
  • Too many lags with real-time photo editing
  • Most of the filters look outdated

VERDICT: Photoshop Camera offers a huge number of integrated and downloadable effects and filters you can use to edit your shots. A specially trained neural network is responsible for the way they work and are applied. The AI can identify the objects in the frame and offer suitable effects for each specific scene.

Some filters and effects don’t work properly yet. There are still improvements to be made with its object edge detection feature. However, even now the app helps you take amazing and unusual shots.

Adobe Camera app is still being tested and doesn’t work perfectly even on the flagship phones, causing lagging and overheating. To make a definitive conclusion about the product, we must wait for its final release.

Photoshop Camera Review

Over the course of the past few years, Adobe has been trying to incorporate the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence into their software. This made work with them simpler and received a warm welcome from users. Currently, they started creating software based on Adobe Sensei and Photoshop Camera is the first app they have released.

Real-Time Photo Editing Capability

photoshop camera real time photo editing

With the help of Adobe Sensei, the app can recognize objects in the photograph, provide recommendations, as well as automatically apply complex effects at the moment of taking a photo (for example, there are special modes for portraits, landscapes, selfies, food photos, etc.), but the app keeps the original image intact as well.

According to the developers, the app “breaks down” the photo into specific technical elements, such as dynamic range, tone range, type of scene, so that every user has a possibility to use proper filters and effects.

It will automatically select lighting and remove perspective distortion. For fine-tuning, some of the parameters can be adjusted manually, these are shadows, highlights, exposure, etc.

Enhancing Photos from the Gallery

Besides applying filters when you are taking a photo, Photoshop Camera can be used as a free photo editor. You simply need to tap “Library” when you are taking a shot.

You can select any image from your phone’s gallery and start editing. The editing interface reminds me that of Instagram when you are adding an image or video to Stories. There are 10 types of filters that are available from the beginning, but you can download more.

Downloading Additional Filters

photoshop camera additional filters

By tapping the “+” sign next to the filters, you will get into the filter library, where you can find tons of them, starting from simple color correction to placing giant space burgers into your landscapes.

They are all available as free downloads. Later, users can share their own filters with others, however, right now at the beginning, the Adobe Camera app has a selection of templates created by artists, Photoshop experts, and celebrities (there is, for example, a filter from Billie Eilish).

People, who use the Photoshop Camera have the possibility to create filters in Photoshop. This process is going to be easier because all the filters are multi-layer PSD files that can be customized directly in the app.

Automatic and Fast

photoshop camera automatic photo editing photoshop camera automatic photo editing

The app has a lot of tools for color correction as well as an Auto button that will do it for you automatically. This is usually very basic image editing, like fixing white balance, contrast, and saturation.

How to Install Photoshop Camera?

At the moment, Photoshop Camera cannot be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, it is available on preorder. To get it, you have to go to the website to request the app, enter your details and get the link to download it into your inbox.


Since the app uses AI, it has rather high system requirements and the official list of devices that support it is quite limited. Right now it includes the following:

  • Apple iPhone 6s or newer
  • Google Pixel3/XL, Pixel4/XL
  • Samsung S9/S9+, Samsung S10/S10+
  • Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 10/10+

The app can also run on some Xiaomi or Huawei smartphones, however, Adobe cannot guarantee that the app will work properly. After downloading it, you can sign in Adobe Photoshop Camera with your Adobe, Facebook or Google accounts. I should note that this test version may lag quite noticeably and will overheat even the flagship phones. It is recommended to force stop the app after using it.

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