100 Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

100 Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Are you a beginning photographer and looking for real wedding photography tips? Books by professional wedding photographers are useless, and personal consultations will cost you more than $400 per day? We have prepared for you the best and most useful 100 tips for wedding photography to become a top wedding photographer in your area.

Wedding Photography Tips: Tips by Pro’s

Dylan Howell’s wedding photography tip:

wedding photography tips

Dylan is from Portland, Oregon. He works in different countries trying to tell wonderful love stories of his clients. To reveal the incredible natural beauty and true feelings through the wedding photography is his main goal.

Candice Cusic’s wedding photography tip:

tips for wedding photography

Candice specializes in different family celebration images and wedding photos. She does not like to shoot lots of similar pictures with identical smiling faces. In the wedding photography tips for brides, she emphasized that the greatest photos can be shot in the natural situations, when they are not specially prepared or stage. 

Chrisman Studios’ wedding photography tip:

wedding photography tips for beginners

Those couples, who want to have their wedding photography gallery in documentary style, offer Chrisman Studios services. A talented videographer and 4 creative photographers will satisfy all the requirements. 

Jonas Peterson’s wedding photography tip:

wedding photography tips for brides

Jonas is a top wedding photographer who has been working in the industry for many years. If you visit his website, which he has started in 2008, you will understand why he is so appreciated and honored. And his additional brilliant beach wedding photography tips are unique and exciting.

Pranjal Kumar’s wedding photography tip:

wedding photography tips and tricks

The amazing team of people, who really love and admire their work, is known not only in India. Candid Shutter’s goal is to shot everything in its beauty. They are famous not only for their Indian bridal photography but for the passionate attitude to everything they do. Candid Shutter’s main principle is to be yourself and keep authentic. 

Gabe McClintock’s wedding photography tip:

wedding photography editing tips

World famous Gabe McClintock is one of the most honorable specialists in portrait photography. If you wish to find out some interesting and useful wedding photography tips, you can learn them on his website. 

Laura Babb’s wedding photography tip:

wedding photography ideas and tips

Creative English photographer is known for her documentary approach. Working not only in the UK but in different countries around the world, she takes unique playful images which incredibly real. Laura is sharing her ideas about light in her tip above.

Hafenliebe Wedding Photography’s wedding photography tip:

wedding photography tips

German highly experienced team Hafenliebe prefers to deal with destination and intimate weddings as well as elopements. For those who want to learn wedding photography, two members of this professional team are ready to give some pieces of advice in their interview for Looks Like Film.

Dan O’Day’s wedding photography tip:

tips for wedding photography

He is said to be a top wedding photographer. His vivid and filled up with unstoppable energy images can show you the whole story full of emotions, beauty, and happiness of the occasion.

Wedding Photography Tips: Preparations

wedding photography tips for beginners

  • Make a Good First Impression 

One of our most disputable wedding photography tips concerns the necessity of visiting the wedding photography venue in advance. Judging by the experience of a photographer, it may be useful for beginners; while more experienced photogs will find it a trifling. Though the weather conditions and the atmosphere will be different, it may still be very helpful for amateurs to get acquainted with the place beforehand. Thus, they will have enough time to plan all their actions carefully and set priorities. It is always easier to work at the familiar place. 

  • Prepare Documents 

wedding photography tips for brides

Every couple plans the wedding thoroughly and tries to dope out all the unpredictable situations. But it happens sometimes that people decide to cancel their wedding or postpone it, and if you want to be sure about your wedding photography salary, it is compulsory to conclude an wedding photography contract and make it legal. Such a document won’t only protect your rights, but will also specify all the important issues, concerning the event.

  • Discuss the Shoot List

Every photographer has a set of successful wedding photography poses, but always ask your clients if they have their own ideas on how they would like to be photographed. If you have a detailed list, you will be able to plan everything smoothly and produce more interesting shots. If the couple wants to have individual pictures with some guests, you must know about it and realize how to organize everything in the best way possible. 

  • Answer the Customer’s Question "What's Included in the Price?"

Financial questions may cause lots of misunderstandings, so try to answer all of them. Even if you have stated your wedding photography package prices, there are always some vague nuances. In case, you have some written messages or an agreement, it will be much easier to check what has been agreed upon.

 You must clearly define:

  • the number of images;
  • your working time;
  • how many pictures will be edited;
  • the album preparation;
  • if they will pay for your tickets. 

Don’t feel shy to ask even the minor questions, which you have some doubts about. 

  • Meet Important People and Find Out their Names

Wedding photography requires you to be a very communicative person. At the wedding, you can’t call the newlyweds off all the time, so find somebody else, whom you can consult. The Chief Maid of Honor and the Groomsman are the two people that can help you greatly. They know all the guests and can give you some very valuable pieces of advice. 

