10 Best 8 Channel Audio Mixers in 2022

By Robin Owens 7 days ago, Additional Gear

Affordable and high-quality 8 channel audio mixers

top 3 8 channel audio mixer

An audio mixer or a recording console is a special device for mixing sounds, which is frequently used at concerts or in recording studios. It receives and processes a signal and controls how it is output. Currently, the market offers many mixer models, and many of them are manufactured by famous brands. Thus, selecting the best 8 channel audio mixer isn’t an easy task, but this review can make the process simpler.  

Top 10 8 Channel Audio Mixers

  1. Zoom LiveTrak L-8 - Our Choice
  2. Phenyx Pro PTX-30 - Professional
  3. Pyle PMXU88BT - Elegant
  4. Pyle PMXU83BT - Affordable
  5. G-MARK MR80S - Versatile
  6. Moukey MAMX3 - Cheap
  7. Pyle PMX848BT - Rugged
  8. Gemini GEM-08USB - Budget
  9. Fineshine 8 Channel - Compact
  10. XTUGA MRV082FX - Stylish

Modern audio mixers are available in different shapes and sizes. Some models are specifically designed for a solo singer, while others are suitable for a whole band. Before choosing the right unit, you have to define the number of the necessary inputs and how much control you want to have over the sound before DAW receives it.

1. Zoom LiveTrak L-8

Our Choice
zoom livetrak l-8 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 12 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ Sounds clean and pretty quiet
  • ✚ Mix-minus function
  • ✚ Battery operated or USB power
  • Support for 96kHz is limited

The mix of a reasonable cost, solid feature set, and good picture quality make the Rebel T7 an attractive cheap camera for experienced photographers with a limited budget and a capable camera for amateur photographer.

Even though its functionality isn’t as cutting-edge as what you’ll see in premium models and it lacks touchscreen controls or a rotatable LCD, the features that are there provide everything you need to conveniently control the camera and take high-quality photos.

Moreover, this model comes with WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity as well as support for Canon’s Camera Connect application. If you want to frequently copy photos from the camera to your smartphone, then the Rebel T7 might be the perfect camera for Instagram for your needs and budget.

2. Phenyx Pro PTX-30

phenyx pro ptx-30 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 8 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ Elegant design
  • ✚ Build-in 99 DSP effects
  • ✚ Bluetooth function
  • Mic preamps not quite flawless

The Phenyx Pro PTX-30 audio mixer is a professional mixer that delivers high quality sound through its built in sound card. With this mixer, you can do a number of mixing and recording tasks with ease. It has been designed to cater for all the needs of an audio engineer from the beginner level to the experienced professional.

The features and operation of the mixer are quite user friendly and is simple and fast. Its easy to use interface and user-friendly LCD screen makes it easy for all users to operate the mixer. It has been loaded with a large capacity sound card and onboard speakers to deliver clear and crisp sound.   

3. Pyle PMXU88BT

pyle pmxu88bt 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 9 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ 16 Bit DSP processor
  • ✚ LED indicator light
  • ✚ Built-in Bluetooth
  • Bad support

The Pyle PMXU88BT audio mixer is offered with user friendly controls and innovative features that are highly useful for a complete musician. The device is perfect for on-the-go recording as well as mixing professionals. It contains knobs and buttons for input and output, which make it extremely convenient for a complete novice to operate this instrument.

The LED indicator lights on the front panel latch provide maximum facility in monitoring the performance of the instrument. It also contains an interface for connecting to the Bluetooth wireless network for streaming and downloading of audio files.

4. Pyle PMXU83BT

pyle pmxu83bt 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 9 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ Rugged steel body
  • ✚ LCD digital display
  • ✚ Great compatibility
  • Bad power supply

The Pyle PMXU83BT audio mixer is a great tool for people who are interested in mixing audio in their own studios and who like to use professional equipment, but who don't want to pay expensive. It is offers you all of the versatility and functionality that you could ever want.

It has a great range of tones which are great for experimenting with different sounds, and it will take care of sending signals from one source to another very well as well. For the casual musician looking to jazz up their sound, this is a great tool that will allow you to get creative with your music.


g-mark mr80s 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 9 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ 7-bit LED display
  • ✚ 8 reverb sounds
  • ✚ Built-in 48V phantom power
  • Sometimes there are noises

The G-Mark MR80S audio mixer is one of the best audio mixing equipment that offers you professional grade mixing and recording solutions for your professional audio studios. It also comes with a large variety of features that are perfect for any music studio to meet all of your needs for music production.

The G-Mark mixer is equipped with 16-step sequencer, large audio input and output options, and powerful effects and MIDI control options for any mixing requirements. It is also a cost-efficient solution that is perfect for all budgets because it is very easy to use and operates by simple and intuitive user interface.

