5 Best Car Laptops Mount in 2022

By Robin Owens 22 days ago, Hardware

Great car laptop mounts to have access to your device anytime.

top car laptop mounts

If you belong to the category of people spending most of the time in a car, you should definitely read this article. Don’t worry since it’s not about how “unhealthy” it is to do everything in a vehicle. It’s about how to make your work more comfortable and productive. I prepared the list of the best car laptop mount solutions so that you could use your device wherever you are, be it a parking slot or truck stop.

Top 5 Car Laptop Mounts

  1. Cellet - Our Choice
  2. Mount-It! MI-7321 - Adjustable holder base
  3. Bundle Deal Mobotron MS-526 - For truck
  4. Mount-It! MI-4260 - Universal
  5. Arkon - Installation in seconds

Perhaps someone would not like this statement, especially those thinking that a passenger seat is more than enough to safely store your laptop, but if you use your device in a vehicle, it should be mounted on a special holder. Only in such a way, you will effectively work on your laptop without damaging it. I have compiled the list of the most reliable options for you to choose the best car laptop mount.

1. Cellet

Our Choice
best car laptop mount cellet

Installation: install via cup holder | Weight: 1 pounds

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⊕ Fits almost any laptop
⊕ Simple installation
⊕ Reliable soft handles
⊖ Only one hinge joint on the arm

Get this Cellet vehicle laptop mount, and your car will turn into an office. It offers 360-degree rotation and guarantees easy installation. The reliable base can be placed into the cup holder and that’s it. To fit your cup holder, you can extend wings. When everything is ready, you just need to set up your device. This mount has soft grips so your tablet will not be scratched. Thanks to the 360-degree rotating feature, you can use your device in landscape or portrait orientation. If your tablet is up to 9.5 inches wide, there are special sidearms to securely fix it in place.

2. Mount-It! MI-7321

Adjustable holder base
best car laptop mount mi-7321

Installation: install via cup holder | Weight: 2.6 pounds

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⊕ High-strength holder
⊕ Professional mount
⊕ Versatile mounting capabilities
⊕ Adjustable cup holder base
⊖ Expensive

If you chose this laptop holder for car, you won’t face any issues with setting it up. It comes with all necessary instructions so you will easily install and remove it. No additional tools are required. You just need to place it into the cup holder on the center console. The mount is made of reliable material so your tablet will be securely protected. The holder itself is equipped with convenient knobs guaranteeing a strong grip. The Mount-It! MI-7321 can be used in a car, van or even truck.

3. Bundle Deal Mobotron MS-526

Best laptop stands for truck
best car laptop mount bundle deal mobotron ms-526

Installation: no-drill installation | Weight: 2.63 pounds

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⊕ Safe grip
⊕ Reliable construction
⊕ Adjustable sliding brackets
⊕ Angle adjustment
⊖ Slightly inconvenient

The Bundle Deal Mobotron MS-526 laptop stand for car provides adjustable (from 26 to 30 degrees) angles offering convenient viewing conditions. You have to press 2 red buttons, and it will slide down changing the tilt angle. Being made of reinforced nylon fiber material, the mount weighs only 0.6 1b.

This model is suitable for laptops that weigh up to 25 lb and are no larger than 11-17 inches. There is also a divider kit to adjust the holder for devices of different thicknesses. You can open or close it in a few seconds. Its construction accounts for constant airflow and prevents your device from overheating.

4. Mount-It! MI-4260

Best universal vehicle laptop mount
best car laptop mount mi-4260

Installation: install via cup holder | Weight: 6.09 pounds

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⊕ Sturdy construction
⊕ Adjustable laptop arm
⊕ Versatile
⊖ Costly
⊖ Bracket ends are weakly glued

The Mount-It! MI-4260 is a professional vehicle laptop mount. Being easy to install, it allows you to work on your laptop without leaving your car. It fits almost all laptops and tablets. The holder is equipped with a fan to cool your device. The arm is adjustable enough to create the most comfortable viewing conditions. If necessary, you can use your gadget as a GPS or roaming workstation.

5. Arkon

Installation in seconds
best car laptop mount arkon

Installation: install via cup holder | Weight: 4.14 pounds

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⊕ Adjustable arm
⊕ Simple installation
⊕ Comfortable
⊖ Expensive

This car laptop stand is suitable for large devices (from 9 to 12 inches). It is really a convenient mount since it offers a holder itself, keyboard tray and ruggedized seat mount. Moreover, you can rotate it to get the best viewing experience. Don’t worry about the installation since it is really simple and fast.

Image Name Features  
best car laptop mount cellet
  • Installation: install via cup holder
  • 1 pounds
best car laptop mount mi-7321
Mount-It! MI-7321
  • Installation: install via cup holder
  • 2.6 pounds
best car laptop mount bundle deal mobotron ms-526
Bundle Deal Mobotron MS-526
For truck
  • Installation: no-drill installation
  • 2.63 pounds

How to Choose the Car Laptop Mounts?

best car laptop mounts

Build and Capacity

The first parameter you should consider while picking the best car laptop mount is its weight capacity. When you drive down the road, your device might get damaged if you hit a speed bump or something like that. Therefore, you should strictly follow the mount requirements regarding weight capacity.

If you choose the wrong weight capacity, you risk damaging your laptop or even breaking it. However, it’s not that bad since most laptop mounts are designed to handle up to 11 lb while most laptops weigh around 6 lb. That is why you shouldn’t worry about weight capacity much unless you don have a super-heavy laptop or plan to drive in extreme conditions.

The next important parameter is build quality. The vehicle laptop mount should be made of sturdy material to securely hold your device. Although laptops are not very heavy, they still have enough weight to damage a holder. So, the holder should be made of high-quality material. Locking joints and clamping action are essential to keep your laptop safe.

best car laptop mounts

Deck Size and Adjustability

Different laptop holders are designed for various devices. What size do you need? This question bothers many people since most of them have several devices and it is important to choose a universal holder. If you have a big device or you want to use some additional things in your vehicle, you should carefully consider the size of your laptop holder for car. For instance, if you have a tablet, you’d better opt for a tablet holder since it is smaller and requires less space.

One might argue for long about the ergonomics of using laptop mounts in a vehicle, but one thing remains unchanged, you can’t do without a mount if you use your device in a car. That is why adjustability means much for such an accessory. The more adjustable the holder is, the better viewing experience you get.


Modern manufacturers of car laptop stands offer various installation methods. Of course, no one wants to spend a lot of time installing a holder especially if it involves some additional tools or modifications of the car front panel. Luckily, developers invented easy and fast installation systems. They allow you to secure a mount with a seatbelt bolt or place it directly into the cupholder. Some arms feature quick-release systems enabling you to quickly remove or install them. Some mounts require almost zero installation, but mind that the more complicated the installation is, the wider possibilities you get.


  • • What is the best car laptop mount in 2022?

I believe that the Cellet laptop stand for car is the best choice in 2022.

  • • What is the most durable car laptop holder?

The Arkon stand is the most durable model today.

  • • Which car laptop mount is considered one of the easiest to mount?

With the Mount-It! MI-4260, you will not face any installation issues.

  • • Which laptop stand is suitable for a truck?

The Eurpmask is one of the best laptop stands for truck.