  • Practice Before Ceremony

It is impossible to become a top wedding photographer at once. You need lots of practice before you’ll be able to attract many clients. You may start by photographing your friends, who pretend to be newlyweds and check what poses are the most advantageous. It is better to learn wedding photography when you have enough time to experiment and to try different wedding photography ideas.

  • Schedule Your Day

wedding photography tips and tricks

We have already concentrated on the detailed plan of the event in one of our wedding photography tips. Ask the couple about the most significant and sweet moments at their wedding, which mustn’t be missed. They would probably like to have the picture of the first dance or the bouquet toss and you have to be ready to capture this moment. Use various wedding photographer apps to simplify your work.

  • Mind Couples Expectations

Every couple wants to get super cool shots of their wedding. But their expectations may be too unrealistic. Don’t promise the clients to create the miracle, they must clearly see what services you offer and what types of photos they may get, judging by your portfolio. Discuss your wedding photography packages and make the contract to protect your and the clients’ right.

  • Find the Couple’s Style

wedding photography editing tips

A successful wedding photographer knows how to satisfy his/her clients. In fact, every bridal photography has something unique and you have to find the personal approach to each couple. Your customers may have special religious issues to be respected or they may want a themed-event or just a beach party. All such moments have to be taken into account. If they are not sure about what they really want, you may look through wedding photographer websites together and find something to their liking.

  • Rent Gear

You have to spend much money to buy the most necessary thing for the wedding photography. It is almost impossible to purchase all you need, but having the spare gear is always a good choice. If you can’t afford to have a couple of expensive cameras, you can always buy a cheaper model or rent one. Never skimp and screw on the equipment that helps you to earn your living.

  • Prepare Many Memory Cards

It will be really terrible if you have to miss important moments, just because your camera has run out of memory. It is unforgivable for a real professional to make such a mistake. Prepare several empty memory cards before the wedding. It is better to get the bulk of shots, rather than have nothing to choose from.

  • Take Rehearsal Photos

It is somehow similar to the early acquaintance and is really important for beginner photographers. Meeting an official and observing, what will occur during the ceremony may help you to understand how to plan your work during the event. Thus, you will feel more confident and can implement the bravest wedding photography ideas.

  • Select Comfy Clothing

wedding photography ideas and tips

Don’t know what should a photographer wear to a wedding? You have to choose your outfit in accordance with the style of the wedding. Wearing a tuxedo or a classic dress may be ridiculous if you are going to photograph a beach wedding. Actually, there is no perfect attire for such an event. You just have to choose something neat and comfortable. Give preference to the neutral colors and loose fit. Usually, a photographer has to work many hours from early morning till sunset, so mind to have some warm clothes.

  • Be One Step Ahead

We consider this point to be one of the most crucial wedding photography tips. Though it is not so easy to predict everything, you have to master the ability to be ready for any turn of events. Your fee depends on how well you are prepared to capture any moment at the wedding. All spare batteries, additional cameras, timing and other hints will enable you to cope with the most unpredictable situations.

  • Shoot Only for Couple

Modern people tend to be less superstitious and find it quite a regular practice for a groom and a bride to have a kind of pre-wedding photo shot. This probationary photo session enables you to spend as much time as you need on taking photos, without the couple constantly distracting. At the event, a wedding photographer has to capture lots of other things and people, so having such a photo shot is a very great idea. They will feel more relaxed without the wedding bustle.

Tips for Wedding Photography During the Wedding

wedding photography tips

  • Don’t Hurry

Your working time must be planned smartly. People will be very surprised or even overwhelmed if they see you rushing from one place to another, trying to capture something interesting. Everything at the wedding deserves your attention. Try to take some shots at one place and then move smoothly to another spot. Don’t hurry to take hundreds of hectic picture, which require hours of editing. The top wedding photographer impresses his clients by the quality, not by the quantity of the pictures. 

  • Find Crowd Controller

tips for wedding photography

If you work alone, you need somebody from the guests as a helping hand. Such a person has to know all the attendees and be able to gather them all for a group photo. Even a very skillful professional wedding photographer can’t organize dozens of people, who continue talking, drinking and discussing the wedding. Be attentive and find a crowd controller. 

  • Be Silent 

Some of our wedding photography tips are easier to implement. The silent shutter mode is extremely useful if you want to become almost “invisible” at the church. It may appear to be a little bit slow, but you can adjust the mode in accordance with the situation. 

  • Pay Attention to Small Details 

It is obvious that customers admire the photos of small, cute wedding knick-knacks, especially if they have made them themselves. Such things may help a wedding photographer to create a wonderful photo album, enriching it with shots of statues, candles, flowers, postcards and other small deco-things. Sometimes you may lack the time or forget to capture the details, but try hard to please the customers with such photos. 

  • Take Groom and Groomsmen Shots

wedding photography tips for beginners

The groom separately in the archway   (a full body shot)

  • with a serious face;
  • beholding his bride;
  • thinking about something;
  • smiling.

