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Best Free Lightroom Presets 2017 – Choice of Fix The Photo

Best Free Lightroom Presets 2017 – Choice of Fix The Photo

Collection of the Best Free Lightroom Presets of 2017, what are presets, how to download or install them, and how to use for professional photo editing.

If you are a professional or beginning photographer who is in search of the fastest way of post processing in Adobe Lightroom, this article will be very useful for you. We have collected the pack of amazing and free Lightroom presets for different photography genres. They not only speed up your workflow but also simplify a job.

If you do not still know how to use the best Lightroom presets for editing photographyproperly, we are ready to support you. There are many amazing built-in LR presets which were created by Adobe LR engineers and digital artists. You can generate your own LR presets which suit to your style, and use it for all photos. In this article we have gathered professional and the best free Lightroom presets, so you are free to choose the one you like and download all of them easily.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Wiki says that the best Lightroom presets free are pre-saved (pre-set) settings of image adjustments which include color balance, exposure correction, photo contrast, brightness, opacity retouching. They are produced in the Develop module in modern Lightroom Adobe program.

best free lightroom preset

All best Lightroom presets can provide your images a stylish effect even if you are not a professional retoucher. Making only one click all the sliders will be moved to the necessary positions, having made the retouching you need. Working with the best free presets for Lightroom, you will save much time and apply any LR preset as many times as you need.

If you need a deep photo retouching, address FixThePhoto photo post production services for about $5-10 per photo.

Download Best Free Presets of Lightroom (13 LR Presets)

Below you will find 14 must-have Lightroom presets best. They are free and can be applied many times. Our team is sure that they will speed up your workflow. Definitely you will have pleasure while working with them. In case you like these LR filters, share them with your colleagues and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks.

free lightroom presetsdownload free presets

Lightroom presets free best set is certainly created to show customers the artistic possibilities of Vintage side of Lightroom. A shooter or amateur editor should make infinite and great color tones & shadows, from definitely subtle warming & cooling, to more intense color effects. This online preset will create an extraordinary old photo appearance by means of the simplest steps. It produces a distinctive vintage and highly stylized look to your RAW shots.

Lr Preset #1 - Fashion Vintage


free lightroom presetsfree lightroom presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

Cold Beauty is the second and quite successful free Lightroom preset made by FixThePhoto team. It is a must-have one that not only lets you give all your valuable pictures a wonderful film-inspired or retro look, but, moreover, emphasizes emotions of a model. This best preset for Lightroom is able to make the background of your photographs soft and alluring light, so the central point of your pictures pops out.

Lr Preset #2 - Cold Beauty


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

To simplify your work, you can outsource your photo editing for $0,14 per photo or $99 per wedding to FixThePhoto team.

Summer Madness preset lets your shot look naturally edited but still professionally retouched. It is a free from payments best Lightroom preset by FixThePhoto which you can download anytime you need to make image colors pop in outstanding photographs of yours. Moreover, if the tones and colors on your raw photographs are too dull or they need some additional life, then it is quite obvious that this free preset will be your emergency help.

Lr Preset #3 - Summer Madness


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

This cool preset handles the photo’s vibrancy & saturation to open the outstanding and tender outcomes. Especially, if you are a popular wedding shooter, this set is a brilliant choice for you. It warms your pictures dramatically and gives only a little sunshine to your composition, so the shots standout from others.

Lr Preset #4 -Nostalgic


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

This again lightroom preset best will definitely leave you amazed with only the natural and fantastic look of all your photographs. Soft Look modern preset is a certainly perfect choice for portrait shooters. This elaborate filter is a definitely free one which will make all your wonderful images look as alluringly beautiful as definitely cinema-inspired in several simple clicks. You can apply this tool for the really perfect cinematic and impressively stylized varied looks of photo sessions of yours.

Lr Preset #5 -Soft Look


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

Best Free Lightroom Presets - Film Look

Free Film Ligtroom presets is a pack of LR filter made to enhance the colors of your portraits fast and easy. Film effect is a wide-spread look that is highly recommended to apply on portrait and landscape photographs. It includes a lot of impressive preset packs that will become useful in the quick process of enhancing your shots. Depending only on the quality and creativity, such presets look more professional and eye-catching as Instagram filters. Receive dramatic and cold color correction with these free Lifhtroom presets.


View more

Retouching photos as they were stills captured from films is very popular among wedding photographers. Download this free Film Lightroom presets package right now and have professionally retouched images in several clicks.

free lightroom  preset

These Film Lightroom presets let you improve the images quicker. They enable to work with RAW pictures and get stylish and beautiful outcomes. These LR presets are built from Lightroom scratch.

In order to download and use this pack for free, you will have to fill out the given form mentioning all required information. After you get a special download link, you will have to hit button “Download”. They all may be downloaded via your email. It is a quick and comfortable service.

This kind of the best presets for Lightroom 6 will be quite ideal for amazing wedding, portrait, landscape, fashion photo sessions.

Lr Preset #6 -Modern Films


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

Get pleased with selection of only amazingly well-known films. You may select the most alluring variant of alluring best presets Lightroom out from particular seven packs.

