JGBoudoir Studio Review 2022

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Photographer

Photographer Jason Guy will help you show the true beauty of your body. He knows how to talk to different clients so that they understand each other, how to choose a proper pose, and use image editing tools to turn every shot into a masterpiece.

If you have no experience posing in front of the camera or feel shy because your body has changed after childbirth or surgery – there is still a way to relieve tension and get amazing images. Jason Guy is one of the top photographers in this genre, possessing exclusive shooting skills that help him show every person in the best light.

Photographer Jason Guy: Biography

jason guy biography

Jason Guy started his career as a portrait photographer, taking images of his friends and family members in order to grasp the essence of this genre. Over time, he honed his skills, learned various lighting techniques and poses, and gradually switched to wedding. He was very successful in that role but didn’t stop expanding his knowledge, learning boudoir tips and ideas, mastering new techniques, etc., and after that, has already founded the Jgboudoir photo studio.

At first, he was fully concentrated on the technical part of the shooting and didn’t actually notice how his photo sessions changed models. Then, he started to receive letters from his clients in droves, where women stated that the way he organized photoshoots and how he helped them feel at ease totally transformed their perception of their bodies, beauty, and self-worth.

Portfolio with Story and 100+ Satisfied Models

jgboudoir portfolio

Unlike other boudoir photographers, Jason Guy not only shows a finished portfolio but shares a story that is hidden behind each shot. You can find many positive Jgboudoir reviews claiming that Jason is not just a photographer, who grabs a camera and begins taking images. He is also a psychologist, who sets a model in a proper mood, focuses attention on her advantages, helps her forget about complexes and enjoy every minute of the shooting.

jgboudoir work examples

He always asks a model for permission to tell his followers about the photo session more details. This usually involves her story, her attitude to her body, the shooting process, how they agreed on the poses, and actually, everything that can help other women look at their bodies in a completely new way without trying to find defects immediately.

He also complements the story with photos and behind-the-scenes. All stories have one thing in common – an amazing transformation of a woman from the moment she starts posing till the end of the photo session. Women feel really grateful for the attentiveness of Jason Guy and his methods.

Equipment for Any Shooting Condition

professional equipment jason guy

Since it is impossible to create ideal shooting conditions, especially while working outdoors, Jason Guy has gathered a large arsenal of various devices that can come in handy in different situations. He has equipment for studio photoshoots, in scarcely lit places, etc. The best thing is that the price doesn’t depend on the gear used.

The photographer has several cameras, lenses with different focal lengths for various types of photo sessions, professional lighting equipment, additional filters for controlling shadows, backup batteries, tripods, and more.

Professional Posing

professional posing by jason guy

When Jason Guy just started, he spent lots of time learning boudoir photography tips, different poses and proper lighting setups.

Women, who have worked with this expert, have stated in Jgboudoir reviews that he perfectly understands what poses are best suited for different models and how to help every lady look stunning. He constantly suggests new poses and takes images from different angles, which makes the entire shooting process a delight. Regardless of the physique and age, every woman can look graceful and pretty, and Jason Guy’s photos prove that.

Makeup & Hairstyle by Professionals

Another important aspect of working with this photographer is that you get not only a photo session but also the assistance of professional makeup and hairstyle artists, who will prepare you for the shooting. Thus, you start feeling more confident even before Jason takes the first shot. That is a really cool approach.

The makeover includes:

  • Makeup
  • False lashes (if needed)
  • Hair straightening/curling

A makeup artist suggests possible changes, e.g., making eyes more pronounced, hiding dark circles under eyes, etc., but it is the model who makes a final decision. If you have any specific demands, make sure to verbalize them.

Professional and Realistic Editing

body retouching example body retouching example

Jason Guy likes not only to take photos but also to edit them in order to achieve the desired look. He devotes much time to the process because he perfectly understands what differentiates a good image from an amateurish one. Though he is very serious about lighting during the shooting, there are always some tweaks that you need to make during photo processing. He improves skin tone, removes imperfections, and more.

Besides, he can give a photo a glamorous finishing by experimenting with lower and higher tones. Thus, all visible body parts will look flawless yet realistic.

Transparent Pricing Policy

Jason Guy is absolutely honest when it comes to prices and you can instantly find out the cost of your order without sending your private data to a manager, who will consult you about charges.

The lowest price for the shooting is $300. In this case, you get a photoshoot, a full makeover, and a reveal session. The reveal means looking through the finished images and selecting only those that you like and are ready to pay for.

Photos from the shooting start at $225 and the price gets lower if the number of images you want to buy increases. There are also discounted packages for $1200. If you pay in cash or Bitcoin, the cost reduces.

The final fee is calculated depending on the number of images you are going to buy. Chances are high you’ll be ready to shell out more than you initially planned because the quality of photos is always fantastic.

Instagram for Inspiration

jgboudoir instagram

In addition to the finished portfolios, you can also visit Jason Guy’s Instagram. Here you can find lots of amazing boudoir ideas and get inspired by people, who have revealed a new beautiful facet of their inner being while posing in front of the camera.