Boys preparing 

  • assisting the groom with his outfit;
  • joking;
  • pretending to be a gang;
  • posing with the hands in the pockets.
  • Take Bride and Bridesmaids Shots

wedding photography tips for brides

The bride separately in the archway      (a full body shot)

  • playing with the attire;
  • smelling the flowers;
  • half-side photo;
  • dreamy look.

Girls preparing

  • with the her “girl team”;
  • dancing and laughing;
  • examining the ring;
  • demonstrating flowers and dresses;
  • sharing secrets.
  • Take Macro Photos of Flowers

wedding photography tips and tricks

The irreplaceable attribute of any wedding is flowers. They may vary in colors and types and are chosen in accordance with the style of the event. Still, the bride and her friends often don’t know how to pose with the bouquet. They hold it too high, hiding the face and looking rather clumsy. According to the wedding photography tutorial, advise them to hold the flowers at the belly level, which looks very elegant. You may try placing the flowers around if you want to capture the bridesmaids moving. 

  • Use the Benefits of Golden Hour











wedding photography editing tips
Laura Rachel photography











There are many chances to get cool shots before and during the ceremony. But never underestimate the time, known as a golden hour. Really fearless photographers manage to photograph the couple at the sunset. The colors and tones are superb. You will get very romantic and warm photos with the help of the natural light. Mind these tips for wedding photography if you want to take romantic couple shots. 

  • Don’t Bother Guest and Newlyweds  

The professional wedding photographer is like a skillful psychologist, who sets people in the right mood and makes the whole process entertaining and pleasant. Make your clients feel free to show the sincere emotions, without paying attention to somebody with a camera, photographing them. It is their Big Day, so use different techniques and tools to photograph from the distance. 

  • Shoot the Venue and Landscape Before the Wedding 

wedding photography ideas and tips

Wedding photography venue deserves to be photographed separately. This place may mean something to the couple or be just a beautiful spot, so take care to get there several hours before the event to take some unhasting photos. You may add the pictures to the album or just use them in your portfolio. 

  • Plan Which Family Will Arrive First

You can ease the task if you discuss the order of families being photographed in advance. You have to define the time for each family separately. There are many affordable wedding photography packages, which include individual photo shoots for the groom’s and the bride’s family. Thus, you have more chances to get quality photos. 

  • Take Photos of the Bride Alone

Brides treat the wedding super seriously. They spend lots of time choosing the dress and performing all other preparations. So, it is advisable to have some shots with the bride only. It is her special day, and she wants to remember it forever. Experiment with background and props to satisfy the bride. 

  • Don’t Forget About Close-Ups











wedding photography tips
Anna Lee photography











This tip deals with the place, you occupy while shooting. Your position must be convenient for you to see everything, without moving a lot. Don’t attract much attention by your work. You have to capture everything, without disturbing people. Try to find a front place, from which you will behold all the guests, as well as, the newlyweds. 

  • Shoot in Black and White

B&W photos have something special about them, that’s why they never lose popularity. Very often, the basic wedding photography packages include such a service. Primarily, you have to found out the clients’ preferences and then show the pictures with a classier look. 

  • Use a Simple Background











tips for wedding photography
Daniel West photography











Beginners make mistakes by choosing too busy backgrounds. Remember, you have to concentrate on the couple and choose something rather plain to get a cool shot. Wedding photography tips for brides can be a problem for you in this case, because these sources can cause the desire of the bride to be photographed on complex backgrounds. Very colorful backdrops will distract the attention and you’ll have to spend lots of time on editing. Having the regular scenery as a background is a very good option, due to the natural symmetry of the objects.

  • Photograph Kids

wedding photography tips for beginners

There is scarcely any wedding without children. They may be of different age, but still, they remain kids, who enjoy running, laughing, eating sweets and distracting adults. You have to find out if the couple has kids. In such a way, you will get a chance to take some sweet shots of the whole family together. Your clients will definitely be glad to have such images. Besides, you may get the bonus to your wedding photography salary.

  • Tell the Bridesmaids to SMILE While The Walk Down the Aisle

Though the wedding is a very joyful event, the couple, their relatives and friends may feel a little bit nervous. Of course, you don’t need shots with the bridesmaids, who are looking from one side of the hall to another and trying to demonstrate a prim smile. Walking down the aisle they are often pondering about something and may even forget to look at the camera. Ask them to relax, for you to take their photos. 

Wedding Photography Tips: After the Wedding

wedding photography tips for brides

  • Decide What You Like More: Coloring or Black&White

If being a wedding photographer you are not sure whether the light and contrast are perfect for the shooting, you can take only black and white photographs. For sure, you will get rid of an unnecessary headache about changeable light conditions. Then in your comfortable photo studio, without any distractions, you will add colors, normalize contrast and get brilliant wedding pictures.

