6 Best Projectors For Church in 2024

By Robin Owens 4 days ago, Projectors

Affordable and high-quality projectors for church.

top projectors for church

Similar to classrooms and boardrooms, churches often need good projectors, and if you have to find the best projectors for church, this article will surely come in handy. With the help of a projector, you can display bright, clear videos and texts.

A projector should accurately present Bible passages, message points, lyrics, and video presentations. While looking for the best projectors for church, you need to consider such parameters as magnification and projection capabilities, and think about where you will place the screen of a projector.

Top 6 Best Projectors For Church

  1. LG HU70LA - Great sound
  2. ViewSonic PA503W - Big screen
  3. Epson Pro EX9220 - Bright
  4. Optoma X600 - Connectable
  5. Epson PowerLite 1781W - Wireless
  6. ViewSonic PG800HD - Easy setup

Projectors for the church should meet the size of the room and provide all parishioners with a clear view of what is displayed. Of course, other factors such as brightness and image quality, resolution and portability are no less important.

1. LG HU70LA

Great sound
lg hu70la projectors for church

Resolution: 3840x2160 | Contrast Ratio: 150,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 1500 | Screen size: 60" - 140"

  • ✚ High resolution
  • ✚ Full IP control
  • ✚ Alexa Built-In
  • Black isn't very good

LG HU70LA is one of the best projectors for church. This is a digital projector, which can be used for various functions by people. If you want to use this device at home or in church, you can be do it, because it is the one that is of high quality. One of the best qualities of the LG HU70LA is that this device is very light.

This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to purchase this gadget since it would not be difficult for them to carry around. You can also use this while you are inside your house or church. You do not need to worry about its weight because this can be placed inside a briefcase or a purse which is light in weight.

This projector can be used in various functions such as showing slideshows and playing movies on it. Since this is a digital projector, you would be able to enjoy better images than the conventional televisions.The LG HU70LA model is recommended as an excellent projector for church because of its size and durability. This television is also quite affordable, making them accessible to most churches.

2. ViewSonic PA503W

Big screen
viewsonic pa503w projectors for church

Resolution: 800x600 | Contrast Ratio: 22,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 3600 | Screen size: 30" - 300"

  • ✚ 15,000 hours lamp life
  • ✚ Wide connectivity
  • ✚ Fan is not loud
  • Not durable
  • Speaker is not good

The ViewSonic PA503W projector is considered as one of the best projectors for the church. It can offer an impressive range of audio and visual effects for your worship service in a very short time. The audio quality is superior to all other competing projectors and it can also easily transfer the sound from the live broadcast onto a hard drive or DVD.

This is what makes ViewSonic as one of the best choice for the church. The technology used here is excellent and it has a long lifespan. Some of the best features of this camera include the pan/tilt/zoom and the auto focus.

There are also various recording modes and the option for up to 4 hours of recordings. There is a user-friendly interface and it comes with a compact sized weight which makes it easier to carry. The built in speaker system ensures that the quality of sound is maintained while using this camera.

3. Epson Pro EX9220

epson pro ex9220 projectors for church

Resolution: 1920x1200 | Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 3600 | Screen size: 30" – 300"

  • ✚ Pro-Quality
  • ✚ Widescreen
  • ✚ Portable
  • Fan is too noisy
  • Contrast ratio is not big

The Epson Pro EX9220 projector is a favorite among church leaders as it can magnify an ordinary service to a whole new level. It is the perfect tool for showing congregation members video clips of services, special songs and Bible teaching. This projector comes with two unique features - a "live stage" and a built-in digital photo frame.

What makes this projector so unique is that they are able to play two modes at the same time - the "stage mode" permits you to view a selected picture in either its normal or enlarged state from either a the screen of the projector or a digital photo frame mounted on the wall. This mode is ideal for showing video clips and presentations while in the process of church worship.

Meanwhile, the digital photo frame mode allows you to display a live image from your computer screen. Digital photos can be displayed on the digital photo frame via a USB connection. With both of these modes, you can really have an enhanced visual experience at your church. It has great image quality and resolution, and project high-definition video.

4. Optoma X600

optoma x600 projectors for church

Resolution: 1920x1200 | Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 6000 | Screen size: 23.4" - 300"

  • ✚ Very bright
  • ✚ For large rooms
  • ✚ Excellent built-in speaker
  • Little screen size

The Optoma X600 is among the best projectors that you can purchase for your church, it has all of the features and quality that a high end projector would have, but it is priced to be affordable for every person who is looking for a good quality projector for their church. This projector is very small and it has a great display ability.

The Optoma X600 has a resolution of 6000 lumens at the longest range on its panel, this is perfect for anyone who is planning on using their projector outside of the church or office. This is great if you are going to use the projector at night in the yard or in a basement setting.

