5 Best Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers in 2021

By Robin Owens 8 days ago, Speakers

Affordable and high-quality Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.

best bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Nowadays Bluetooth bookshelf speakers are gaining more and more popularity. Such a reputation is explained by the qualitative components they consist of that deliver top-notch and pleasant sound.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

  1. KEiiD Speaker - Compact
  2. Edifier S2000pro - Stylish
  3. Audioengine A2+ - High quality
  4. Edifier S1000MKII - Functionality
  5. Audioengine A1 - Stereo

As their name suggests, bookshelf speakers have a compact design that is why they are often placed on bookshelves and desks. Besides, the majority of models feature a stylish and original look meaning that they can make your interior even brighter. This overview is bound to help you choose the best Bluetooth speakers that will meet your requirements and expectations.

1. KEiiD Speaker

keiid speaker bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.7 x 4 inches | Weight: 7.7 lbs | Power: 100W | Frequency response: 45 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Compact
  • ✚ Durable materials
  • ✚ Easy installation
  • ✚ Cheap
  • The remote control transmits signals poorly

The KEiiD PC Computer Speaker is a great Bluetooth device that is able to fit into your budget and deliver you the sound quality you desire at an affordable price. One of the best features about this speaker is that it can be used with your own bluetooth headset or by connecting it to a computer via the USB port. The built-in microphone and speakerphone also make it easy to stay in touch no matter where you are.

Another great thing about this Bluetooth headset is that it comes with a built-in AM/FM radio that will enable you to enjoy your favorite music even if you are on the go. It has a powerful 12 volt stereo headphone so you can listen to your favorite songs or just talk to your friends without having to carry around a big bag of speakers. Another feature of this Bluetooth wireless speaker is that it has two ways to connect, via the USB cable or via the radio. So, you can choose which ever way works better for you.

2. Edifier S2000pro

edifier s2000pro bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Dimensions: 20.28 x 17.32 x 14.57 inches | Weight: 40.7 lbs | Power: 50W | Frequency response: 48 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Excellent sound quality
  • ✚ Look great
  • ✚ Soft bass
  • ✚ Many connectors
  • ✚ Compact
  • The phase inverter is located at the back

The Edifier S2000pro powered bookshelf loudspeakers are the latest from our range of bookshelf monitor speakers. These bookshelf speakers are capable of not just loud sound, but are also capable of putting out very clear and detailed music with great clarity. These loudspeakers are wireless so you do not need an additional amplifier connected to your home theater system; hence you save money on running wires all over your house.

Another great characteristic of the S2000pro is its simple on the go control panel. Unlike some other brands that can get confusing with regard to the switching of controls, this one makes things simple and easy to use with a push of a button. This one has a very large display, so you can easily view all the controls at once which makes it easier to use as well. The design speakers is very modern with flat panels that look like bookshelves. With its compact size, it offers you ultimate portability along with superior audio performance.

3. Audioengine A2+

High quality
audioengine a2+ bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Dimensions: 5.25 x 4 x 6 inches | Weight: 6.6 lbs | Power: 60W | Frequency response: 48 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Good sound
  • ✚ Compact dimensions
  • ✚ Stylish appearance
  • ✚ Good equipment
  • Background noise
  • Not enough bass

The new Bluetooth version of Audioengine A2+ wireless speaker is designed especially for laptops. It features built in technology to make connecting your Airplay receiver with your laptop simple. With a built-in AM/FM radio transmitter (RTR), the Audioengine 2+ lets you stream high quality analog audio to your laptop or iPad, with the simple click of a button. Audioengine has also integrated outputs to connect a set of bookshelf speakers to your laptop.

The remote control includes an optical disc player, support for optical audio formats, and CD capacity expansion. The Remote control also serves as an amplifier that can boost signal strength for speakers that use line output. For ultimate performance, pair your Audioengine A2+ with the Pro attenuator or subwoofers, the included cable, and speakers that use an advanced signal processing processor.

