Nektony Software Review

Platforms: Mac OS, IOS, Android
Price: Free trial - $44.95
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Verdict: If you need efficient instruments to keep your Mac and iOS devices performant, you should consider using Nektony software. I like the fact that the company allows seeking for assistance in the tech support even if you opt for free versions.

Those users, who tend to test tools and only then invest in them, will absolutely admire the availability of a free trial period. The latter allows you to look through the full feature set and use the needed instruments. While similar programs grant you access only to a “diagnostic” mode, Nektony software makes it possible to apply instant fixes.

  • Sleek, up-to-date design
  • Multiple clean-up tools
  • Free trial with access to a complete feature set
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • Incompatible with Windows
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Nektony software development company developed 15 programs for Mac, iOS, and Android. Other advantages I want to highlight in this Nektony software review are regular updates and timely optimization for the latest OS. Simply put, if you use Mac desktops or iSO devices, you can ensure their stable and flawless operation by using Nektony’s apps.

MacCleaner Pro bundles applications that cover cleanup and speedup options aimed at improving the performance of your Mac.

Disk Space Analyzer ensures the fastest scanning of your hard drive in order to find out what programs and files consume space.

Duplicate File Finder is focused on locating duplicates and removing them. This results in freeing more disk space.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a handy tool for uninstalling apps and extensions including leftovers, managing startup programs, and changing default apps.

VSDX Annotator is developed for reviewing, adding annotations and converting MS Vision drawings on macOS.

VSD Viewer is a so-called partner of the previous tool and allows you to view Visio drawings on your computer.

VPN Client allows you to access geo-blocked content staying anonymous while being online.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller – for Uninstalling Unneeded Apps

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $19.90
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nektony software app cleaner and uninstaller interface

Verdict: It has long won the title of the best AppCleaner for Mac and no wonder many people choose it for the task. It performs scanning in a very quick way, works without serious issues, and even provides users with responsive customer support. You can resort to this file and photo cleaner app if you need to detect and get rid of very sensitive files, which is often impossible with similar applications.

This Mac cleaner amazes with its meticulous scanning procedure, which allows deleting entire apps, special service files and even inconspicuous leftovers. Though a free version is pleasantly helpful, it makes sense to get a full-featured paid one.

The latter costs just $20 dollars, but the tools it provides you with are worth paying more. With the help of this application, you can be sure that you’ve removed all the files that can be left after running regular uninstallers.

Duplicate File Finder - for Removing Unnecessary Duplicate Files

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $19.99
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nektony software duplicate finder free interface

Verdict: Being advertised as a good duplicate file finder for Mac, this application fully lives up to its reputation. Offering lots of handy tools, it remains very simple-to-use, which is a great bonus for novices.

The interface is straightforward and scan settings are nicely flexible. The scanning process won’t take much time and you can cope with the task even faster by launching the batch scanning mode.

The app recognized photos, videos, audio files, docs, and folders. It can scan cloud storage and external drives. Unlike multiple rivals, Duplicate Finder Free lets you define the smallest duplicate file size, it shows details about duplicates, previews identical files by type, sees similar folders, delivers a list of all deleted duplicates, etc.

MacCleaner Pro – for Cleaning Up and Speeding Up Your Mac

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $44.95
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nektony software maccleaner pro interface

Verdict: Mac Cleaner Pro is a sophisticated cleaner and optimizer with many awesome features for you to test. If you compare it with similar cleaning programs, you’ll see that a key difference is its multi-purpose nature, which means it unites different tools for different system tasks.

The toolset includes instruments for setting up an optimum performance speed, removing junk files and apps, etc. Moreover, users like its well-designed interface with all the must-have menus being logically arranged.

Such a design and a pack of tools, make MacCleaner 2.0 is a great option both for beginner users and experts. In terms of price, this software is available as a one-time purchase, so you may forget about the frustration of spending money every month.

Disk Space Analyzer – for Data Management

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $9.99
nektony software disk space analyzer logo
nektony software disk space analyzer interface

Verdict: An intuitive design and lag-free performance make this app a go-to tool for many users. It demonstrates how your disk space is used in the form of a sunburst diagram, so you know what parts call for optimization. Using this application, you can find logs and caches of programs, look through multiple files and perform other data management operations.

Another feature I can’t but mention in this Nektony review is the possibility to see 25 largest files and folders on your disk. If you know that you need a specific visualization form to perceive the info, this application is definitely worth trying. After scanning your drives, it generates a diagram that demonstrates what files occupy the scape and allows you to start selective deletion.

VPN Client – for Keeping Your Connection Private

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $19.90
nektony software vpn client logo
nektony software vpn client interface

Verdict: It is known as one of the best free and cheap VPNs. What makes this app so popular is its 256-bit encryption and log-free policy, which all together work for guarding your online activities.

VPN Client guarantees the highest level of encryption and keeps your traffic impermeable, which plays a huge role if security is your main concern. Thanks to single-click setup, even beginners will cope with that step.

What I also like about VPN Client is its super-fast connections, which is also relevant for streaming services. If you are hesitant about the efficiency of the app, you can test its capabilities for a week free of charge and only then spend your money.

VSDX Annotator – for Editing Visio Documents

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $19.90
nektony software vsdx annotator logo
nektony software vsdx annotator interface

Verdict: Here is a handy app to open and preview Visio drawings. Teams can use it to work on Visio docs simultaneously. What sets this application apart from analogs is that you can make notes and alternations to Visio drawings with ease. There are 12 tools for those tasks. The app shows layers, shape data, and hyperlinks. The possibility to save drawings with inserted annotations deserves special praise.

The finished files can be saved in VSDX format, which makes it possible to open them later in Visio. Alternatively, you can convert them to PDF and send via email from the menu bar.

VSD Viewer

Platforms: Mac OS
Price: Free trial - $19.90
nektony software vsd viewer logo
nektony software vsdx annotator interface

Verdict: If you frequently work with Visio files on your Mac device, here is a great app to open them, preview, perform advanced rendering and exact displaying. It easily handles files in VSD, VSDX, and VDX formats. Even if you have bulky drawings, the app is capable of rendering them.

Those users, who need to manage layers, claim that VSD Viewer provides the most convenient environment for that. You can switch on/off the visibility, choose what elements of a drawing you want to see, as well as concentrate on a particular database.

Nektony Prices

Some Nektony’s products are free, while others come with free trials. This is good news for people, who ask “Is Nektony safe?”. You can experience the full potential of the apps and then decide whether they are worth paying for.

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