6. Moukey MAMX3

moukey mamx3 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 8 | EQ: No

  • ✚ Stereo/mono simple switching
  • ✚ Ultra low-noise
  • ✚ Simplified setup versatility
  • Imbalanced stereo on output

The Moukey MAMX3 audio mixer is a professional audio mixing console that has been designed by a group of professional sound designers and engineers from Canada. This mixer gives you all the facilities that you need to mix tracks, even if you are working with a tight budget.

The best thing about this mixer is that it is capable of mixing both live and pre recorded tracks, which makes it a valuable asset for anyone who needs to mix recordings in a professional manner. The main reason behind its popularity is the fact that it comes with a comprehensive library of sounds that can be used for any purpose.

7. Pyle PMX848BT

pyle pmx848bt 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 8 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ Front panel control center
  • ✚ Bluetooth music streaming
  • ✚ USB interface
  • Low noise feedback issue

The Pyle PMX848BT audio mixer is a high end electronic device used to mix and record music easily. It is designed to give you the most professional sound and it is an all in one music studio recording device. It has got state of the art technology inside it has been crafted in such a way that it can meet the exact requirements of music mixing.

This mixer is a complete professional audio multi-effects controller that will serve all your needs for making high quality music. It has got a great user friendly interface which makes it extremely easy for anyone to operate this mixer. This audio mixer chooses many professional musicians to get the best result for their work.

8. Gemini GEM-08USB

gemini gem-08usb 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 8 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ Compact design
  • ✚ State of the art mic preamp
  • ✚ User-friendly interface
  • Midrange audio quality

The Gemini GEM-08USB audio mixer comes with a comprehensive feature set, which gives you the chance to mix all of your favorite tracks. It is equipped with a high-fidelity compressor, a digital delays processor, a digital equalizer, a voice mixer, a virtual rackmount mixing engine, a USB-powered studio mixer, and an interface for connecting to a laptop or PC.

Included with the Gem Series DJ audio mixer is a very complete set of the popular and universal standards in digital audio compression. This includes compressor settings for high frequencies, a low-pass filter, an attack-time delay, a limiting mid-range envelope oscillator, and a limit delay.

9. Fineshine 8 Channel

fineshine 8 channel 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 8 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ 6 music modes
  • ✚ 3 stage EQ regulate
  • ✚ USB slot
  • Limited options

Fineshine 8 channel audio mixer is a professional quality audio mixer that allows you to easily create studio-quality music and audio tracks because of the wide array of sounds and tones. If you have wanted to set up your own studio, there are many functions about this mixer.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using the Fineshine for audio mixing. You can use the mixer to create any type of electronic music, including rap, rock, dance, pop, and a variety of other types of music. You can get a great sound that produces a realistic effect that will have everyone in the studio taking notice.   


xtuga mrv082fx 8 channel audio mixer

Number of Channels: 8 | Inputs: 8 | EQ: Yes

  • ✚ Ultra-fashion design
  • ✚ Built-in 16 kinds of DSP effects
  • ✚ Multi-format play support
  • Difficult to set up

XTUGA MRV082FX audio mixer is considered as the best mixer among the other audio mixing consoles available in the market. It is equipped with eight channels, including five dedicated stereo channels for musical instruments and sound effects.

The main advantage of using this mixer is that it uses line in / out jacks, which provide a high quality output for all users. With the help of a remote user interface via Bluetooth function, the user can perform tasks such as browsing through the virtual racks for the required songs, sorting and saving songs in various folders and adding CD copies to the system.

zoom livetrak l-8 8 channel audio mixer
Zoom LiveTrak L-8
Our Choice
  • Sounds clean and pretty quiet
  • Mix-minus function
phenyx pro ptx-30 8 channel audio mixer
Phenyx Pro PTX-30
  • Elegant design
  • Build-in 99 DSP effects
pyle pmxu88bt 8 channel audio mixer
  • 16 Bit DSP processor
  • LED indicator light

How to Choose the 8 Channel Audio Mixers?

how to choose the best 8 channel audio mixer


One of the most significant aspects you need to consider is the number of the required inputs. These are the ports used for connecting a musical instrument or a microphone to a mixing console. The number of inputs fitted in various models differs, therefore your main task is to define how many ports can satisfy your audio mixing needs.

Talking about the best 8 channel audio mixer, we mean a device with a minimum of two XLR inputs. An XLR is used for connecting a mic. On average the more ports and features a mixer has, the more expensive it is. But the most important thing is still the quality of the equipment.

best 8 channel audio mixer

Power Source

Mixers can function using either mains power or battery. Besides, some models use rechargeable batteries, which is quite convenient especially for mobile users, who often work at various venues. Though, mixers that use mains power are also a go-to option in some cases.

Onboard Processing

Some mixers are quite powerful and offer onboard processing. It means that you won’t have to deal with some extra equipment or inputs unless you really want. Many mixing professionals need some particular features to process tracks, so it is not surprising that only a few mixers can handle advanced tasks.