8 Best 8K Cameras in 2021

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Is there anything higher than a 8K camera?

8 Best 8K Cameras in 2021

The era of a new video format is coming and an 8K camera is in its center. Many camera brands are working on the development and improvement of this format. If the first 8K camera by Red Company cost more than $70.000, today it is possible to find efficient cameras recording videos on the same level being far less expensive.

Top 8 Best 8K Cameras

Today, an 8K camera segment is one of the most rapidly developing ones. Users have already tested several models produced by giant photo equipment manufacturers from all over the world. Some cameras are still being developed and users have to wait when they are officially released.

1. Sony UHC-8300

  • sony uhc-8300 best 8k camera
  • sony uhc-8300 best 8k camera
  • sony uhc-8300 best 8k camera

    Video: 8K (120 fps) | Sensor: 1.25-type 8K 3CMOS | Ports: USB/SDI |Weight – 15.7 lbs. | Case: aluminum

    ⊕ Great audio recording quality
    ⊕ Clipping of 4K images in real time
    ⊕ Compatibility with Sony equipment for live streaming
    ⊕ Possibility to work with 4K lenses
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    Sony 8K camera UHS-8300 is developed solely for professional use in the sphere of TV broadcasting and filming. This gadget enables us to shoot, store, edit and play on air an image in 8K Ultra HD format.

    The main advantage of this 8K camera is an innovative 1.25 inch CMOS sensor of the new generation. Thanks to it, a camera provides for sharp images with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, transmission of sound with a signal-to-sound ratio of 62 dB with 1080/59.94i.

    8K content shooting is performed with a speed of 120p in HDR format. An innovative f/1.6 prism system supports wide color space BT.2021 thanks to which a video operator may create hi-fi, bright and maximally realistic images in 8K format.

    Frames taken with Sony 8K camera UHS-8300 may be transformed in 4K UHD format. Recorded material may be stored on a Sony PWS-4500 live production server and replayed in XAVC format. An additional advantage of the camera is an advanced mount system.

    2. Insta 360 PRO

    • insta 360 pro best 8k camera
    • insta 360 pro best 8k camera

      Video: 8K (30 fps) | Ports: HDMI | | Lenses: 6 х F2.4 (fish-eye) | Weight – 5 lbs. | Case: plastic | Size: 17.1 x 14 x 7.5 in

      ⊕ 360-degree coverage
      ⊕ Possibility to broadcast video
      ⊕ Good audio recording
      ⊖ In case of shooting 8K footage, video editing is required

      Insta360 Pro is one of the most affordable cameras enabling you to shoot 8K videos. This gadget may record videos with a 360×360 degree coverage without any blind spots. Developers have introduced an Optical Flow technology (optical flow) that enables to minimize the number and visibility of “joints”.

      Insta360 Pro 8K camera may shoot with a maximum resolution of 7680×3840 and 30 frames per second. However, files recorded in such a format require editing. The thing is that a camera processor can’t cope with a great data volume performing “jointing” of the flow from six lenses.

      One of the basic focuses of the camera is the possibility to create online 4K streaming. Insta360 Pro has an image stabilization module that helps correct the recording of dynamic scenes. It features a built-in battery (5000 mAh). This is enough to continuously shoot for 1-1.5 hours. Audio recording is performed by two microphones at once providing its highest quality.

      3. Insta 360 PRO 2

      • insta 360 pro2 best 8k camera
      • insta 360 pro2 best 8k camera
      • insta 360 pro2 best 8k camera

        Video: 8K (60 fps) | Ports: HDMI | Lenses: 6 х F2.4 (fish-eye) | Weight – 3.4 lbs. | Case: plastic | Size: 20 x 18 x 9 in

        ⊕ Image stabilizer is available
        ⊕ Satellite contact
        ⊕ Possibility to shoot 12K videos
        ⊕ 360-degree coverage
        ⊖ Not found

        Insta360 Pro 2 is a panoramic professional camera with a 360-degree coverage being an improved modification of the popular camera Insta360 Pro. This apparatus enables us to create high-quality images with not only 8K resolution but also 12K one (thanks to the Burst mode).