  • Provide Fast Turnaround 

As it is known, the satisfied clients are more likely prefer applying to your services again to looking for other local wedding photographers. So try to finish the image post production as fast as possible. Don’t wait for the end of the terms if you can manage to send photos earlier. Feeling your true care and attention, happy couples will hire you for the next family occasions or advertise to their relatives and friends. 

  • Preview Images 

wedding photography tips and tricks

One of the principle wedding photography tips is giving the clients an opportunity to get some wedding images not long after the event. You don’t need to send ready images from wedding photography packages. The couple will be very surprised and happy to have even photo without retouching. Moreover, let your clients know when they will receive the edited photographs if it hasn’t been agreed before.

  • Ask Your Couple to Recommend You

When the job is done and the satisfied newlyweds got their wedding photos, wedding videos etc, ask them whether any of their friend or acquaintances aren’t looking for a professional wedding photographer. Besides, they can show your work results to the relatives and friends and that will be a great evidence of your qualification.

  • Create Online or Printed Wedding Albums

wedding photography editing tips

Creating and selling albums for wedding photos can become an important addition to your main direction. The unordinary and pleasant album will be another reminding about you.

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners: Gear, Equipment, and Tools

wedding photography ideas and tips

  • Know Your Gear Inside Out

Professional and reliable equipment is a significant part of future success. So before every event check wedding photography camera settings, study and test available modes. Get sure that all options and functions work properly. 

Having studied your gear, you are advised to imitate with somebody future shooting. Practice working with the lights, different poses in the wedding photography venue.

Enter the living room and ask your assistant to take a position which you are planning for the couple. The perfect place is back to the window. Then take several quick pictures with the ideal exposure. Repeat these actions in the other rooms, changing modes and options, trying various wedding photography poses. Having finished shooting inside, continue your practice in the front yard and backyard. Natural sunlight can differ from artificial one, so you should get used to it and find specific settings for your camera. Shoot your partner both in the shadow and in the sunshine. If you have any questions, look through wedding photography tutorial and the follow their tips. It is compulsory to test your flash in dark places with one light spot inside. In the end, you will be able to choose the best options. 

  • Use a Full-Frame DSLR Camera

Mirrorless or perfect full-frame DSLR camera is required if you suppose to get amazing images. For excellent bridal photography Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, some modern models of Nikon photo cameras or Sony A7R II are strongly recommended by professionals. Other variants of Canon Mark line are also suitable for wedding shooting. 

Using one of these items, you can be fully sure they will work perfectly even after a hundred shots. They are supposed to work even under the tough weather conditions. To get high output these cameras are supplied with battery grips as well as reliable battery packs. Shooting natural light wedding photography, you may be faced with a lack of lighting. But if your camera is professional, you should not worry about it as it has a fast autofocus.

tips for wedding photography Canon 5D Mark IV EOSOUR CHOICE
    • Screen Size: 3.2 in
    • ISO Range: 32000 ISO
    • 30.4 megapixels
    • 4K UHD 2160p
wedding photography tips for beginners Nikon D800EOUR CHOICE
  • Screen Size: 3.2 in
  • ISO Range: 100 - 6400 in
  • 36.3 megapixels
  • FHD 1080p
wedding photography tips for brides Sony a7R IIOUR CHOICE
  • Screen Size: 3.2 in
  • Item Dimensions: 9.61 x 6.1 x 5.67 in
  • 42.4 megapixels
  • Item Weight: 2.81 lbs
  • Use a Back-up Camera

To have an additional reserve camera may seem essential for wedding photographers. But is this so necessary and effective? If your backup camera is not as new and modern as the basic one, you won’t get photos of the equal quality. On the other hand, to buy one more device of the latest models gives you an opportunity to continue your work without losing excellence. But is it worth? Buying the reserve camera, as usual, appears to unnecessary waste of money.

tips for wedding photography Nikon D750OUR CHOICE
    • Screen Size: 3.2 in
    • Item Weight: 1.65 lbs
    • 24.3 megapixels
    • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
wedding photography tips for beginners Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIOUR CHOICE
  • Screen Size: 3.2 in
  • ISO Range: Auto, 100 - 25600
  • 22.1 megapixels
  • FHD 1080p
  • Choose Only the Best Lenses

According to wedding photography tips, it is essential to have a portrait lens to shoot wedding portraits of the bride and groom. 1.8 USM Lens for Canon EF 85mm f fits this purpose very well. To take high-quality group photographs or for other general cases, it is advisable to use a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens. It is also possible to choose 2.8L IS II USM for Canon cameras. This variant is considered to be more universal as you will be able to shoot individual and group photos. The camera has the all necessary settings, the only thing you need is a lens with a wide angle to make better group images.

tips for wedding photography Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens 1380C002OUR CHOICE
    • Lens Type: wide-angle
    • Maximum Aperture: f/4
    • Maximum Focal Length: 105 millimeters
wedding photography tips for beginners Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM LensOUR CHOICE
  • Focus Type: manual-and-auto
  • Item Dimensions: 2.95 x 2.81 x 2.81 in
  • Item Weight: 0.94 lb
  • Change Lenses While Wedding Shooting 

Most wedding photographer websites recommend starting shooting with distant photographs. So take a longer lens and step back from the couple. It helps them to feel more comfortable, they will talk to each other and their guests. As the result, the couple will be more relaxed and won’t notice you. The photos are more natural if there is no tension in the couple’s poses or faces. After that, you can change a lens and keep on working from the closer distance.

