7 Best Laptop Sleeves in 2022

By Robin Owens 23 days ago, Hardware

What are the best stylish laptop sleeves?

best laptop sleeves

After purchasing a new laptop with advanced specs, you need to ensure that it will stay in perfect condition for years to come. Unless you are planning to upgrade soon to an even more expensive model, it’s crucial to protect your device from scratches by using the best laptop sleeves. This way, it will stay as stylish as it was when you bought it.

Top 7 Best Laptop Sleeves

  1. Tomtoc A13 - Our Choice
  2. Mosiso - Affordable
  3. Tomtoc A17 - 360 Protective
  4. Comfyable - Stylish
  5. Voova - Thin
  6. Rainyear - Easy-to-open zipper
  7. Hseok - Lightweight

Some users opt for heavy cases or bags with extra padding to protect a laptop from bumps. You might find these options inconvenient if you don’t travel a lot. If you need to find a more portable option for protecting your device, take a closer look at laptop sleeves.

1. Tomtoc A13

Our Choice
tomtoc a13 laptop sleeve

Laptop size: 13 inches

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⊕ All-side protection
⊕ Strong materials
⊕ Portable
⊕ Simple-to-use
⊖ Subpar water resistance

Those who need to take a charger, cable, smartphone or mouse when going outside will appreciate that this sleeve has a large front pocket. Its design is stylish and elegant, which makes it a great option for creative professionals and office workers alike.

The sleeve comes in mint blue, pink, blue-black and gray colors that will match any style. When I received the black sleeve, it was just like in the photo. The manufacturer indicates the sizes correctly, which is why I was able to choose a 14 inch laptop sleeve that matches the size of my laptop. They offer the size guide to help customers pick an option with the right measurements.

2. Mosiso Sleeve

mosiso laptop sleeve

Laptop size: 13-13.3 inches

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⊕ Doesn’t weigh much
⊕ Cheap
⊕ High-quality materials
⊕ Water-resistant
⊖ Can slip out of your hands easily

This compact sleeve will keep your device safe. It’s one of the best laptop sleeves as it comes with an extra pouch bag for a mouse and earphones. Both of them are of the same color and look pretty stylish. If you don’t want to carry your laptop in a heavy bag, this Mosiso sleeve will be a perfect solution. It is made of durable eco-friendly neoprene.

As this material is water-resistant, you can safely take your laptop outside regardless of the weather. The exterior is very sturdy and won’t be scratched easily. Thanks to its classy design, this sleeve will suit your style perfectly. You can easily take your laptop anywhere as the sleeve is pretty lightweight.

3. Tomtoc A17

The best laptop sleeve
tomtoc protective sleeve

Laptop size: 13.5 inches

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⊕ 360-degree protection
⊕ CornerArmor patent design
⊕ High quality
⊕ For avid travelers
⊖ Mediocre storage capacity

This laptop bag protects your device from all sides and has a soft interior layer to prevent it from scratches. Its exterior is made or water-repellent material, there is also a special ridge that prevents dust from getting through the YKK zipper inside. With it, your laptop will be protected from shock-impact, moisture and scratches.

You can choose a 15 inch laptop sleeve or any other option. All of them have a fabulous design that will be appreciated by professionals of all kinds. If you prefer taking external storage devices with you, you can hide them in special pockets. The zipper will keep your laptop safely inside. The main pocket is quite large and has a fluffy interior layer.

4. Comfyable Sleeve

comfyable laptop sleeve

Laptop size: 13-13.3 inches

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⊕ Great for travelers
⊕ Water-resistant
⊕ Sturdy
⊕ A well-thought-out design
⊖ Inexpensive look

Most users opt for Apple products because of their stylish look and advanced functionality. When buying accessories, they want to purchase a laptop sleeve with pocket or a bag that will match this unique style. MacBook Pro Sleeve is the best option for those who want to prevent their laptop from being scratched.

The exterior is spill-resistant so you won’t need to worry about your laptop getting soaked either. You can take your MacBook with you outside anytime knowing that the sleeve will protect it from water or moisture.

5. Voova Sleeve

voova laptop sleeve

Laptop size: 14/15/15.6 inches

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⊕ Extra storage space
⊕ Absorbs shocks
⊕ Extremely thin
⊕ Doesn’t weigh much
⊖ Not isolated

This sleeve won’t fall apart even if your laptop is rather heavy. A reliable zipper and reinforced stitching make it one of the best laptop sleeves and prevent your device from being damaged. The exterior feels nice to touch and looks beautiful despite its minimalism.

Being quite compact and slim, this sleeve will easily fit in your bag or briefcase, which makes it a very convenient option for those who travel a lot. The outside layer is made of water-resistant nylon, which also prevents your laptop from being scratched and doesn’t let dust get inside. If you often drink coffee on the go, you won’t need to worry about spilling it.