4. Edifier S1000MKII

edifier s1000mkii bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Dimensions: 20.3 x 17.2 x 15.5 inches | Weight: 41.1 lbs | Power: 120W | Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz

  • ✚ Stylish appearance
  • ✚ Functionality
  • ✚ High-quality assembly
  • Extraneous noise
  • High price

The Edifier S1000MKII Audiophile Active Bookshelf Speakers are especially designed for the serious music lover who wants to listen to good quality music without going over the board with the volume. Even though they are pricey, these bookshelfs can be had at some of the discount online stores. This product comes with a rechargeable battery, so you won't have to worry about a dead battery running down your phone. They work on any pair of headphones, not just Bluetooth.

These bookshelf speakers are perfect to use on the computer as well. You can watch movies or listen to your favorite music with the best surround sound quality. They deliver powerful bass thus you will enjoy excellent audio. Compared to regular bookshelf speakers, you will realize that the sound is much better. For even greater convenience, you can connect them to your home theatre system. You can experience the best of cinema in the comforts of your home.

5. Audioengine A1

audioengine a1 bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 15 inches | Weight: 7.7 lbs | Power: 60W | Frequency response: 65 Hz - 22 kHz

  • ✚ Great sound
  • ✚ Compact
  • ✚ Stylish
  • None

Audioengine A1 Home Music System is a really nice sound system that is loaded with features and extras. It also happens to be one of those systems that do not break the bank either. For those people who are looking for quality audio without spending a bunch of money, look no further than the Audioengine A1 Home Music System. This one is loaded with a ton of great audio functions and features that will make any music lover happy.

Another nice thing about this system is that it comes with a bookshelf design as well. These bookshelf speakers connect right into your TV so you get an even better sound experience. They are powered by a twelve volt battery and come in white as well as black.

keiid speaker bluetooth bookshelf speakers
KEiiD Speaker
  • Compact
  • Durable materials
edifier s2000pro bluetooth bookshelf speakers
Edifier S2000pro
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Look great
audioengine a2+ bluetooth bookshelf speakers
Audioengine A2+
High quality
  • Good sound
  • Compact dimensions

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers?

how to choose the best bluetooth bookshelf speakers


Nowadays, the market offers two main speaker types, namely Passive and Active models. Most bookshelf speakers are passive, meaning that they require some extra power received from an amp to deliver qualitative sound. To make things simple, such speakers incorporate the fount, receiver (presented by an amplifier), and a set of speakers.

By purchasing passive bookshelf speakers, you need to be ready to buy a standalone receiver or amp to get the best possible result. Of course, your sound system should have qualitative components for superior performance, but you also need to pay attention to your budget and choose the speakers that won’t harm your wallet.


Speakers available on the market are fitted with wiring, or require some extra wiring, or are embedded with a Bluetooth feature for connecting to your main sound system wirelessly.

If your units are fitted with a wiring mechanism, you need to simply connect them to the amp. But you should keep in mind and follow some safety instructions. First of all, you need to make sure that all wiring sources are unplugged from the wall socket during the installation, otherwise, speakers and other devices would be damaged.

The speakers that use wires to connect to amps or other components of a sound system are quite fragile, that is why you need to be especially careful when connecting or disconnecting them.

That is why many users are looking for the best Bluetooth bookshelf speakers, as the only wire that is used by these units is the power plug for turning them on. Use the Bluetooth feature for connecting speakers to your smartphone, laptop, or smart TV.


The place where you are going to place your speakers will definitely influence the quality of sound. If the surface is hollow or resonates, you will receive more bass sound that will overshadow the higher frequencies entirely.

In case, your units have the feature of fine-tuning, you can adjust the settings of an equalizer, modify the frequencies and more. One of the most convenient options is to get a speaker stand for positioning your bookshelf speaker there.

This piece of furniture allows you to save space as the units may not fit your bookshelf or have a bigger size than your mounts on the wall can handle. By placing the speakers simply on the floor, you can worsen the interior and make it look cluttered.

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