Flothemes Review

Flothemes Review

If you want to create an amazing portfolio, read my in-depth Flothemes review. After testing several Flothemes templates, I can name their strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide a small lesson on how to create a website with Flothemes themes.

What Is Flothemes?

flothemes interface VIEW FLOTHEMES TEMPLATES

Flo Themes are top notch, completely adjustable WordPress themes for photographers’ portfolios. They are widely used by professional photographers and videographers. Each template is unique and trendy. It can help you maximize the attention of your clients.

All themes combine numerous page layouts, fonts, color functions and badges. One of the main advantages of Flothemes over others is freedom of actions. In other words, you can easily correct any of the abovementioned elements manually having no experience in web design.

Why Choose Flothemes for Your Portfolio?

There are quite many reasons why you should use these WordPress themes and why they are so wonderful but I will emphasize only the most important ones.

Flothemes Looks Great on Any Device

flothemes look great on any device

Practically any theme will look great on any device, except for old phones with a display resolution of fewer than 4 inches. Flothemes are designed in a special way so that when viewing a page on a mobile phone, the structure will not be touched or distorted.

Completely Adjustable Page Layouts, Fonts, Colors

What I like is that Flothemes offers you a chance to adapt a website to your branding. You can upload your own photos, videos, gifs, add brand colors, etc.

Plugins Support

Not to waste much time on creating your own website templates, you may use plugins like Flo Social that was earlier named as Flo Instagram. This plugin will let you add and display your Instagram data on the website. Plug-ins can be different, for example, the ones helping integrate your contact forms or those for creating price lists, etc.


Many Attractive Themes

Today Flothemes developed more than 17 ready-made and fully customizable themes that can be edited according to your wishes.


Interesting Flothemes Blog

Flothemes developers write about innovations in their blog. You may read about “A Better Blog Content Strategy For Your Photography Site” and many others, that can be useful while creating your photography blog.


How to Create a Website with Flothemes Themes?

Before you start creating Flothemes, you will have to install WordPress first (if you are creating a new website).

1. Install a Subsidiary Theme

flothemes pages

This will allow you to update your old theme without overwriting or code modification. On the left sidebar, you will see a few sections, where you can find and check out various options. I recommend to do it if you’re creating a new website with an old Flotheme. For each of the sections, there is an image that will lead you through all available options.

2. Make Adjustments and Fill in Your Info

Each section of their settings area will have a photo similar to the demonstrated earlier. They will show what particular annotated settings will be changed. I would like to mention that there are illustrative examples of changes regarding the design. This makes the installing process very intuitive.

3. View a Finished Version of Your Layout

flothemes pages structure

These page templates do most of the work for you. There will be a few different designer versions available and you’ll have to pick one of them. After this, each section of this template can be modified. You can change font, colors and sizes. This process is quite easy, therefore it doesn’t require much knowledge.

4. Make Sure You Have Installed a Correct Template on Each Page

flothemes pages setting

Here you’ve looked through basic information, however, I recommend you to go to YouTube and check out a couple of tutorials. A few minutes that you will spend on watching videos should eliminate any confusion that might arise later.

Flothemes Price

flothemes price VIEW PRICES

Flothemes offer two purchase options, and the first of them will completely depend on you. The price of a theme is $279. Users can also buy a setup service, so our team can help them install and set up the theme.

Regardless of whether you are going to update your website due to the recent rebranding or you need a full revision of your brand positioning because of expansion and scaling of your business, the process consists of the following steps:

  • Primary consultation and planning
  • Design and feedback
  • Website sorting out
  • Launching

INCLUDED: 6-page custom design, and theme customization plus a set of styles – $5800. Includes the same as the first package plus one additional custom website page and a set of styles. This package is suitable for those who want to save their logo but update the style (fonts, colors, aesthetics/tone) and then create their own website, designed only for them.

Bonus: Use promo code Flo10 to get a 10% discount.

Flothemes Alternatives

To give you a more comprehensive review, I decided to test other alternative WordPress photography themes and compare them directly.

Flothemes vs Squarespace

flothemes vs squarespace

Flothemes are premium class themes that you install in WordPress. Squarespace is a universal platform that takes care of your hosting and content management. Squarespace is easier to master due to the lack of options and its simplicity. However, I prefer the open source WordPress platform with maximum customization flexibility and thousands of available plug-ins.

All you are trying to do with the help of WordPress might have already been done and the manual with instructions has been uploaded to YouTube. If you need a special plug-in for WordPress, it probably already exists. Flothemes are based on strengths of this platform and simplify creating an attractive, responsive, fast and well-developed website for photographers.

Flothemes vs ProPhoto

flothemes vs prophoto

When I just started doing photography, ProPhoto themes were on approximately 90% of websites that I admired. I have never used them personally. I think that they can create a decent website but updates don’t keep up with rapidly changing technology.

A few years ago, ProPhoto offered adaptive mobile websites. Flothemes are at the forefront in terms of taking advantage of modern web-frameworks. Despite the fact that Pro Photo was developed a little earlier, Flothemes offers significantly more website themes supported by plugins, and share constant updates.


Summing up, I would like to say that Flothemes provides exclusively high-quality content (layouts), but you have to pay for quality. More than 17 website themes have already been developed and you can use any for your photography portfolio, edit it, adding your photos, text, and other data.

One more useful feature for photographers is the ability to order a unique design service. With a professional development team, they will think through the layout to the smallest detail, starting from the location and number of buttons, ending with the color and font settings.

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