5 Best Outdoor Speakers in 2021

By Robin Owens 7 days ago, Speakers

Affordable and high-quality outdoor speakers.

best outdoor speakers

If you love hanging out with family and friends in your patio or backyard, you probably want to have the best outdoor speakers to enjoy the perfect quality of audio listening to your favorite music. Such big speakers are perfect for natural surroundings, ensuring amazing sound for movie nights outdoors, home concerts, and many other events.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Speakers

  1. Pyle PDWR61BTWT - Wireless
  2. Herdio HOS-501BTB - With Bluetooth
  3. Pyle PDWR42BBT - With bass
  4. Pyle PDWR52BTBK - Stereo
  5. MIATONE Q12 - Cheap

Get a winning combination of irreproachable audio quality, reliable build, and useful special features at quite a reasonable price. We have prepared a list of the most impressive options to choose from, considering their advantages and disadvantages. Use this list to select the best outdoor speakers for your needs.

1. Pyle PDWR61BTWT

pyle pdwr61btwt outdoor speakers

Dimensions: 8.4 x 7.5 x 12.1 inches | Weight: 16.32 lbs | Subwoofer: No | Frequency response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Good sound quality
  • ✚ Crisp bass
  • ✚ Easy installation
  • ✚ Normal price
  • Signal drops periodically
  • Short power cord

Pyle PDWR61BTWT outdoor speaker is a unique combination of technology, class and excellence. The speakers have been designed for durability in any outdoor setting. The speakers come with a steel bullnose enclosure and are specifically designed for outdoor use. The particular product also features a Freq Resp: 80 Hz-20 kHz and an optimized tweeter for clear sound. The superior tweeter produces more pure and accurate audio compared to others.

The Pyle PDwr61BT WT speaker system - 60 whr - outdoor wall-mounted speakers has a clean look and elegant design. The front port is accessible for the convenience of users. The conveniently located grille creases can hold the grills for easy access when needed. This unique indoor/outdoor speaker system - 60 whr - wall mountable with a wireless audio stream features a subsonic filtered sound speaker port and is equipped with front, rear and sub-parse-cored enclosures.

2. Herdio HOS-501BTB

With Bluetooth
herdio hos-501btb outdoor speakers

Dimensions: 8.62 x 5.67 x 6.62 inches | Weight: 9.72 lbs | Subwoofer: Yes | Frequency response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Good sound for its price
  • ✚ Fast and reliable
  • ✚ Bluetooth connection
  • ✚ Easy setup
  • Sound is slightly distorted at maximum volume

When we reviewed the Herdio HOS-501BTB, we was impressed by the sound quality and durability of this indoor/outdoor speaker system. The Herdio wireless home theater speakers incorporated a line amplifier to handle the power needs of the speakers. In our opinion, this kept the cost of these speakers down while still providing excellent sound quality.

This wireless system includes a high quality remote control that makes it easy to program your radio stations. Other features of this speaker system include direct connect speakers so there are no wires to connect, an in-built rechargeable battery, and a touch-sensitive control pad.

3. Pyle PDWR42BBT

With bass
pyle pdwr42bbt outdoor speakers

Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.75 x 5.24 inches | Weight: 3.68 lbs | Subwoofer: Yes | Frequency response: 70 Hz - 21 kHz

  • ✚ Easy installation and connection
  • ✚ Sounds good
  • ✚ Easy to connect to Bluetooth
  • ✚ Good equipment
  • Made of plastic
  • Short power cord

Pyle PDWR42BBT Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Heavy-duty Fold-up Screen is a handy outdoor speaker with a big bold, three-position adjustable tilt and swivel cord. It offers superior sound quality and performance for all outdoor usage. It's an excellent outdoor speaker with two powered subwoofers with an aluminum enclosure.

Pyle PWR 42BB model sports a rugged yet powder coated aluminum body frame and is easy to carry and install. The Wireless Bluetooth Music Streaming Speaker is perfect for all your outdoor entertainment needs. It is equipped with a front panel LCD display that displays song title, artist name, track number and the duration of the audio in its various formats (FLV, AIFF, WAV). It also features two standard size speakers and one larger speaker that can handle your most demanding surround sound systems. It is equipped with a heavy duty grill that will keep your speakers from getting knocked over when there are lots of folks around.

