9 Best VRChat Worlds to Visit in 2020

9 Best VRChat Worlds to Visit in 2020

The VRchat worlds list is truly impressive, allowing people to find something to their interest. Some think that such worlds are relaxing leisure, while others perceive them as an integral part of their life. VR chat rooms are full of different content, starting from games and cooking, ending with places for chilling and solving puzzles.

Top 9 Best VRChat Worlds

  1. Japan Shrine - Free place to laugh and talk
  2. Home of the Time - Good for relax
  3. The Black Cat - Best VR restaurant
  4. Rest and Sleep - VR world for chill
  5. Sombie’s Hangout - Best VR hangout
  6. The Great Pug - Best VR bar
  7. Void Club - Best VRchat with games
  8. Big Al’s Avatar Corridors - Best VR avatars world
  9. Room of Summer Solitude - Best atmospheric VR room

Such immense popularity of VR worlds encouraged me to discover the topic better and narrow down the choice to 9 best VRchat worlds that are absolutely worth checking out.

1. Japan Shrine - By: ITOAR

Free place to laugh and talk

Verdict: If you want to shake off the tension and troubles of a hard-working day, you should absolutely visit this VR chat online. The room is designed in a Japanese style, with an accent on a calm spring atmosphere. Here you can walk along a peaceful street, step in building with pagodas, watch how a traditional Japanese dinner is cooked and examine the kitsch décor.

If you feel that you need to take care of your mental health by leaving the bustle of a hectic city far behind but can’t do it in the real life, this is one of the best VRchat worlds to consider. All in all, whenever you feel stressed out or want to bring your thoughts in order, “go” to a Japanese park and sit on a bench near sakura.

japan shrine vrchat world

2. Home of the Time - By: fr1ed

Good for relax

Verdict: Home of the Time is a colorful and very beautiful VRchat world designed in the form of a floating island. It is surrounded by water and the day-night shift here is made automatically.

There is a cozy house on the island where you can spend time with your virtual friends, dancing, singing songs and just having fun. If you discover the surroundings, you’ll see a blooming garden with different statues and a patio. Everything is designed to help you relax and I believe this is exactly how such kind of place should look like.

home of the time vrchat world

3. The Black Cat - By: spookyghostb

Best VR restaurant

Verdict: The Black Cat is rated among VRchat best worlds for those, who want to make new acquaintances and pleasantly spend time chatting with interesting people. Though this is a virtual world, every item here looks very realistic.

In general, The Black Cat is a mixture of a casual bar and an upscale restaurant commonly used for different receptions. If you feel a bit shy to meet new people in the real world, you can start with this chat.

the black cat vrchat world

4. Rest and Sleep - By: LOLI

VR world for chill

Verdict: If you want to have a rest in the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, you definitely need to visit Rest and Sleep VRchat world. Everything here is designed with the “relaxation” idea in mind allowing you to enjoy communication with your virtual friends in an enervate manner. When you enter this room, you immediately forget about problems, distractions, and haste.

Rest and Sleep has a neon-blue design that can be traced in every detail – furniture, jewels, etc. Such a combination of colors tunes into a wave of relaxation, while neon signs bring a futuristic vibe.

rest and sleep vrchat world

5. Sombie’s Hangout - By: Sombie

Best VR hangout

Verdict: As the name implies, this is one of VRchat best avatar worlds for hanging out. It is made as a 3-story space with indie art pieces and deco design as the background. This will surely appeal to art lovers. The developer supplemented this VR world with many secret passages. Some are devoted to games, e.g. virtual chess or beer pong, others are related to dancing, singing, etc.

If you aren’t in the mood to play games or need some rest, you can flop in a bean bag chair and talk to other VRchat avatars. In general, this is a universal space offering you all sorts of activities.

sombie’s hangout vrchat world

6. The Great Pug - By: owlboy

Best VR bar

Verdict: If you feel impressed after you’ve watched a cool movie or read an interesting book, and there is nobody around, whom you can share your thoughts and emotions with – The Great Pug can be a nice alternative.

Once you enter this VRchat world, you see how realistic everything looks and you immediately immerse into the atmosphere of a cozy bar. It seems that you can even smell the old newspapers, coffee and fresh toasts with jam served there.

The first floor is occupied by a district pub with green-and-brown design. The walls are decorated with the “photos” of famous guests. The general atmosphere is very soothing and welcoming, making you feel that you are in a real restaurant.

the great pug vrchat world

7. Void Club - By: Lycon

Best VRchat with games

Verdict: Do you fancy the atmosphere of a fashionable nightclub? Then Void Club is one of the best VRchat worlds that was designed for people like you. It is truly a very active place, which works 24/7 and attracts people of all ages with its sleek design and peculiar science fiction style.

Here you can listen to popular music and spend pleasant time with other avatars dancing or simply talking. There are also special places for VIP clients, which you can find above the dance floor. All in all, if you are reluctant to visit real nightclubs and are looking for an easy-to-reach place not leaving your apartment, choose this VR world.

void club vrchat world

8. Big Al’s Avatar Corridors

Best VR avatars world

Verdict: Big Al’s Avatar Corridors is a maze, which is notable because many of its regular users have famous names. For example, here you can “meet” Rocko’s Modern Life and The Simpsons.

Compared with other VRchat maps, this one is made in a more intriguing way, as users are wandering along an endless labyrinth, seeing other avatars and looking for something special to show off to their friends. Frankly speaking, this is an ideal place for those fond of riddles and mysterious places. Feel like becoming a member of this non-stop costume party? Do it right now.

big al’s avatar corridors vrchat world

9. Room of Summer Solitude

Best atmospheric VR room

Verdict: If you are sick and tired of a regular view from your window and you want to “travel to” another place, The Room of Summer Solitude can make your dream come true. This is the most optimized of VR chat worlds, being designed as a bedroom, which faces Hong Kong.

The cityscape looks very realistic, making you doubt that you are in a VR world. In addition to the picturesque landscape, this room contains many interesting things for you to have a good time. So, start exploring the new world straight away.

room of summer solitude vrchat world

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