Best Free Lightroom Presets

Download the best free Lightroom presets and edit your photos fast and professionally in several clicks. Stop wasting time on color correction and basic photo editing, use this Universal Bundle of Lightroom Free Presets designed by FixThePhoto team of professional photo retouchers.

50 Best Free Lightroom Presets for Photographers

Look through these free professional Lightroom presets. These are universal Lightroom presets that can be applied to all photography genres. They will speed up your photo editing workflow twice.

1. Best Lightroom Presets Film

best lightroom presets film Download Lightroom Presets

2. Best Lightroom Presets Nature

best lightroom presets nature Download Lightroom Presets

3. Best Lightroom Presets Light Warm

best lightroom presets light warm Download Lightroom Presets

4. Orange & Teal

best free lightroom presets orang and teal

Orange & Teal is very trendy today and is frequently used in photo editing. It helps achieve image brightness without excessive lighting. It brings out the orange and teal colors in your photos.

This free Lightroom preset increases contrast, decreases highlights and adds shadows and whites. Highly recommended for portrait, summer, and beach photographs. Download Free Lightroom Presets

5. Best Lightroom Presets Light

best lightroom presets light Download Lightroom Presets

6. Best Lightroom Presets Orange

best lightroom presets orange Download Lightroom Presets

7. Best Lightroom Presets Dark Moody

best lightroom presets dark moody Download Lightroom Presets

8. Vintage Vibe

best free lightroom presets vintage vibe

Vintage effect belongs to the top free portrait Lightroom presets used by photographers. It is a must-have one to give all your pictures a wonderful vintage-inspired or retro look, emphasize emotions.

This best free Lr preset is able to make the background of your photographs soft and light, so the central point of your pictures pops out. It is good for wedding, portrait, stylized photoshoots, and outdoor sessions.

9. Best Lightroom Presets Complete Matte Collection

best lightroom presets complete matte collection Download Lightroom Presets

10. Best Lightroom Presets Chocolate Banner

best lightroom presets chocolate banner Download Lightroom Presets

11. Best Lightroom Presets Dark Film

best lightroom presets dark film Download Lightroom Presets

12. High End Contrast

best free lightroom presets high contrast

Unlike others, this Lightroom preset free suit for portrait, breath-taking travel and eye-catching street photography. Due to modern tendencies, fashion pictures are also enhanced rather frequently with its help.

It is easily recognized because of its bold photo colors and really high contrast. This preset helps enhance contrast, make colors deep, but does not make them too bright. Notice how gently it enhances delicate, warm shades of the autumn photo.

13. Best Lightroom Presets Sepia

best lightroom presets sepia Download Lightroom Presets

14. Best Lightroom Presets Entire Collection 2067

best lightroom presets sepia Download Lightroom Presets

15. Best Lightroom Presets Orange and Teal Presets

best lightroom presets orange and teal presets Download Lightroom Presets

16. Cool Effect

best free lightroom presets cool effect

If the tones and colors on your RAW photographs are too dull or they need some cool tones, then this free Lightroom preset will be handy. It will add depth to the color and make the shadows more visible.

This Cool Effect preset is perfect for wedding photography, holiday Christmas photos or outdoor photos taken at dusk.

17. Best Lightroom Presets Newborn

best lightroom presets newborn Download Lightroom Presets

18. Best Lightroom Presets Let it Snow

best lightroom presets let it snow Download Lightroom Presets

19. Best Lightroom Presets Matte Effect

best lightroom presets matte effect Download Lightroom Presets

20. Fall Mood

best free lightroom presets fall mood

This is one of the best Lightroom presets for photographers who would like to save their photos taken at poor light. It is a cinema-inspired Lightroom preset that will make our photos pop in several simple clicks.

You can apply this preset to receive cinematic vibes. Please note that the photos edited with this free photography preset become warmer, more saturated and cozy. It even becomes slightly matte.

21. Best Lightroom Presets Portrait Pro

best lightroom presets portrait pro Download Lightroom Presets

22. Best Lightroom Presets Matte Portrait

best lightroom presets matte portrait Download Lightroom Presets

23. Best Lightroom Presets Matte Dream

best lightroom presets matte dream Download Lightroom Presets

24. Pretty Portrait

best free lightroom presets pretty portrait

You should download these Lightroom presets for portraits if you want to have a universal bundle of Lightroom plugins. You will get natural skin color, enhanced light and shadows, whitened teeth, brightened eyes, etc.

