Ali Shokri Nature Photographer Review

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Photographer

Ali Shokri is an Iranian photographer famous for his stunning landscape and nature photos. He has been taking pictures of nature since 2004. In many of his photos, trees are the main subject.

In this review, I will tell you more about his works and the message he tries to get across. He gave a TED talk in Baku in 2010. Seven years later his book about trees was published in the United Kingdom.

In his works, Ali tries to raise awareness about the issues threatening the natural world. Because of deforestation, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find untouched nature. To show forests the way they used to be, Shokri takes amazing nature photos with his camera hoping that it will change things for the best.

Main Genres

ali shokri photography

Ali Shokri is one of the most renowned landscape photographers from Iran. His professional career started in 2004. Since then, he has taken countless photos of beautiful trees in different locations.

For capturing images, Shokri uses a Canon camera. It allows him to take photos of great sharpness and clarity. For the past 14 years, Shokri took countless trips to various places in Iran and Azerbaijan to take pictures of trees during different seasons.

ali shokri photography

Since he has always been interested in black and white photography, he often takes BW photos of beautiful landscapes to highlight the beauty of this subject without distracting colors.

While he realizes that it will take more than a couple of photos to save trees, he hopes that by capturing these images, he can remind people about the beauty of nature. Everyone who sees Ali Shokri photography understands that the absence of these trees would mean that countless birds would lose their home. Besides, there will be no air to breathe and life on Earth will disappear.

ali shokri photography

Ali knows what message he tries to get across with his photos and has dedicated his whole professional career to this. Thanks to his photos of trees, he had many exhibitions.

Ali was invited to a TED Talks event to tell about his project and the life of trees. He had 6 personal and many group exhibitions that took place in Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Slovenia, France, Italy, Canada, Monaco, and the USA. Besides, his works were printed in various magazines in Iran and across the globe, such as American Photo and Digital Camera World.

Ali Shokri Book

ali shokri photography book

The Passion of Trees by Ali Shokri was published in 2017. In it, you will find many beautiful examples of landscape photography as the book comprises the photos that have been taken over 15 years in Iran and Azerbaijan during different seasons.

What makes it stand out among other similar books is that Ali tells us a personal story. He has seen many forests decline and disappear. As many new roads and dams are being built every year, forests gradually disappear. The Passion of Trees reminds us that it’s within our power to save them and change things for the better.

Ali Shokri photography invites us to remember that we are not alone in this world and that we can save nature if we take swift action. He shows us how climate change affects the world around us and endangers animals and plants.

Ali Shokri Prints

ali shokri photography

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