  • Don’t Forget to Take Wide-Angle Zooms

Some weddings are quite modest, including only a small number of guests. Whereas, others can be large affairs with a big crowd of people and you have to capture all of them in the photos. In such a case, you should have a camera with a wide angle zoom. Anyway, you must choose your lens taking into account a wedding photography venue and number of people. 

To sum it up, you need a wide aperture lens to work with. Here are some examples to select:

  • Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8
  • Canon 11-24mm f/2.8
  • Sigma 12-24mm F/4.5-5.6 DG HSM II (Nikon or Canon)
tips for wedding photography Sigma 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art Lens for NikonOUR CHOICE
    • Lens Type: Ultra Wide Angle
    • Maximum Aperture: f/4
    • Maximum Focal Length: 24 millimeters
wedding photography tips for beginners Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM LensOUR CHOICE
  • Lens Type: Ultra Wide Angle
  • Maximum Aperture: f/4
  • Maximum Focal Length: 24 millimeters
wedding photography tips for beginners Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED LensOUR CHOICE
  • Lens Type: Zoom lens
  • Maximum Aperture: 2.8
  • Maximum Focal Length: 14 millimeters
  • Set Proper Lighting

Selecting equipment for work with the light you should keep in mind your own style. Following all wedding photography flash tips, buy 2 high-powered flash units. Of course, it is advisable to have one reserve or even more to adjust the correct flash settings.

Among the most recommended variants is Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight i-TTL. Its features and options are the most suitable. Another reliable and perfectly suited camera is Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT.

tips for wedding photography Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight FlashOUR CHOICE
    • Portable, Versatile Speedlight Unit
    • Nikon's Precision i-TTL Flash Control
    • Complete Flash Head Positioning Freedom
    • Hot Shoe and Wireless Operation
    • Wireless Flash Control
  • Use Wireless Radio Triggers

While shooting any wedding photograph, it is very important not to distract in different details like synchronizing trigger flashes, settings and even start using the second camera. Everything is possible to do in distance if you have radio triggers.

  • Take Advantage of Small Location Monolights and LEDs

Basic wedding photography packages usually consist of different photos of the couple, including images on the dance floor, portraits and at the table. To take these pictures you need to have enough light and using Monolights will be a wonderful solution. Built-in modeling lights and high-powered flashes along with reflectors will help you to solve any problems with lightning. The battery is usually in the kit.

  • Mind Lightning While Shooting in a Dark Church 

wedding photography tips for beginners

Your clients can choose various places for their ceremonies and celebrations. It could be well-lighted spaces hall, a compact restaurant or a large green garden. If it is dark inside, use one of wedding photography tips and tricks – perform shooting with a full frame camera. It has a larger sensor which allows you to get more lighting and produce images of higher quality. A crop-sensor camera will not fit in this situation. Another helpful tip which can be a good way out is using prime lenses. Having a bit wider apertures, this kind of lenses allows coping with the lack of light. That does not mean you cannot use other types. 

  • Bring a White Sheet

To make photos more memorable and incredible your imagination can send you very unusual and unexpected ideas. You may ask the couple to stand close to the water or on the green grass, you can try shooting Japanese images or create Indian wedding photo. But during the action, the brides can smear their beautiful dresses and that thing which is able to spoil the day. To avoid such a situation you may take a white sheet to be stood on by the couple. No one will see it under the dress.

  • Take a Few Props with You

Let your clients understand that you have prepared for their wedding too. Bring some props which are connected with the theme and style of the event. It can be a nice photo frame, some funny accessories for photos, a garland of flowers for Indian bridal photography or other nice stuff.

  • Use a Tripod

wedding photography tips for brides

As usual, photographers can work without a tripod when the location is bright and there is enough light. However, if you are shooting in a dark room a badly lit cathedral this thing will be valuable. Sometimes to have a cleaner wedding photograph while using a not very high ISO you can apply the tripod.

  • Don’t Forget about Battery Grips

No doubt that battery grips can make the working process easier. They lengthen battery life, provide you with some flexibility and supply with an additional set of controls, making portrait orientation less difficult. They fit almost all types of professional and prosumer cameras. However, their weight is quite considerable, so a photo - and videographer for wedding usually suffers from some kind of pain after he/she has been carrying battery grips for many hours. The price also can be different, so before buying study the market. One of the most suitable variants can be Promaster grips. Though this item costs less than its equivalents, it has the same options and features.

