5 Best Tablets with Thunderbolt 3 in 2022

By Tati Taylor 8 days ago, Graphic Tablets

What are the best tablets with Thunderbolt 3 to buy this year?

tablet with thunderbolt 3

This article describes the greatest Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C tablets in various price ranges, so that you can select the best device for your taste and budget. Before compiling this guide, we have studied different tablets that are popular on the market today and picked five worthiest options. Here you will find the devices produced by different brands such as Acer, ASUS, LG, DELL, and Lenovo.

Top 5 Best Tablet with Thunderbolt 3

  1. Acer Spin 5 - Our Choice
  2. ASUS ZenBook Flip - Ultra-compact size
  3. DELL Inspiron 17 - For high-capability consumer features
  4. LG Gram 2-in-1 - Fingerprint reader
  5. Lenovo Yoga - Fast performance

Actually, both Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C are fitted with a reversible connector and utilize the same port, but there are still many differences between them. If you are confused about whether to buy a tablet with Thunderbolt 3 or prefer a USB-C tablet, keep reading this guide and you will find the answers to the most frequent questions concerning this topic.

1. Acer Spin 5

Our Choice
usb c tablet

Weight: 1.2 kg | Screen size: 13.5-inch | Resolution: 2256 x 1504 pixels | CPU: Intel Core i7-1065G7 | Storage: 512 GB | Rear camera: No | Front camera: 720p

  • ✚ Excellent performance
  • ✚ Long-lasting battery
  • ✚ Comes with Acer Active Stylus
  • Poor speakers

Acer Spin 5 is a new compact laptop that is a perfect choice for users, who are looking for 2-in-1 convertible devices capable of fulfilling basic and semi-complex tasks. This model offers numerous advantages including a touchscreen with 2K resolution, decent performance, and a capacious battery. For those, who get used to avail themselves of Microsoft Word, Chrome, and Mail, this device is a perfect variant.

2. ASUS ZenBook Flip

Ultra-compact size
tablet usb type c

Weight: 1.3 kg | Screen size: 13.3-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G1 | Storage: 512 GB | Rear camera: No | Front camera: 720p

  • ✚ Responsive keyboard and trackpad
  • ✚ Excellent aluminum construction
  • ✚ Comes with ASUS Pen
  • Poor battery life

ASUS ZenBook Flip is a popular tablet with Thunderbolt 3 that offers many advantages. First of all, this is a 2-in-1 device that can be used as a tablet and laptop. Its other strong side is an excellent touchscreen with a great color scheme, distinct blacks, and great viewing angles. Besides, this is one of the most compact models available on the market today, and such a small design doesn’t downgrade its performance and functionality.

3. DELL Inspiron 17

Fingerprint reader
usb c tablet

Weight: 2.8 kg | Screen size: 17.3-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | CPU: Intel Core i7-10510U | Storage: 512 GB | Rear camera: No | Front camera: 720p

  • ✚ Fingerprint scanner
  • ✚ Upgradable storage and memory
  • ✚ Keyboard with backlighting
  • Poor resolution

DELL Inspiron 17 is a tablet with USB C port that also supports Thunderbolt 3. Besides, this model has 8GB RAM and 512GB capacity, and allows for upgrading memory and storage.

Upgraded components receive Delca Electronics one-year warranty, whereas the original parts come with a one-year warranty provided by the brand. Featuring an Intel 4-core i7-10510U CPU, the tablet offers a maximum clock speed of 4.9GHz. The DELL Inspiron 17 has Windows 10 pre-installed, a keyboard with backlighting, fingerprint scanner, HD webcam, and 360° flip-and-fold design construction.

4. LG Gram 2-in-1

For high-capability consumer features
windows tablet with thunderbolt 3

Weight: 1.15 kg | Screen size: 14-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | CPU: Intel Core i7-10510U | Storage: 1 TB | Rear camera: No | Front camera: 720p

  • ✚ Very light as for 14 inches
  • ✚ Comes with a stylus
  • ✚ Two M.2 2280 slots
  • Too small enter and arrow keys

LG Gram 2-in-1 is a Windows tablet with Thunderbolt 3 that has many advantages over its competitors. It has small weight, convertible construction, as well as two slots for drives, which is quite a rarity among 14-inch tablets. Although Gram 14T90N is a 2-in-1 device with good performance, it is quite affordable and costs less than $1300. If you really need a light laptop with good battery life and Thunderbolt 3, then you should decide on this model.