6. Rainyear Sleeve

Easy-to-open zipper
rainyear laptop sleeve

Laptop size: 14 inches

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⊕ Soft to touch
⊕ A budget option
⊕ Decent protection
⊕ Easy-to-open zipper
⊖ Mediocre materials

The key advantage of this laptop sleeve is its padded interior, which makes it great for those who travel a lot. This thin laptop sleeve boasts a durable zipper that prevents your device from slipping out and protects it from dirt and dust.

Being extremely affordable, this sleeve is quite reliable. It’s made of neoprene and will fit easily in your bag or backpack.

7. Hseok Sleeve

hseok laptop sleeve

Laptop size: 13-13.5 inches

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⊕ Soft material
⊕ A nice option for travelers
⊕ Easy to carry around
⊕ Sturdy
⊖ Subpar water resistance

The soft interior layer made of fleece prevents a laptop or tablet from being scratched, while the padding layer made of foam absorbs shock-impact and protects your device from bumps. The exterior polyester layer makes this slim laptop sleeve waterproof.

The sleeve can be opened at 180 degrees. It is quite lightweight and will fit in your bag or briefcase, which makes it a smart choice for office workers and students alike. Your laptop will be protected all the sides thanks to its 3-layer design.

Image Name Features  
tomtoc a13 laptop sleeve
Tomtoc A13
Our Choice
  • Laptop size: 13 inches
mosiso laptop sleeve
Mosiso Sleeve
  • Laptop size: 13-13.3 inches
tomtoc protective sleeve
Tomtoc A17
  • Laptop size: 13.5 inches

How to Choose the Best Laptop Sleeves?

best laptop sleeves

While there are many laptop cases available on the market today, they mostly protect your device from scratches, while sleeves come with drop-protection designs. I have hand-picked the best laptop sleeves that don’t weigh a lot, are made of durable materials and will ensure the safety of your device. Here, you will find options made of sponge foam and vegetable-tanned leather that are water-resistant and can absorb shock-impact well.

Dimensions of the Laptop Sleeve

Most people prefer buying a laptop sleeve that matches the size of a laptop. In some cases, it might be a smart idea to buy a sleeve that is a bit larger, however, make sure to avoid smaller options as you won’t be able to put your laptop in them. To choose the right option, measure your laptop before buying a sleeve.

What to Look for in Laptop Cases and Sleeves

Durability. High-end laptops come at hefty prices and are used for storing important data. While some people prefer creating backups, it might be a smart idea to protect your device from possible damage. The best cases come with such extra protection features as foam padding or a hard exterior.

Design. Those who have a special laptop bag are rarely picky when choosing laptop protection sleeves. However, if you are a top-notch professional and intend to carry your laptop around, you might want to purchase a well-designed case with a strap or handle for better convenience. If you want to take with you a charger or cable, it’s better to choose a case with pockets or extra compartments.

Checkpoint-friendly. To quickly pass the airport security check, you need to screen your laptop without a case. However, if a case allows for a clear view of your device during X-ray screening, TSA makes an exception. If you are an avid traveler, keep this in mind and buy a laptop sleeve that comes with a corresponding design. It will help you go through airport security faster.

Do You Want a Tighter Sleeve or a Looser One?

The most important reason why people opt for a laptop sleeve is that it can protect a device. It’s vital to pick a sleeve that fits perfectly. If you buy a large sleeve for a compact laptop, it won’t be fixed securely. In this case, your laptop might get seriously damaged if you drop it, as the large sleeve won’t absorb the impact. It’s only if you want to use both a hard case and a sleeve, it might be smarter to opt for a larger option to ensure that your device fits in nicely.


  • • Which option is better, a laptop sleeve or case?

A case is a perfect option when you need to protect your laptop from damage. Most users are extremely cautious when they use their computers at their desks. However, if you travel a lot and take a laptop with you, you might accidentally drop it. A sleeve with a zipper can easily scratch your laptop when you are taking it out, however, it allows you to protect it from dust and moisture better.

  • • What is the main advantage of a laptop sleeve case?

A sleeve looks like a laptop-sized pouch made of durable and lightweight material, such as plastic or nylon. If you choose a sleeve with proper measurements, it will fit closely and protect your device better. Sleeves prevent dust from getting inside and are handy when it comes to absorbing shock-impact.

  • • What makes a laptop sleeve different from a case?

People often confuse them as cases and sleeves are designed to protect your device. A laptop sleeve case usually is made of more durable materials, while a sleeve feels softer to touch and often can be zipped. Unlike bags, cases and sleeves come without handles. You can carry them under your arm.

  • • How tight should a laptop sleeve be?

Pick a tight-fitting option to ensure that your laptop won’t get damaged after being dropped. However, if you want to take a couple of extra things with you, make sure to buy a sleeve with pockets that is similar to a small briefcase.