7 Keyboard Trays for Your Workspace in 2023

By Robin Owens 7 days ago, Keyboards

Universal keyboard tray with the perfect design for your desk setup.

top keyboard tray

If you spend a lot of time working on your PC, you probably want to make the process of using your keyboard as convenient as possible by getting the best keyboard tray the market has to offer. Such a tray should be suitably stable, flexible, and fit nicely into your setup.

You can attach keyboard trays under desk to place the keyboard and mouse on a lower level to make them more convenient to use. The more advanced models provide even more flexibility, letting you tilt and adjust them to minimize the strain on your wrists and arms.

Most professionals prefer to use trays that are placed under the desk. Such a gear piece isn’t just a fancy accessory, but rather a handy tool that will help you sit in a more natural position that will increase your comfort level and make it easier to spend multiple hours a day working on your PC.

Top 7 Keyboard Trays for Your Workspace

  1. Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray - Best-priced keyboard tray
  2. HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk - Terrific ergonomics
  3. VIVO Adjustable Computer Tray - Unparalleled tilting capability
  4. 3M Under Desk Keyboard Tray - Stable and reliable under the desk model
  5. VIVO Large Keyboard Tray - Scratch-resistant surface
  6. EQEY Clamp On Keyboard - Minimalistic and sturdy tray for flat surfaces
  7. Mount-It! Keyboard Drawer - Can fit both the keyboard and a mouse

The products in this review are all priced within the $36 to $260 range, which is why it’s important to know what kind of features you’re looking for before you can narrow down your selection to the most suitable candidates. In this article, we’re going to go over various options that offer the versatility necessary to fit different tables and keyboard types.

Even though keyboard trays come in all manner of shapes and forms, they all share some similar features. Some of them are easy to install and represent a fantastic clamp-based option while other products featured below require a tad of DIY and drilling. Regardless of which model you pick, it will allow you to avoid the hassle of placing the keyboard on top of your desk that isn’t lined up with your sitting position.

If you’re a professional or aren’t particularly restricted in funds, you should prioritize highly adjustable keyboard trays to ensure you can set the optimal height, angle, and size for your typing needs.

1. Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray – Our Choice

Best-priced keyboard tray
fellowes office keyboard tray

Size (inch): ‎ ‎2.3x22x11.6 | Weight (lbs): ‎3.9 | Color: BlackSilver | Tilt range: no | Mount Type: Sliding

  • ✚ Great warranty period considering the cheap price
  • ✚ Sturdy build
  • ✚ Comes with a special mouse tray
  • ✚ Integrated wrist rest
  • Weight capacity is rather disappointing

Fellowes is arguably the best keyboard tray on the market, as it provides a weight capacity of 10 lbs and 3 ergonomic height adjustment presets while only requiring 23.5” space in width for installation. Since this is such a compact model, you'll also get a dedicated mouse tray mount that can be placed either on the left or right side of the keyboard and hidden when not needed.

You can place nearly all full-sized keyboards for photo editing on this stray without any issues except for the models that come with extra keys (like the macro keys featured in gaming keyboards). This item also comes with an integrated wrist rest as well as a 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. You can get this tray for just $47.90.

2. HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Terrific ergonomics
huanuo keyboard tray under desk

Size (inch): ‎25.9x11.3x5.5 | Weight (lbs): 11.92 | Color: Brown | Tilt range: 0 to -15 | Mount Type: Bracket

  • ✚ Completely customizable
  • ✚ Big, smooth surface
  • ✚ Made of quality materials
  • Requires screws for mounting
  • ✚ Reputable brand

HUANUO is a trendy brown tray that offers terrific sturdiness and durability while also being supplied with a handy wrist rest. The most appealing feature of this model is its adjustability, as you can swivel this tray 180 degrees left-to-right or tilt it by 6 degrees up and 22 degrees down. While such numbers might not sound particularly impressive, they are more than enough for all sit-stand desks and workstations that require a lot of mobility on the user’s part. Overall, HUANUO provides about 7.8” of height adjustment leeway.

