Genres of photography

Genres of photography

Skilled photographers know they cannot be good in all genres of photography at the same time, so they work in the several selected ones. An amateur photographer should try each genre in order to find the most favorite. Let`s talk about the most popular genres in photo industry.

The art of photography is the most many-sided one. Each person on the planet takes pictures of his/her children, relatives, shoots landscapes, food, and etc. All options mentioned above are different genres of photography. Skilled photographers note that even among them there are no all-round craftsmen who would make qualitative pictures in all genres. It is connected with the fact that there are unique specifics and features in each genre. Besides, it is important when photographer likes his/her genre and subject of shooting.

Nowadays taking picture in the most different places becomes a mainstream. No matter what people do: travelling, sport, house pastries, walks, weddings and other important events in life, without camera, and moreover without professional photographer we cannot exist. Today the professional photo shoot is available to each person and anyone can receive beautiful photos.

So, you have chosen the best amateur photographer camera, selected the lens, and ready to start.

Still Life photography as the most popular photography genre

This genre is about capturing objects on camera that are grouped together in order to create a particular composition. The photographer of Still Life has to have an excellent sense of composition and lighting. In this genre the photographer expresses his relation to the events.

One of the most popular subgenres of Still Life photo art is Wedding photography, which belongs to catching the most memorable moments in different creative ways. Any photographer can transfuse his/her understanding towards this subject. Somebody likes the traditional `posed` ways, others bases their photographs only at the actual moment.

Nowadays, the wedding photo is the independent and dynamically developing subgenre in which some versions and styles of shooting can be allocated. However two styles are considered as the main ones: classical and reporting. Long wedding day allows to make both production and reporting shots and to capture all the details and interiors. Digital technologies considerably expanded possibilities of wedding photos retouching that is why several photos can be black-and-white or retouched in one of the modern art style, some pictures can be color and bright, and others with the blurred background. The genre of the wedding photo is in continuous development — from the very origin it is up there with other photo genres.

Wedding photo retouching


The oldest genre is portrait photo

This genre was born instantly with the photo appearance. With the help of portraits photographers began to repeat images of classical painting. There is no matter, the person is full length pictured or just his face is depicted – in both cases it will be a portrait.

In fact the portrait photo has to reproduce the accuracy of reality, i.e. a convenient pose, exact lines of appearance, an inner world which is transmitted through eyes. The subject of the portrait is very mobile and can be combined with other genres. The stunner smile of pretty model plus professional professional portrait editing will turn your photo into art masterpiece, even if it is taken on a white background.

The application field of portrait photographing is very big. In FixThePhoto opinion, according to demand degree the market of portrait photographers takes an honorable second place after wedding photo sessions. And beautiful portraits are always necessary. Retouching of these kinds of photos demands a lot of attention and efforts. The main task it not to go so far in post processing. In the blog post Do you retouch too much? we have gathered all pros and cons of processing because many people ask photographers not to retouch their pictures. Portrait photos are used in family albums, advertizing, portfolios for models and actors, corporate blogs with photos of employees and the managements attached, in newspaper and magazine publications, in the visa and the passport, and of course for social networks.

Portrait photo retouching example

Landscapes belong to a classical genre of photo shooting

From the moment of cameras invention people try to chase beauty of our immense planet. Therefore nature shooting implies photos which show various woods, fields, mountains, villages, cities, and so on. The complexity covers practically all stages of this genre picture formation. Unlike cozy studio photo session, light sources and objects of nature composition almost always do not defer to the photographer. Seeking and shooting the necessary shot that will reflect specific mood and feelings you can spend many days, or even months.

Landscape photography genre

Crossfit stock photo sessions become much demanded

Currently healthy and sports style of life is very fashionable therefore it is necessary to take care of your health and appearance. Thanks to such important trend, demand for various sports photo sets which can be conducted at studio, on the street or in the gym has quickly increased. The main secret of this genre is a beauty and sexuality of those who plays sports.

Any volleyball or football field, or the public sports ground will perfectly suit to this type of shooting. Crossfit photo shoots of girls can be held at any time of the year and in any weather – in the fall pictures can be done on a racetrack or in the park, in the winter – on skis, in the summer – near the sea or the river in a swimsuit, and in the spring – somewhere at a tennis court or a football field. Dynamic and active poses are chosen for such photo genre which emphasizes force of a sports body, its grace and precipitancy. Post production photo editing is due in no small part to sport sets, be ready to use high ISO and try to shot without flash.

Crossfit photo

Toddler and Children photos are things every family should have

Children`s shooting is very specific and interesting genre of the photo art industry. The birth of the child and his growing up are the most significant moments in life of any family.

It should be noted that it is not simple to make art photos of children. Children`s photo shoots can be different - work with children opens broad opportunities for imagination, creativity and self-expression. To catch the `excellent` moment is a hard work; only talent and set of skills of the professional children`s photographer can do it. Don`t forget baby photo retouching is laborious process. Light and warm colors, a bit of sharpness and of course kid`s smile will create a small miracle. The professional family and children`s photographer knows how to win around young models and in what way to show on a shot not only the faces, but also relationship, feelings, tenderness, and love.

Baby photo

Nude genre as a reflection of a human body`s beauty

Taking nude photos is very intimate, creative process in which there is no place of shyness and impaction. It is one of photo genres which is full of secrets and mysteries. The pictures of this genre can be divided into three subgenres: the erotic photo (the picture is directed on perception by means of instincts) and the art photo (the main thing is to show beauty of a naked body, with the direction on intellectual perception of the viewer). In order to reach notable results in capturing such photos, a set of factors should be present such as selection of model, mutual cooperation with him/her, or even a co-authorship. Moreover, very few people usually want to participate in such types of shootings. Generally models are invited by photographers.

Nude photography genre

Having viewed these genres of photo art it is clear to understand that if you are an amateur photographer and you haven`t decided in what style to take photo of, you should try each one in order not to have regrets. Modern art presents a great variety of interesting directions for shooting which can make your imaginary thoughts real. The best photos are the ones that save their strength and regardless of the number of times they are viewed and have a great effect over the years. Originality is top class for each photographer.

Wish you make the best pictures ever!

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