Just in several clicks you will make your model’s face look lively and without distracting yellowish tints caused by incorrect light.

25. Best Lightroom Presets Sepia Portrait

best lightroom presets sepia portrait Download Lightroom Presets

26. Best Lightroom Presets Luxe Wedding Bundle

best lightroom presets luxe wedding bundle Download Lightroom Presets

27. Best Lightroom Presets Film Look

best lightroom presets film look Download Lightroom Presets

28. Matte

best free lightroom presets pure matte

This cool preset handles the photo’s vibrancy & saturation to open the outstanding and tender matte vibes. Your digital photos look like being printed on matte paper.

It warms your pictures and gives a romantic touch. Use this free Lightroom preset for wedding, newborn, family, couple photography, and female portraits.

29. Best Lightroom Presets Chocolate

best lightroom presets chocolate Download Lightroom Presets

30. Best Lightroom Presets Must Have Collection

best lightroom presets must have collection Download Lightroom Presets

31. Best Lightroom Presets Real Estate HDL

best lightroom presets real estate hdr Download Lightroom Presets

32. Chocolate

best free lightroom presets kodak gold

Make your photos vibrant with the help of these Adobe Lightroom portrait presets. All photographs look better splashed with color.

Bring out vibrant color with this free Lightroom preset specialized for landscapes, portraits, and different hues. Perfect for portraits taken on a cloudy day.

33. Best Lightroom Presets Vintage Love

best lightroom presets vintage love Download Lightroom Presets

34. Best Lightroom Presets Real Estate

best lightroom presets real estate Download Lightroom Presets

35. Best Lightroom Presets Wedding Classic

best lightroom presets wedding classic Download Lightroom Presets

36. Warm Atmosphere

best free lightroom presets warm

This type of free top Lightroom presets is known for being rather full of colors and definitely vibrant. This free Lightroom preset will go well with outdoor photographs taken in shadows.

It is a perfect choice for bringing out greens, reds, and blues! Highly recommended for Instagram travel photographers who would like to add pastel brown tones in shadows.

37. Best Lightroom Presets Wedding Complete Collection

best lightroom presets wedding complete collection Download Lightroom Presets

38. Best Lightroom Presets Interior Presets

best lightroom presets interior presets Download Lightroom Presets

39. Best Lightroom Presets Majestic Landscape

best lightroom presets majestic landscape Download Lightroom Presets

40. Pastel

best free lightroom presets pastel

Pastel shades in photography are gaining the most popularity in the editing of portrait photos over the past few years. These Lightroom plugins gently brighten the image, add pleasant, soft shades of a sunny summer day without overexposing and not adding too much shadows.

Perfect for portrait shots, as it produces a light color correction of the face tone, which looks great and does not require any additional action from you.

41. Free Lightroom Presets - Travel Collection

free-lightroom-presets Download Free Lightroom Presets

A professional collection of free Lightroom presets for landscape and travel photos. They will help you reduce the dynamic range of light, highlight the blue hues of the sky, and increase the overall contrast in several clicks.

42. Universal Free Lightroom Presets

free-lightroom-presetsDownload Free Lightroom Presets

Use these Lr presets to enhance all photography genres as weddings, portraits, city and landscape photography. Make your photos full of bright colors and pleasant shadows fast and professionally.

Adobe Lightroom Portrait Presets Collections

If you’re a beginning photographer who is trying to find his/her photography style, download these free Adobe Lightroom presets for portraits. Test all of them on your photos to decide which image editing style is better: Light & Airy, Monochrome or Orange & Teal.

43. Film Look Cool

portrait lightroom presets film Download Lightroom Presets

These are the best presets for Lightroom that can give your digital photos an old film look. Don’t want to spend money on vintage film camera but want those trendy color effects?

Look through these best Lightroom presets that are quite simple in applying. There is no need to tweak Lightroom settings.

In total there are 30 Lightroom presets (you may select colorful film presets and black and white presets, cool urban presets that are quite unusual, grain and great vignette presets and Lightroom brushes for deeper portrait editing).

44. Lightroom Presets - Mega Bundle

best lightroom presets for weddings Download Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets for portraits have been designed for fashion looking pictures and studio portraits. They add alluring highlights, blocky shadows and other glamour effects in order to make an image look stylish. It is widely used for editing fashion blog photos, editorial portraiture and luxurious wedding pictures.