The screen brightness is also very bright, you can even use the white light feature on the Optoma X600 to help you see better in the dark. The built in speaker and headphone jack make using the Optoma X600 easy and convenient for everyone in the church. This projector has an impressive amount of power that makes them perfect for anyone who is going to use them.

5. Epson PowerLite 1781W

epson powerlite 1781w projectors for church

Resolution: 1280x800 | Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 3200 | Screen size: 30" – 300"

  • ✚ Ultra slim
  • ✚ Wireless
  • ✚ Easy image adjustment
  • No audio out port
  • Auto-adjust is a little sensitive

The best projectors for church are the ones that do not compromise in the quality of the viewing experience no matter what your needs. One of the best projectors is Epson PowerLite 1781W. It can be able to project digital photos.

It is also a great feature if the projector can let you view slideshows or movies with captions. This kind of feature will certainly be appreciated by your congregation.

Finally, when shopping for the Epson PowerLite 1781W for church, remember to look for accessories to go along with it. For instance, look for DVD racks to keep the programs for church events organized. These accessories will make it easy for your members to store their favorite programs and sermons and distribute them as needed.

6. ViewSonic PG800HD

Easy setup
viewsonic pg800hd projectors for church

Resolution: 1920x1080 | Contrast Ratio: 50,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 5000 | Screen size: 30" – 300"

  • ✚ Vertical/horizontal lens shift
  • ✚ Wireless
  • ✚ Dual integrated speakers
  • Color quality not good enough

The ViewSonic PG800HD is perfect for any worship center or church hall. This model comes with its own features and the prices for this are affordable to all.

The ViewSonic PG800HD projectors are the perfect option for any church because of the quality and resolution. Other features of these projectors include the wide screen, a comfortable viewing angle and also the easy compatibility for all types of home theater system. With its powerful processor and dual graphics card, this projector can play all your favorite videos and games. Its three included speakers are perfect for any kind of congregation.

Aside from that, its HD display will give you a crystal clear picture that can be enjoyed by everyone in the congregation. You can use your ViewSonic PG800HD projector even at home or on the go. Most of its lightweight design makes it portable enough to bring anywhere. With its clarity and quality performance, you can be sure that it will make your church a great hit among your target market.

lg hu70la projectors for church
Our Choice
  • High resolution
  • Full IP control
viewsonic pa503w projectors for church
ViewSonic PA503W
Big screen
  • 15,000 hours lamp life
  • Wide connectivity
epson pro ex9220 projectors for church
Epson Pro EX9220
  • Pro-Quality
  • Widescreen

How to Choose the Projectors For Church?

how to choose the best projectors for church


Resolution affects how clear and focused images are after they are projected onto a screen. XGA resolution, which is 1024x768, is ideal for most churches, because such projectors can clearly display large texts such as song lyrics or Bible verses.

Widescreen content is slightly different. To project it, you need a device with HD (1920x1080) or WXGA (1280x800) resolution. Thus, you can get images on the screen that are clearly visible to everyone regardless of the position in the church.

Portable or Stationary

Stationary projectors are heavier than portable models and are installed in one place on a permanent basis, which isn’t suitable for conference rooms and the like. These types of projectors are mainly aimed at very large venues. Since they are heavy (can weigh up to 20 pounds) and take a long time to install and remove, it is better to arrange everything once.

If the congregation is small or you need to move a projector from time to time, you’d better get a portable unit. Thus, you won’t experience any inconveniences relocating it. The best way out in this case is to use small projectors with a short throw lens.

how to choose the best projectors for church


You need to know how far a projector will be placed from the screen and the throw ratio helps a lot in this case. Throw ratio determines the size of an image projected from a certain distance. Once you’ve decided on the size of the image and where you intend to place a projector, defining the throw ratio is fairly straightforward.

There are three main categories of emission factors. The first is an ultra-short throw ratio of less than 0.4; it is for large images that will be projected onto a screen just a few inches away. The second is the short focus ratio - 0.4-1.0; for images that will be projected several feet away from the screen. Third (standard) - larger than 1.0: Suitable for large images that will be projected from a distance of several feet.

Lamp Life

The lifespan of your projector depends on the life of the lamp. LCDs are more durable than DLP projectors, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While LCDs tend to provide sharper images, DLPs are lighter, more reliable, and more portable.

With DLP projectors, you get to enjoy portability, higher contrast, less noticeable pixels, and smoother images. But when running at full power, you will notice a rainbow effect and weaker reds and yellows.

However, LCD projectors ensure better color performance in ambient light, without rainbow effects and distorted images. But you have to put up with more visible pixels, blacks that become light grays, and lower overall contrast.