6 Best Subwoofer Cables in 2021

By Robin Owens 24 days ago, Speakers

Affordable and high-quality subwoofer cables.

best subwoofer cables

Inexperienced users might think that finding the best subwoofer cable is a breeze. However, when it comes to choosing and purchasing a decent model, various obstacles arise, like you don’t have time to consider all the pros and cons, your budget is limited or anything like that. That is why I have prepared a short article to help you choose the best option.

Top 6 Best Subwoofer Cables

  1. AmazonBasics - Our choice
  2. SHD RCA to 2RCA - Cheap
  3. FosPower RCA Y-Adapter - Compact
  4. SHD RCA Cable RCA to RCA - Budget
  5. FosPower Digital Coaxial RCA - High quality
  6. KUYIOHIFI RCA Y-Adapter - Modern

Looking for a subwoofer cable, you will meet the term capacitance. What does it actually mean? Capacitance is the ability to hold an electrical charge. Thus, mind it when buying a new sub since an excess capacitance can be damaging for amplifiers and low frequencies. If you need a super-powerful cable right now, opt for one with less stored energy. Plus, consider its length. If it is too long, the excess capacitance will negatively influence the amplifier’s performance.

1. AmazonBasics

Our choice
amazonbasics subwoofer cables

Length: 15 feet | Ports: 2 | Configuration: Single | Weight: 6.7 ounces

  • ✚ Durable construction
  • ✚ Strong and clear signal
  • ✚ Affordable
  • Flimsy jackets

If you're looking to purchase a new audio cable for subwoofer, it's likely that you'll have plenty of good ideas floating around in your head. You may even be wondering what AmazonBasics has to offer, other than the obvious low prices.

AmazonBasics offers several advantages over competing brands. The first advantage is that the cables are made out of durable materials, including gold-filled polyester with heavy-duty cable wire. And the second advantage it is all of its conductors are sealed against external interference. There are no visible gaps in the wiring, so there will be no noticeable stray sounds.

2. SHD RCA to 2RCA

shd rca to 2rca subwoofer cables

Length: 3 feet | Ports: 3 | Configuration: Single | Weight: 0.81 ounces

  • ✚ High flexible
  • ✚ Corrosion resistance
  • ✚ High end metal shell
  • Small diameter

The SHD RCA to 2RCA audio cable has a much clearer and more powerful audio transfer with the strength of the audio signal. It also features an increased bandwidth and a much longer range, which will allow you to connect two or more speakers at the same time.

The SHD RCA to 2RCA audio cable is capable of transmitting digital information and even audio with greater quality and without any static, garbling, or distortion. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures and is waterproof so no damage will take place either during installation or even after the cable has been installed.

3. FosPower RCA Y-Adapter

fospower rca y-adapter subwoofer cables

Length: 10 feet | Ports: 3 | Configuration: Single | Weight: 4.6 ounces

  • ✚ Gold plated connectors
  • ✚ PF insulator
  • ✚ Stable signals
  • Not a tight fit

If you've been looking for a new audio cable for your subwoofer and your current adapter or cable isn't holding up then you should definitely look at the Fosport RCA Y-Adapter audio cable.

This cable is designed with superior quality, durability, and performance so you can use your subwoofer, home theater or speakers with ease and confidence. The gold plated dual layer braid provides enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion. The price is very reasonable as well, making it a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable option to upgrading their audio equipment.

4. SHD RCA Cable RCA to RCA

shd rca cable rca to rca subwoofer cables

Length: 6 feet | Ports: 2 | Configuration: Single | Weight: 1.76 ounces

  • ✚ Premium sound quality
  • ✚ Dual shielded
  • ✚ High flexible materials
  • Not sturdy connection

When you are planning on upgrading your audio system, one of the best things that you can do is to look at SHD RCA cables. The advantage that SHD RCA cables have over other types of cables is that they are resistant to corrosion. Additionally, they are made from a durable, thick metal shell which makes for a long lasting, strong connection between the amplifier and your subwoofer or head unit.

In addition to all of this, a SHD RCA to RCA audio cable is much more affordable than a comparable analog audio cable and they will deliver premium sound quality every time.

5. FosPower Digital Coaxial RCA

High quality
fospower digital coaxial rca subwoofer cables

Length: 10 feet | Ports: 2 | Configuration: Single | Weight: 3.98 ounces

  • ✚ Great compatibility
  • ✚ Copper braided shielding
  • ✚ Friendly recessed port
  • Sound may goes out randomly

The FosPower digital coaxial audio cables are not an expensive option in the market, and the performance of these cables is up to the mark.

FosPower coaxial audio cable comes with a 2 number of male connectors, so you will find it very easy to install this cable on you equipment. Most people prefer to use male connectors, so that there is no interference with the signal coming from the female connectors. This coaxial audio cable also has several expansion options, which means that it will be very easy to extend its life span if it becomes damaged due to overload.


kuyiohifi rca y-adapter subwoofer cables

Length: 2 feet | Ports: 3 | Configuration: Single | Weight: 3.52 ounces

  • ✚ Maximum interference protection
  • ✚ Corrosion resistant gold plating
  • ✚ Clear signal transmission
  • Don't fit snugly on inputs

If you are looking for high quality and reliable audio cable, then KUYIOHIFI RCA cables are one of the best ones available in the market. They have been used extensively by the professionals all over the world for several years and their popularity is only increasing.

This cable comes equipped with two gold plated connectors that are resistive. The cable also features a heavy-duty design that can withstand high volume levels. It has three sets of gold-plated connectors that offer high resistance to corrosion. The cable's heavy-duty construction also offers you plenty of headroom as it can handle loads of power without getting damaged.

amazonbasics subwoofer cables
Our choice
  • Durable construction
  • Strong and clear signal
shd rca to 2rca subwoofer cables
  • High flexible
  • Corrosion resistance
fospower rca y-adapter subwoofer cables
FosPower RCA Y-Adapter
  • Gold plated connectors
  • PF insulator

How to Choose the Subwoofer Cables?

how to choose the best subwoofer cables

Shielding and Noise

Shielding and noise are the factors you should definitely consider when choosing the best subwoofer cable. As a rule, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference influence subwoofer signals through induction. Imagine how a piece of metal becomes magnetized. Unshielded cables pick up and carry interference from neighboring equipment and noise from ground loops in the same way. If the cable is adequately shielded, it eliminates inducted noise. Moreover, check whether RCA cables are properly soldered or crimped at the ends since loose connections are not good for the signal.

Passive Subwoofers

Passive subs are those without an internal amplifier. They utilize external amps. It usually looks like a short rack, shelf or panel near the speaker. Most car subwoofers are passive ones. An RCA cable between an audio receiver and an amp should be extremely short. At the same time, a speaker wire connecting the amp and the subwoofer should have the right size.

For a minimum resistance, speaker wires should be 12 or 10 gauge. Resistance is the degree to which a cable interferes with low frequencies. A thick wire of a short length guarantees a powerful and stable signal. Professional subwoofer cables utilize thick internal conductors that minimize resistance from the receiver or preamplifier to the subwoofer’s amp.

how to choose the best subwoofer cables


Although capacitance is primarily related to speaker wires, it also affects RCA. As has been mentioned before, the term capacitance means the amount of energy the cable can store. The lower this amount, the better. Excess capacitance negatively influences low frequencies and amps. It may be observed when the cable is very long. In such a way, the amplifier shuts down or goes into thermal protection mode. However, mind that more serious problems might also appear. For example, the amplifier might get seriously damaged.

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