4. Pyle PDWR52BTBK

pyle pdwr52btbk outdoor speakers

Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.3 x 9.6 inches | Weight: 11.9 lbs | Subwoofer: Yes | Frequency response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Sound quality for the price is great
  • ✚ Affordable price
  • ✚ Stylish
  • ✚ High-quality assembly
  • Short power cord
  • Little bass

The Pyle PDWR52BTBK Wall Mount Home Speaker System is an excellent indoor/outdoor speaker for any outdoor area. The system offers a wide range of features and can be installed into most standard or low voltage power sources. You can use the Pyle speaker cones to hang outdoor speakers from the walls or attach outdoor speakers to the wall. You will get outstanding sound quality and a great look with this wall mount outdoor speaker system.

With the included mounting accessories you can mount the system on most standard drywall surfaces. You will have full control over the height of the speaker, so you can adjust it to exactly where you need it. It will not be an annoyance when you use it outdoors, but it will be very convenient if you are using it in your indoor areas.


miatone q12 outdoor speakers

Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 7.3 inches | Weight: 1.15 lbs | Subwoofer: Yes | Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Cheap
  • ✚ Compact
  • ✚ Looks stylish
  • ✚ Ease of use
  • ✚ High-quality assembly
  • Short battery life

MIATONE Q12 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers is great if you wish to make your outside entertainment area more interesting and entertaining. It features two wireless speakers with a great sound quality. You can easily use it along with your MP3 player and you can listen to music, enjoy the outdoor breeze, talk to friends and family or just relax after a hard day's work.

It is very easy to fold them and keep them handy at your home so that you do not have to look for extra speakers every time you need to entertain people. They are lightweight in size and come with a carrying case which makes it very easy to carry to different places whenever you feel the need to make some calls.These speakers come with two volume levels that are suitable to the voices of children and adults alike. You can adjust the volume level according to the kind of environment that you want to set the speakers in. The speakerphone functions of the speakers are also very useful.

pyle pdwr61btwt outdoor speakers
  • Good sound quality
  • Crisp bass
herdio hos-501btb outdoor speakers
Herdio HOS-501BTB
  • Good sound for its price
  • Fast and reliable Bluetooth connection
pyle pdwr42bbt outdoor speakers
With bass
  • Easy installation and connection
  • Sounds good

How to Choose the Outdoor Speakers?

how to choose the best outdoor speakers

Determine the Use First

First, you need to decide how you are going to use your speakers and where you are going to put them. Once you clarify that, you will understand which special features of the speakers are the most important for you, and which construction material is preferable. This will have an impact on the overall performance, and also technical specifications of the speakers, for example, the desirable bass level.

Choosing between Wires and No Wires

Another important moment to consider, when you are shopping for the best outdoor speakers for your patio, is if they are wireless or wired. If you opt for wireless speakers, the installation will be smooth and simple. But wired speakers usually provide a better quality of audio, without any interference caused by limited wireless connectivity.

Consider the Construction Material

The type of material used to build speakers is also a significant factor. It is especially important, as the speakers are meant for outdoor use. Therefore, speakers have to survive various weather conditions, such as summer heat and winter frost, heavy rains and strong winds, dust and hail, etc. Considering these hostile conditions, we recommend you to choose outdoor speakers made of waterproof materials as they can get through all kinds of weather phenomena and perform in the most effective way for a long time.

Type of Connection

Don’t forget about the connectivity type of speakers. This feature is essential, as it determines the most appropriate place as well as the kind of input for the connection. For example, speakers with auxiliary connection type can be paired with a variety of devices, like MP3 or CD players. If you are looking for speakers for your home theater, it is better to opt for models with home theater connectivity.

The Type of Music You Want to Listen to

One more relevant factor to consider is the type of music you usually listen to. For example, a booming audio system is a better fit for bass-concentrated music, like Rock and R&B, than for playing Jazz or instrumental music.

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