5. Lenovo Yoga

Fast performance
tablet with thunderbolt 3

Weight: 1.3 kg | Screen size: 14-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | CPU: Intel Core i7-1065G7 | Storage: 512 GB | Rear camera: No | Front camera: 720p

  • ✚ Quick functioning
  • ✚ Dynamic speakers that deliver crisp sound
  • ✚ Long battery life (1080p version)
  • Lacks an SD card

Lenovo Yoga C940 is a USB C tablet that is designed for amateur as well for professional usage. The device has various appealing features like premium construction, impressive display, decent performance, and capacious battery. Other advantages that make this tablet stand out from competitors are a stylus garage and a webcam cover. Many users consider this version as the best Yoga line representative so far.

tablet with thunderbolt 3
Acer Spin 5
Our Choice
  • Display: 13.5-inch, 2256 x 1504 pixels
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1065G7
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Front camera: 720p
windows tablet with thunderbolt 3
ASUS ZenBook Flip
  • Display: 13.3-inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G1
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Front camera: 720p
tablet with usb c port
DELL Inspiron 17
  • Display: 17.3-inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10510U
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Front camera: 720p

How to Choose the Best Tablet with Thunderbolt 3?

tablet with thunderbolt 3

Display Size and Resolution

Display size is one of the most significant aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best tablet with Thunderbolt 3. It is the length of the screen diagonal in inches (one each is 2.5 cm). The optimal size of a screen, which is comfortable for your eyes, is 10 inches. However, if you are looking for more comfortable versions or want to use a tablet as an electronic book, we advise you to opt for 8-inch tablets. The devices aimed at business or academic purposes have a 12-inch display that can be used with a keyboard for more convenience.

Some users think of a high resolution of a display as the main characteristic. However, many consumers consider quick response and decent processing speed as more important aspects. If you are looking for affordable models, you can safely choose tablets with HD or Full HD screens. An HD display offers 720 pixels on the narrow side, whereas Full HD has at least 108 pixels. We recommend choosing devices with 1200x800 resolution as they are great for various purposes.


To fulfill your everyday computing needs, you should get tablets with at least 16GB of storage. 32GB of storage is even better. Besides, we recommend you to choose the models with expandable storage. For instance, Apple devices don’t allow increasing internal storage. So, if you want to get an iPad, you had better opt for the 64GB option, as the 32GB model may not be sufficient for your needs.

tablet with thunderbolt 3

Battery Life

For many users battery life is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing the right tablet with Thunderbolt 3. If you need to take your 2-in-1 device to a library or work on it while being on the go, you have to be sure that a tablet can work long hours without recharging. We recommend you to choose the models with a battery life longer than 9 hours.

Operating System

Android. It is one of the most popular OS developed by Google. The advantage of Android is that the majority of popular applications are adapted to this operating system.

Besides, it is more affordable, flexible, and versatile. Many users appreciate the great support provided by Android developers.

iOS. All Apple devices utilizes this operating system. Although it is more expensive, it offers great efficiency and stability. When it comes to security and updates, iOS has a significant advantage over Android. However, iOS is not so versatile, meaning that its compatibility is quite limited.

Windows. This operating system is the best variant for those, who are going to use a tablet for work or study, as it can work with all Office tools. A Windows tablet with Thunderbolt 3 has a larger screen and can be connected to a keyboard for more convenient work. Such tablets are very popular nowadays, as they are quite affordable but offer decent performance. However, they consume a lot of battery power, meaning that their functioning time may be quite limited.


If you like a particular model and its price suits your budget, you are very lucky. However, many users try to decide between the pricier model with the abundance of functions and a more affordable device that lacks some features they may really want. To make the right choice, we recommend comparing the tablets with the same OS in terms of storage, processing speed, their performance level, etc., as many worthy budget models may also appeal to you.


  • • How do I know whether my tablet supports Thunderbolt 3?

We advise you to check the manual and other documentation that is provided with your tablet. This is a very important feature, and if your device supports Thunderbolt 3, you will see the notification about it right on the first page of the manual.

  • • Does ASUS support Thunderbolt 3?

Yes, it does. One of such tablets is ASUS ZenBook Flip.

  • • What can I plug into Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt 3 can work with all displays fitted with DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort. Besides, you can connect it to various new display interfaces (like HDMI, DVI, and VGA) using adapters.

  • • What are tablets with Thunderbolt ports?

All the tablets listed in our review feature Thunderbolt ports.