        This 8K camera is provided with 6 lenses; each lens features 200-degree coverage. The main advantage of this camera over a previous model is an improved 8K quality. Merging of frames from six lenses will be done automatically and will require minimal editing.

        To improve the shooting quality, the camera was equipped with nine-axis gyroscope stabilization. Moreover, the gadget has a built-in GPS-module enabling to track camera coordinates while remote shooting. Insta360 Pro 2 may work off-line using a 5000 mAh battery (it is enough for 60 minutes of continuous work in the shooting mode).

        4. Red Weapon DSMC2 Brain

        • red weapon dsmc2 brain 8k camera
        • red weapon dsmc2 brain 8k camera
        • red weapon dsmc2 brain 8k camera

          Video: 8K (60 fps) | Sensor: 35 CMOS | Ports: HDMI | Weight – 3.50 lbs | Case: plastic | Size: 4.94 x 3.78 x 4.02 in

          ⊕ Compactness
          ⊕ Possibility to create qualitative monochrome images
          ⊕ Data transmission up to 300 MB/sec
          ⊖ Absence of a color filter
          ⊖ Rather expensive

          RED DSMC2 BRAIN 8K camera is a great device for those who like to work with the monochrome. Image resolution will reach 8K with 60 frames per second. Video recording is performed in the high-speed mode (8192 x 4320 up to 60 frames per second).

          Moreover, this device enables you to perform 2K shooting with a speed of 240 frames per second. In such a way, the operator will get a top-notch monochrome shooting with maximal detailing.

          Developers offer to equip a camera with one of several lenses. Moreover, for proper work, it is necessary to apply a lens mount that is to be purchased separately. The 8K camera itself is rather compact. The basic material for its body is aluminum alloy ensuring resistance to small mechanical damages.

          The quality of the recorded material will not worsen while video editing. The camera provides for data transfer rate up to 300 MB/s. You can apply memory sticks MINI-MAG 480 or 960 GB as well as 225 MB or MINI-MAG 120 or 240 GB on RED DSMC2 BRAIN.

          5. Sony F65 CineAlta

          • sony f65 cinealta 8k camera
          • sony f65 cinealta 8k camera
          • sony f65 cinealta 8k camera

            Video: 8K (60 fps) | Sensor: CMOS - 1-chip |Ports: SDI /USB HD-Y | Weight – 48.50 lb | Case: aluminum | Size: 18 in х 25 in х 29 in

            ⊕ Good audio recording quality
            ⊕ Recording in a 16-bit RAW format
            ⊕ Improved set of color filters
            ⊖ Significant weight

            Experts in the sphere of cinematography have already worked with Sony’s cameras for long. Being created by Japanese manufactures, these gadgets have always been leaders in the market of digital equipment. This 8K video camera by Sony was officially released in 2016 but even now it is one of the best 8K cameras in the world.

            F65 CineAlta embodied the best achievements of the digital cinematography art. It allows shooting clips with 2K, 4K and 8K resolution. It made this 8K camera an optimal gadget to be used particularly in cinematography.

            According to developers, the main advantage of Sony F65 CineAlta is the possibility to cover 275,000,000,000,000 colors and shades. Thanks to 20-MP resolution and 8K CMOS sensor with a Super-35 F65 function, the camera provides for a perfect image.

            Even if on the stage of material editing, a video operator or editor has to convert footage into 2K or HD resolution, he/she will definitely get sharper and more discreet images than when shooting with ordinary HD cameras.

            6. Sharp 8K Camera

            sharp 8K camera

            Release date: first half of 2021

            ⊕ Possibility to qualitatively broadcast footage
            ⊕ Autonomous operation up to 40 minutes
            ⊕ Minimal load on CPU
            ⊖ Significant weight

            Shooters have high expectations for a Sharp 8K video camera. Sharp Company has already demonstrated a prototype of the professional digital camera capable of shooting 8K videos with 60 Hz. Apart from the highest quality of the recorded material, the main task of the new product is to make the shooting process as simple as possible for the user.

            CMOS sensor is an equivalent of Super 35 standard and its resolution is 33 million pixels. Thanks to compression, the manufacturer managed to create a minimal load on CPU.

            Sharp 8K video camera comes with two sets of SSD storage devices for 2 Tbyte. Thanks to it, the owner of the camera will be able to continuously record 8K videos for up to 40 minutes. The gadget is able to live stream an uncompressed clip directly to social networks.