This LR bundle has many beautiful and universal Adobe presets as Old-fashioned Vintage, Dramatic Sepia, Romantic Wedding Presets, and many others which you can apply for different types of photographs.

45. Matte Dream Lightroom Presets

top lightroom presets matte collection Download Lightroom Presets

It is clear from the name of these unusual top Lightroom presets, they help to get a traditional matte effect. As a rule, they bring amazing grain and special film toning.

 The biggest number of images, which are improved by this type of free Lightroom presets are wedding pictures. This fact can be quite easily explained, as couples are in search of something new and fresh, but still warm and close to the soul.

46. Vintage Love Lightroom Presets Collection

top lightroom presets vintage collection Download Lightroom Presets

This collection includes Vintage Effect Adobe Lightroom presets. They are widely used for editing portrait or wedding photos taken in cloudy weather or in the woods to make photos dramatic and nostalgic.

Best Lightroom Presets for Weddings

Download Lightroom presets and save time you spend on editing about 500 wedding photos. Now batch photo editing and color correction will become faster and easier. Realistic and stylish results are guaranteed.

47. Wedding Lightroom Presets – Luxe Wedding Bundle

lightroom preset collection for wedding photography Download Lightroom Presets

There is a chance to find everything that you may need while editing your wedding photos. This bundle of Wedding Lightroom Presets contains 230 unusual Lightroom CC presets designed by FixThePhoto team.

All Lr presets support RAW and certainly JPEG files. They are completely compatible with PC and Mac. All versions of Adobe Lightroom are supported. In order for use any Lightroom preset, there are instructions and many before and after photos.

48. Sepia Fantasy Wedding Presets

professional lightroom presets for wedding photography Download Lightroom Presets

These professional Lightroom presets are 60 elegant and color-improving presets of high quality which will be quite helpful for modern wedding photographers and their second shooters.

These Lightroom presets are good for outdoor wedding photos that are oversaturated to hide all problem areas where too much light or sunrays.

49. Classic Wedding Lightroom Presets

best lightroom presets for weddings Download Lightroom Presets

Want to make photo color correction professionally and quickly? Then this collection consisting of 30 best Lightroom presets for weddings is perfectly suitable for you. Each preset has been carefully created and tested on numerous wedding photos.

Just in several clicks these wedding Lightroom presets will make your event photos full of colors, emphasize emotions, and get rid of all light problems.

50. B&W Weeding Lightroom Presets Collection

best lightroom presets for weddings black and white Download Lightroom Presets

This set contains 70 wonderful Adobe Lightroom presets that are completely compatible with Lightroom CC. To make photo editing fast and simple, there are special hassle-free and understandable instructions.

Make your wedding photos dramatic, single out the parents’ emotions, the bride’s feeling, and the groom’s sincere happiness with the help of these wedding Lightroom presets.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom CC presets are pre-saved (pre-set) settings of image adjustments which include color balance, exposure correction, photo contrast, brightness, opacity, temperature, etc. They are produced in the Develop module in Lightroom CC.

All professional Lightroom presets can give your images a stylish effect. Making only one click all sliders will be moved to the necessary position, having made the color correction you need.

How to Install Lightroom Presets?

If you haven’t used Lightroom presets before check out this simplest and easiest guide about how to install Lightroom presets within 7 steps.

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Windows:

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Mac:

Step 1. Open your zip file.

Step 2. Save your free Lightroom preset folder.

Step 3. Copy (Command + C on a Mac computer or CTRL + C on Windows) your presets (please make sure for 100% that you do not copy PDFs or Lightroom brushes).

Step 4. Run Lightroom and click on:

Mac owners click on Lightroom > choose Preferences

PC users click on Edit > select Preferences

Step 5. When the Preferences box pops up and becomes visible, ensure that you opened the Presets tab, and only after that choose the folder of your Free Lightroom Presets.

Please pay attention: ‘Store all presets with certain catalog’ must remain totally unchecked. Go to Develop Presets.

Step 6. Paste (Command + V if you use Mac or CTRL + V if you are a frequent PC user) the entire folder of your Lightroom presets into the Develop Presets folder.

Step 7. Just restart the program and start making photo editing with the help of these Lightroom presets!

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