The biggest downside of this model is that requires you to have some DIY skills to be installed properly since you need to attach it to the desk using screws (which, thankfully, isn't that hard to do). That downside is mostly mitigated by the fact that the tray is supplied with all the necessary tools and instructions for mounting. You can complete the entire process in less than 10 minutes. You can purchase this tray for $99.99.

3. VIVO Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Unparalleled tilting capability
vivo adjustable keyboard tray

Size (inch): ‎ 26x11.5x7 | Weight (lbs): 13.3 | Color: SilverBlack | Tilt range: +6 to -22 | Mount Type: Arm

  • ✚ Universal mount suitable for all desks
  • ✚ Dual-side mouse tracking surfaces
  • ✚ Straightforward video tutorial available on the official site
  • ✚ Easily adjustable
  • Requires a bit of force to adjust

This VIVO adjustable keyboard tray for standing desk setups offers a fantastic bang for your buck if you're looking for an ergonomically-focused model. The manufacturer has used a time-tested design as a foundation and enhanced it in several ways. This tray offers a sturdy build, a long mounting bracket, reliable hinges and moving components, and a smart keyboard surface.

This is a great choice for a standard keyboard for typing since it employs heavy gauge metal for support and the slide plate mounts are attached with nearly a dozen screws. You can move the keyboard forward and backward using the 18″ track (be sure to check if your desk can cope with such length), while also taking advantage of complete side-to-side rotations and height adjustments of up to 5″. This model is currently priced at $89.99.

4. 3M Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Stable and reliable under the desk model
3m under desk keyboard tray

Size (inch): 12.7x28x170.1 | Weight (lbs): ‎17,5 | Color: Black | Tilt range: -15 to 15 | Mount Type: Screw-On

  • ✚ Simple to use
  • ✚ Thick gel wrist rest
  • ✚ Fantastic adjustability
  • ✚ Made of sturdy materials
  • Mount isn’t well suited for engineered wood desks

This keyboard tray stands out from the rest because of its horizontal adjustability. You can take advantage of the provided functionality to separately move the keyboard and mouse surfaces from side to side. As such, this platform is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Additionally, you can swivel the tray left and right by 360 and completely hide it under the desk when it’s not needed.

This keyboard tray lets you employ a single knob to tweak the height and tilt levels. It’s also very convenient to use because the compressed wood surface feels perfectly solid while the steel mounting system attaches to all non-MDF desks like 3M’s legendary superglue. Lastly, the leatherette-covered gel wrist rest offers the best support I’ve ever experienced in similar products, making this model arguably the best keyboard tray out there in terms of ergonomics. You can purchase this item for about $260.56.

5. VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

Scratch-resistant surface
vivo large keyboard tray

Size (inch): ‎ ‎32.5x12.5x3.8 | Weight (lbs): 9.15 | Color: ‎Black | Tilt range: +6 to -22 | Mount Type: Clamp

  • ✚ Great choice for bigger keyboards
  • ✚ Lots of extra space for accessories
  • ✚ 11lbs weight capacity
  • ✚ Scratch resistant properties
  • Can’t be adjusted

This VIVO keyboard tray is a compact, lightweight model that can be attached to your desk using clamps. It’s suitable for both regular and smart card keyboards as well as standard computer mice as long as you keep the overall weight below 11 pounds. The durable, adjustable c-clamps allow you to rest assured you won’t damage your desk or have to waste time drilling holes into it, as this tray can be conveniently mounted onto desks up to 1.25” thick.

Even though this model can be extracted up to 9.5” from the edge of the desk, it’s worth noting that you can’t adjust its height. Since it requires quite a bit of space to be mounted, it also provides a pleasantly expansive workspace that allows you to place not only the keyboard and mouse but some other accessories as well. You can get this VIVO keyboard tray for $59.95.