            Presentation and camera release is planned for the first half of 2021.

            7. Canon EOS R5

            canon eos r5 8k camera

            Release date: 2021-2021

            ⊕ Recording speed up to 20 fps
            ⊕ Image stabilizer
            ⊕ Built-in Wi-Fi module
            ⊖ Not found

            Canon Company also announced the development of a Canon 8K EOS camera that will shoot with 8K resolution. The gadget presents itself as a top-of-the-line mirrorless full-frame camera for professionals improved with innovative functions.

            EOS R5 places the image quality to the out-of-the-box level. It provides for the shooting speed of 20 frames/second with an electronic shutter and 12 frames/second in the mechanical mode. One of the main advantages of this 8K camera is its stabilizer that will help create the best image sharpness even shooting without tripods.

            The gadget will be improved with a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows connecting to a new image. The camera will support the functions of auto transmission of the footage recorded. It will allow a shooter to edit images on the move as well as perform auto transmission of images to his/her personal computer.

            The exact release date of a Canon EOS R5 8K camera is not announced but, apparently, it may happen this year.

            8. Z CAM E2-F8

            z cam e2-f8 8k camera

            Release date: first half of 2021
            VIEW ON Z-CAM

            ⊕ Low price
            ⊕ Shooting of up to 30 frames per second
            ⊕ Built-in Wi-Fi module
            ⊖ Not found

            This camera 8K has all the chances to become one of the most affordable ones in the segment. Its price will be set at the level of 6 thousand dollars that is significantly lower than the majority similar models cost. For this money, a manufacturer guarantees the shooting quality at the level of 30 fps, recording speed of up to 300 Mb/s and maximally qualitative color rendering.

            The E2-F8 is operated via serial ports, a 2.5mm LANC connector, a USB Type-C port, Ethernet port, or by the Z Camera iOS application that enables to control it via Wi-Fi. You may also view live image preview and adjust settings. This gadget can record slow-motion, time-lapse and live stream using its Gigabit Ethernet port. You may easily adjust and control this 8K camera using the buttons on the device.

            For today, the developing process is almost over and it is sold via a pre-order. However, full release is expected to take place in spring 2021.

            Top Best 8K Cameras in 2021

            Image Name Features  
            Sony UHC-8300
            Sony UHC-8300
            OUR CHOICE
            • Great audio recording quality
            • Clipping of 4K images in real time
            • Compatibility with Sony equipment for live streaming
            • Possibility to work with 4K lenses
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            Insta 360 PRO
            Insta 360 PRO
            • 360-degree coverage
            • Possibility to broadcast videos
            • Decent audio recording
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            Sony F65 CineAlta
            Sony F65 CineAlta
            3 POWER OPTIONS
            • Good audio recording quality
            • Recording in 16-bit RAW format
            • Improved set of color filters
            Check PRICE

            How to Choose the Best 8K Camera?

            The diversity of cameras provides the shooters with a great choice but at the same time, it becomes more challenging to find the best variant. Moreover, photo equipment producers are constantly working on the creation of new cameras that have already attracted much attention. So, what parameters should be considered while choosing an 8K camera?

            Camera purpose. Such cameras belong to advanced, innovative devices. Conditionally they may be divided into two categories: models to shoot films and those to create other video footage. In other words, a customer should focus primarily on his/her demands: in filmmaking, one should consider more expensive options featuring a great number of useful functions. If you need an 8K camera to work as a shooter or a video operator, you may pay attention to some cheaper models.

            Video recording quality. Some cameras from our list can record 8K videos with a frequency of 30 fps. Modern and more expensive models increase this parameter to 60 fps. Besides, specific cameras allow shooting in 2K, 4K and 6K resolution. The customer should decide what demands he is going to make on such a device and what detailing he plans to apply while shooting.

            Possibility to broadcast. Not all cameras allow live streaming. If it is really necessary to effectively operate the gadget, it is recommended to consider equipment supporting these functions.

            Autonomous shooting parameters. It is critically important for those often working in the field without a possibility to connect an 8K camera to the power. Remember to consider the battery capacity and how much time the camera can operate without a re-charge.

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