ExplorerMax Review

Platforms: Windows
Price: Free Trial or from $5.95
PhotoMax: Windows
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Verdict: ExplorerMax is a great file manager for Windows OS. The key feature of this explorer is the tabs. They allow you to keep several folders open and quickly switch between them.

Besides, you can use a 30-day free trial without any restrictions.

  • The same features as in Windows Explorer
  • Fast search
  • Amazing timeline
  • You can browse tabs easily
  • Dual pane
  • The interface isn’t perfect
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Although Windows 10 has an internal file explorer, many users complain about the lack of updates. However, don’t get upset. You can improve your file manager with external software.

ExplorerMax is a Chrome-like file manager that can satisfy all your needs. It is based on tab browsing technology.

Complete ExplorerMax Review

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ExplorerMax is an advanced third-party file manager that has many features that will simplify your user experience greatly. A unique timeline, quick search, tabbed browsing, many options for customizing the GUI are the advantages of this program.

Tabbed Browsing

explorermax tabbed browsing

The tab viewing feature resembles the Chrome browser style. You can open several files and work with them switching from one to another.

To mark your most-used files or your favorites, you can create bookmarks using drag and drop options. This will help you organize the space better and not get distracted from the main part.

Clear Timeline

explorermax timeline feature

ExplorerMax has an excellent Timeline feature that allows you to sort files based on the date. If you want to find content for a certain date, you only need to click on the corresponding time frame. This option is very simple and clear.

Moreover, using the capabilities of the Timeline, you can specify the file type that you want to see. For example, it can be images or documents.

Skin Preferences

explorermax skin preferences

If necessary, you can change the default skin color. The program offers a dark and light mode. The color palette of the interface is quite flexible and automatically adapts to the changes in color preferences that you make in Windows 10.

Dual Pane Feature

explorermax dual pane feature

Many users face the need to view two documents at once and it is very inconvenient to work with two separate tabs. Thanks to ExplorerMax Dual Pane, you can open two windows side by side and complete your tasks painlessly.

Fast Search Function

explorermax fast search feature

Keyword searches can sometimes be quite slow and provide you with too many results. Thus, it may take you a long time to find what you need.

This file explorer displays search results dividing them into categories (audio, images, documents, etc.) to make the work easier.

Batch File-Renaming

explorermax batch file renaming

ExplorerMax has the function of batch file renaming. It allows you to significantly speed up the process of changing names of various documents, photos, folders, etc.

It Is Adaptive to System Display Scaling

To get a better view of the files, you can customize the display scaling. Set the rate to 125%, or 150% to increase the size of the text and other objects.

Archive/Extract Files with One-Click

This file explorer works with many popular formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and others.

You can also create archives of the zip or 7z types. When archiving files, the program offers three compression levels (Normal, Maximum, and Fast). Moreover, you can encrypt your content with a user password.

User Interface Could Be Better

Perhaps the main drawback of this program is the interface. I think the dark mode should be improved since the bookmark section is poorly visible. But, in general, the interface is quite simple and has no special features.

PhotoMax Review

Platforms: Windows
Price: Free to try
ExplorerMax: Windows
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ExplorerMax supports a plug-in and photo organizing software, called PhotoMax. However, only a beta version is available at the moment.

It includes such features as backing up photos and videos, marking favorite pictures, filtering items with a timeline, and categorizing photos into albums. You can also convert HEIC files to JPG/PNG.

The new version of the program is promised to come with more powerful image conversion.

ExplorerMax Price

Distributors offer several pricing options to get ExplorerMax. You can find options for multiple computers. Here are pricing plans available on the developer's website:

1-Month - $5.95

1-Year - $19.95

Lifetime Upgrades - $109.95

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I hope this ExplorerMax review was useful and you understood that this is a reliable file manager with a powerful feature set. It contains all the necessary tools to organize quick and efficient work with files on your Windows devices.

However, there are also many other alternatives with similar functionality.

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