  • Control Shadows 

Some other wedding photography tips are concerned about additional equipment. For instance, to control shadow you need an off-camera flash bracket. It is expensive but it is worth every cent.

  • Bring a Ladder or Step Stool

wedding photography tips and tricks

2 Step New Ladder Folding Aluminum Platform Work Stool
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Weight capacity: 330lbs
  • Open size: 15.3"x17.3x19.6"(LXWXH)

Fearless photographers can do their work from different places and heights because some shots get perfect only when you are a bit higher. You do not need to risk; a not very high ladder or a simple stool with several steps will be enough.

  • Gather an Emergency Wedding Kit

Different trifles like pins, stain remover, a wooden hanger etc. may occur to be very useful in some situations.

  • Find a Good Camera Bag

It depends on personal tastes how to carry and keep your equipment. Every wedding photographer has his/her preferences but the main thing about bags or backs is that they must be cozy to carry and spacious. You can keep all your gear near you during the shooting or leave part of it in some special place. 

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks: Camera Settings

wedding photography editing tips

  • 1/250

One of the wedding photography tips that goes as a general rule is to keep the shutter speed in the range of 1/250 second. Of course, it can depend on the person and his/her steadiness of the hand, but 1/250 is considered to be the most suitable to capture every necessary moment.

  • Use Continuous Mode

Actually, this is the photography mode that any wedding photographer should use. A wedding day is usually filled with different events and emotions, and Continuous Mode will allow a photographer to capture every tear, every smile and the whole excitement of the guests and the family on this holiday. If you decide to use usual mode, get ready that something will certainly spoil your pictures. For example, if you have captured a great photo of a smiling couple, somebody can blink in the background, or do something else. You can easily prevent this, using the Continuous Mode. Thus, you will get several seemingly identical photos, but in fact, you will be able to choose the one, in which everybody looks great.

wedding photography ideas and tips

  • Take Sharp Shots

There is hardly a wedding without group bridal photography? Such pictures look amazing, but sometimes it is difficult even for a professional wedding photographer to take the clear photos, with lots of people. In such cases, it is recommended to keep the aperture as small as possible and do not use too high ISO. Besides, avoid using the aperture below f/8 and you are guaranteed to get sharp and beautiful images.

  • Use Natural Light

Talking about the outdoor wedding photography tips, one cannot but mention the natural light wedding photography. Of course, sometimes it can be hard to take such photos, but if you have a choice between natural light vs artificial light photography, always pick the first one. However, you should also avoid taking the photos where there is too much sunlight and move to shaded places. This will prevent people from squinting and eliminate unwanted shadows.

  • Shoot in RAW

Arranging the wedding photography shooting, take into account the differences between GPEG and PNG. The RAW format gives more discretion for the photo editing, especially as you cannot change the lighting at the wedding.

  • Mind Camera Settings

wedding photography tips

During the photo session, you may get some photos with blown out areas. In order to predict and fix that, use one of the wedding photography camera settings that will flash such areas on the screen. Thus, you will know that it's time to lower the exposure or turn off the flash, and further, any detail will not be missed.

  • Correct White Balance

As a wedding photographer, you'll have to move around too much every time shooting in various wedding photography venue, so that's why you can leave the auto settings of white balance. You just won’t be able to change it all the time. It will be much easier to make such adjustments while editing the photos and use the white dress of the bride, which has perfect white balance.

  • Take Several Wide Aperture Photos

Do you share the idea that wedding photos, wedding videos with the blurred background look astonishing? If you would like to take such photos, you will need a wide angle lens that if high on bokeh. Keep in mind that the wider the aperture is, the lower the ISO will be, and accordingly the level of noise will be lower as well.

  • Use AF Servo Mode Rule 

wedding photography tips for beginners

One of the next wedding photography tips refers to using the Al Servo feature. It helps to keep the focus if the object is moving, or if you press the shutter only halfway. It is a great setting for the wedding photography, as people keep on moving all the time. Al Focus mode will “concentrate” on fixed objects, but in case some object begins to move, it will turn into Al Servo mode, which will try to keep the moving object in focus while you are taking the picture.

  • Aperture Priority 

The depth of field parameter influences the quality of a picture greatly. The photo with the f/2.8 aperture differs from the one with f/11. The Shutter priority mode doesn’t give the same esthetic control, as the aperture tends to change because of the different light.

  • Take Group Shots

wedding photography tips for brides

While making the group photos, think carefully about the selection of f-number. F/2.8 will not suit you, as every object in your photo has to be clear and sharp. The f-number will depend on how many people are in the photo, as well as how many layers are there. If you have a wide angle lens, you will need at least f/5.6 and preferably even more. Here the ISO will come to help you. If you position yourself as a top wedding photographer, then your modern professional camera should give you great photos with the ISO 800 and even higher than 1600. Experiment with the light, ISO, shutter speed to achieve desirable group photos.