6. EQEY Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Minimalistic and sturdy tray for flat surfaces
eqey clamp on keyboard tray

Size (inch): ‎ ‎29.75x11.75x2.5 | Weight (lbs): 7.8 | Color: Black | Tilt range: +6 to -22 | Mount Type: Clamp

  • ✚ Advanced sliding mechanism
  • ✚ Soft wrist pad
  • ✚ Sturdy clamp makes the installation process extremely simple
  • ✚ Doesn’t require drilling
  • Can only be used with flat and clear desks

The EQEY Clamp On Keyboard Tray is a rather simplistic yet reliable model for everyday use that is suitable for keyboards of all sizes. This model can be conveniently extracted or slid back into the table with the help of the provided ball slide-way mechanism. It also has handy locks that prevent accidental slide-outs when the tray is hidden. You can extend it up to 11” from the desk edge.

This ergonomic tray has a self-adhesive soft pad that helps prevent injuries and discomfort caused by constantly moving your hands over the wooden surface. The C-type clamps make the process of attaching and detaching this keyboard tray under your desk pleasantly straightforward. The clamps connect to the desk tightly and won’t fall off over time. The manufacturer also provides the necessary instructions and even technical service. This item is currently priced at $48.99.

7. Mount-It! Keyboard Drawer

Can fit both the keyboard and a mouse
mount-it! keyboard drawer

Size (inch): ‎ 12.7x28x170.17 | Weight (lbs): 4.2 | Color: Black | Tilt range: 0 to -15| Mount Type: Arm

  • ✚ 3 preset heights available
  • ✚ Ball bearing track
  • ✚ Rounded edge for increased wrist and arm comfort when typing
  • ✚ Straightforward installation
  • Subpar weight capacity

This is a classic keyboard tray for desk setups. You have to permanently mount it under the desk using screws to enjoy perfect stability and sturdiness when typing. This model also offers a falling edge design that looks stylish and is also used as a structural wrist rest for added convenience. The separate mouse platform can be attached either to the right or left of the keyboard platform, providing an extra level of customization.

This keyboard tray is equipped with smooth steel ball-bearing glide tracks that allow you to conveniently take out and slide back the tray when it's not needed. You need to have a 21" wide desk to properly install it and it has a weight capacity of up to 4lbs, which is enough only for the keyboard and some minor accessories. You can also tweak the height of the keyboard by choosing one of the 3 premade stages. Despite offering numerous advantages, this tray only costs $36.99.

Best Keyboard Trays

fellowes office keyboard tray
Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray
  • Universal
  • Adjustable
vivo adjustable computer tray
VIVO Adjustable Computer Tray
  • Customizable
  • Several mounting points
huanuo keyboard tray under desk
HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk
  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight

How to Choose the Best Keyboard Tray?

Choosing the best keyboard tray is a rather complicated process if you’re not certain what aspects you should pay attention to, which is why below you’ll find a rundown of the most important criteria that should affect your decision.

keyboard tray mount type

Mount type. Such devices can offer one of several mounting options. Some provide a screwdriver or drill used for making mounting holes for the tray while others use C-clamps, which are mobile, lightweight, and won't damage your property. The choice depends on how much you plan to move around, how good you are at using tools, and whether you’re ready to drill holes in your desk at all.

keyboard tray weight capacity

Weight capacity. If you plan to use the tray not only for the keyboard but storing an external SSD, mouse, or power unit as well, then you should examine the provided weight capacity before you commit to a specific model. This way you’ll be certain the tray you buy can support the combined weight of all the equipment you’re going to place on it.

keyboard tray adjustability

Adjustability. A keyboard attachment for desk setups should ideally allow you to adjust both the height and angle of the keyboard as you see fit. The more freedom you have, the easier it will be for you to create an ergonomic setup. By changing the height of the tray, you’ll be able to tweak the typing position relative to the desk and the computer screen.

keyboard tray compatibility

Compatibility. If you have a desk or table with a monitor, you have to ensure you can fit the keyboard tray into it. The majority of keyboard models provide a way for installing them in long tracks that can run into, beneath, or crouch at the sides of a desk.