  • Mind Focal Length 

What about the focal length of the wedding photograph, remember that for such small things, like wedding rings you should use macro shooting or 100mm, for portrait photos of the bride and groom, or the guests you should use 85mm, and for the whole wedding holiday 35mm is the most suitable variant.

  • Don’t Overdo with Grain & Noise

wedding photography tips and tricks

You know that together with raising the ISO, the noise level also rises. Sometimes you cannot avoid grainy photos, when, for example, you are shooting in the dark church. You can decrease the noise by adjusting the exposure of the camera, and it will be undoubtedly better than increasing the exposure during photo editing as you will get even more noise. Remember that sometimes it is better to have a noisy photo than a blurry one.

Wedding Photography Editing Tips

wedding photography editing tips

  • Use Clone Tool to Get Rid of Flaws

No bride wants her photos of the wedding to be imperfect. A problem, in this case, can be redness, pimples, small wrinkles, black circles and much more. It's very easy to get rid of it while wedding photo retouching. On the other side, be very careful when using it, you can easily overdo the face, thereby making the image unnatural. Using this tool in Photoshop is one of the most common wedding photography tips for beginners.

  • Apply Dodge and Burn

The list of the best tips for wedding photography deservedly includes this technique. Successfully combining these two tools gives you the ability to create the perfect image, even if the source material was very difficult for any photo editing. The fact is that the Dodge tool gives you the opportunity to highlight areas that do not have the inner radiance. Opposite action of the second Burn Tool makes it possible to reverse the much-lightened sections of the photography and snatch out the details that were exposed. It is worth noting that the professional use of this method requires experience from the retoucher.

  • Correct Color Vibrancy


Why does every photographer, even the most experienced owner of the very expensive equipment, have to deal with photo editing, which is related to coloring the image? Everything is very simple, especially if you use Wedding photo Lightroom presets or Wedding Photoshop actions. There is nothing strange in that you sometimes get not very bright images, as if the lens of your camera is covered with plastic or simply dirty. All this can happen due to the fact that it is difficult for a lens to catch all the many shades of color that a human eye can catch. Sometimes the color tone of the image may be disturbed and some other colors will appear, for example, the photo will start to give off with yellow or blue. One of the best wedding photography editing tips, in this case, will be the use of Color Vibrancy.

  • Use Sharpness Tool

If you use the wedding photography tips and tricks of professional photographers, you know that the greatest photos are candid, they create an atmosphere and convey real emotions. And with these pictures, one of the most horrible problems is related, it is the blurriness of the image. Often incredibly atmospheric and alive, the picture is ultimately blurry, but do not rush to delete it and start editing a less interesting image. Use Sharpness Tool to correct this defect, but do not overdo or the image can turn out to be a cartoonish one.

  • Apply Frequency Separation

Ideal skin is simply necessary for portraits of the bride and groom. Frequency Separation is a wonderful technique that will help you achieve an even skin tone when editing photos. Professionals also advise this technique to handle other parts of the image, from the dress, ending with the sky and flowers. This is one of the easiest wedding photography editing tips, which even a beginner can use.

  • Offer High-End Photo Retouching

This technique is difficult and requires practice. It combines a huge number of techniques, the main task of which is maximum accuracy when working with pixels. This photo editing is suitable for those photos that should look perfect, without any visible drawbacks. It can be used in advertising, photographs for magazines and in the wedding photography, which makes it possible to print these images. What does this technique use? In order to perform such photo editing, you will need the ability to work with pixels, eliminate image imperfections, work with textures, overlap them without creating a negative effect, adjust the color and tone of the image, additional retouch and other things. Many photographers say that to perform such photo editing they need several programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Pen Tablet and others. We offer you some video tips for wedding photography and image editing on this technique.

Wedding Photography Tips: Mistakes to Avoid 

wedding photography tips

  • Not Sign a Wedding Photography Contract

Signing a contract must be the first and the sufficient thing you should do. Without a contract, everything will turn into a mess and cause lots of problems. The contract will keep all the things organized, such as wedding photography packages, wedding photography price, the time and many others.

  • Friendship with Uncle Bob

It is usually a beginner photographer, who comes to the wedding and tries to prove that he/she is better than you are. If he/she prevents you from comfortable photo shooting, try to solve the problem, without offending this person or the couple. You can talk with the couple and suggest them to go out to take the photos of them only. Do not let the Uncle Bob influence your photo session, and at the end of the party, you can give him/her a chance to enjoy him/herself, taking the photos.

  • Disrespect for Traditions

In case you have a client from other country or other religion, first of all, learn more about their culture and traditions. For example, if the bride and groom are from India, learn about their weddings and the peculiarities of Indian bridal photography. If you're hesitating about something, do not worry to ask them everything you are interested in.

  • Not Knowing the Guests

As a wedding photographer, you have to get along with all the guests to ensure that they will look good and relaxed in the photos. But what is more important is that you should know what wedding photography poses are more suitable for each guest. Getting to know everyone may take much time, so ask your coordinator for some help and ask to give some hints about who should be in the wedding photography gallery in the first place.

  • Missing the Firsts











tips for wedding photography
WhiteLoopStudio Phtoography











One of the most efficient wedding photography tips is not to miss the moment of firsts. Weddings are filled with special first things such as the first kiss, the first dance, and many more. It is sufficient to capture every of such firsts. Otherwise, it may cost you in the long term. In order to do it, agree with the schedule for such moments with the couple, so that you could be present and take the memorable photo.

  • Lack of Experience

Every photographer stared from somewhere. To begin the wedding photography career, it won't be enough just to watch a wedding photography tutorial. You have to gain the experience in a practical way. If you already have a camera, learn all its setting thoroughly and possible ways of their usage. Then hope that some of your acquaintances will get married and you’ll be invited as a photographer. In such case, it is better, to be honest with the clients. But the best decision is to start your way as an assistant to a professional photographer. This will prevent you from failing for the first time and you will become more confident and experienced.

  • Work Without an Assistant

wedding photography tips for beginners

Weddings also include a great amount of work, and it'll be very difficult to manage it by yourself. Just think about setting up the lighting, and it’s the smallest thing you must arrange. To save some money, it's recommended to exchange the services with another wedding photographer. You can be an assistant for his/her wedding, and he/she, in turn, will assist you during your work.

  • Not Getting a Wedding Coordinator

Of course, you'll meet your couple before the wedding, and discuss all the details, but they'll scarcely help you with the wedding party. That's why the next of the wedding photography tips is to ask for a coordinator. It may be some close relative or friend of a bride or a groom. The coordinator will visit all your meetings, and thus everyone will know what will happen and what to do. With his/her help you'll be able to get to know guests and to arrange group photos and so on.

  • Don’t Mind the White Dress

wedding photography tips for brides

Sometimes great spaces of black or white colors can mislead the camera light meter. For instance, the area of the white dress will be compensated by a camera that's why the photo will get darker if place the exposure in the middle. You can solve this trouble, adjusting a little of positive exposure compensation. But be careful with the highlights, as it's really hard to restore them during photo editing. Do not forget to watch on the screen and control the accuracy of the exposure.

  • Only Waist Up Photos of Bride

One of the most common mistakes you can meet at wedding photographer websites is the photos of the bride the waist up. Maybe such photographers simply do not understand the value of the wedding dress for the bride. Ensure that you have made many full-length photos of the bride, and moreover, from all angles, so that she could admire herself and her dress.

  • Not Having Extra Memory Cards

You will definitely take a great number of pictures on the wedding day. Take into account that these photos will be large in size, so it will be a terrible mistake and incompetence if you do not have an additional memory card. It is a must-have for every professional wedding photographer. Thus you won’t have to worry about the number of pictures and continue capturing every precious moment.

  • Ignore the Embarrassment of the Couple












wedding photography tips and tricks
Joanna Kyle Photography












Sometimes couples may feel embarrassed standing in front of the camera. You should not let this embarrassment prevent them from posing. You have to help the couple. You can tell them what to do or how to behave. To start with, you can begin shooting with the help of a wide lens and standing at a distance. When they feel more relaxed, you can start moving closer. Give them a chance to talk to each other, enjoy themselves, and then you will get really sincere and memorable pictures.

  • Poses Not Finalized

Continuing the list of the wedding photography ideas and tips, remember that you shouldn't hope that the couple will pose easily. If you and your clients won't have an idea how to pose, it can cause huge troubles, disagreements, and confusion. That's why it'll be a wonderful idea to arrange some meetings before the wedding to choose and try the poses. The couple has to know what they should do during the photo session; it will help them to feel natural and relaxed.

  • Too Much wedding photo editing

One of the sufficient wedding photography tips and tricks is to follow the simple way of photo editing. You do not have to chase the modern trends of photo retouching, because they will vanish as fast as they appear, and the classic look of the photos may last for years. It's also a great decision to adhere your unique style of the photos. 

  • Not Cooperating with a Videographer 

The importance of the videographer for wedding is the same as the photographer, as both of them capture precious moments of life and create memories. That is why you have to make a contract with a videographer and agree on every detail in order to avoid confusing situations and angry guests in the end.

  • Not Using the External Flash

Among the wedding photography tips, there is also the one with the external flash. You should not underappreciate it, as it will compensate the lack of the light. In fact, this happens very often at the weddings. It will also help you to showcase some moments, but you should be careful with the wedding dress of the bride, and not to make it look dim.

  • Blinding Your Clients with the Sun

Even if you found a great location for photo shooting, all the photos may be spoiled, if the people will not do anything but squint. It’s better to look for the places with soft and diffused light that will only improve every photo.

Have we dropped the most important wedding photography tips or you have got any useful secrets to share? You can put your comments below and we will include them on our list.



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