Lr Preset #7 -Popular Film Essentials


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

This type of best presets for Lightroom free is known for being rather dramatic and definitely vibrant. Undoubtedly this modern collection will suit perfectly for great photography outdoors as well as for up-to-date portraiture sets. Additionally, sunwashed images will be impressively improved by these presets.

Lr Preset #8 -Process of Alternative Films


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

Fed up with modern pictures? Focus your attention on retro style. These widely-accepted presets will undisputedly help you to add various elements to your valuable images and that issue will turn them into retro masterpieces. It will suit ideally for greatly stylized photography.

Lr Preset #9 -Archetype Films


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

That is undoubtedly the most diverse and rich pack of best professional Lightroom presets. It consists of 18 fantastic films and even 100+ impressive filters. Due to being quite elegant and certainly modern, they will be perfect for any type of possible photo settings and photographed subjects.

Lr Preset #10 -Electric Films


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

This particular best free lightroom presets deals with professional portraits in the most effective way. Vintage style has inspired specialists to create it and help users to turn their images into popular film like pictures.

Lr Preset #11 -Dark Contrast


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

Unlike others, this package will suit for marvellous landscape, breath-taking travel and eye-catching street photography. Due to modern tendencies, fashion pictures are also enhanced rather frequently with its help. It is easily recognized because of its bold photo colours and really high contrasts.

Lr Preset #12 -Slide Films


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

Want to have traditionally looking photos? Then consider this best Lightroom presets for professional photographers. They are quite nostalgic and surely classic. Thus, highly stylized images will look like traditional films, which are so familiar to our heart

Lr Preset #13 -Classic BW Films


free-lightroom-presets free-lightroom-presets

Download Free Lightroom Preset

To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form.

LR Preset #14 FREE Lightroom Preset Collection

Included in the bundle:

  • Landscape Photography
  • Cityscapes
  • People Photography
  • Black and White Photography

FREE download

Best Professional Lightroom Presets

Undoubtedly Lightroom presets are effective and useful. They empower busy photographers to have a definitely easy workflow. Nowadays there are no problems in finding presets in internet, as various web sites are full of different and varied presets. Thus, they are at hand any time you need them and have a desire to get really gorgeous images.

Applying just ideal modern Lightroom presets best permit to achieve any result, or to be more precise, any photo feeling that you only may think about. We have scanned all possible presets to organize unparalleled selection of only flawless of best Lightroom presets.

free lightroom presets

Many users tend to search for only free presets. But that is not always right. Usually everything, which is done or offered for free has low quality and brings not impressive results. In addition, they are widely accepted. Thus, speaking about unique and unparalleled results is not appropriate. All these factors prove one fact if they are combined together. It will be much better to apply best paid Lightroom presets for your photography business. They will certainly guarantee your images will be enhanced in the most wonderful way. And the quality of such impressive results will be always high.

200+ Best Stylized Lightroom Presets

1. Film Look Cool Presets


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They will certainly make any picture attention-catching and impressive. These particular presets are professionally created and manually made. This fact definitely shows that every preset has been thoroughly created with thorough care and great attention to each detail.

This unrivalled collection of the best Lightroom presets will undisputedly make your pictures filmy and bright looking. Definitely they will look like stills from a film. This trend has appeared only recently, but still it has managed to win great popularity. Especially old style film pictures are on the top of popularity. Thus, taking them in usage will be a brilliant idea.


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These certain presets are quite simple in applying. There is no need to tweak anything. Everything on a photo may be improved with the help of one click only. Additionally, you may choose the most suitable settings for each best lightroom presets for photographers you are dealing with. Thus, your imagination and creativity are unending. In total there are more than 30 effective presets for downloading (you may select colourful film presets and black and white types of presets of amazing beauty, cool urban presets that are quite unusual, grain and great vignette presets)

This collection supports pictures of various formats, such as RAW, TIFF, JPEG, DNG and PSD.


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2. 1432 Lightroom Presets - Mega Bundle

These definite best presets for Lightroomhave been designed for fashion looking pictures and those people, whose main aim is certainly to stand out from ordinary personalities. They add alluring highlights, blocky shadows and other visible effects in order to make an image to look stylish. It is widely applied to fashion blog photos, editorial portraiture and surely wedding pictures.

professional lightroom presets

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Best Lightroom presets have easily recognized gritty and grainy looks and pleasing warm skin tones.

This LR bundle has many beautiful and universal Lightroom presets as Old-fashioned Vintage, Dramatic Sepia, Romantic Wedding, and many others which you can apply for different types of photographs. This collection is a basic pack of the best presets for Lightroom which includes the main LR filters to make color correction and photo retouching.

Concerning combinability, these modern presets support Raw and DNG images. In a certain case you are eager to apply them to Jpeg files, please notice that the final effect on a picture may be unpredictable. This effective product is quite compatible with all Lightroom 3,4,5 & CC.

3. Matte Dream Lightroom Presets


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It is clear from the name of these unusual presets, they help to get a traditional matte effect. As a rule they bring amazing grain and special film toning. The biggest number of images, which are improved by this type of presets are wedding pictures. This fact can be quite easily explained, as modern couples are in search of something new and fresh, but still warm and close to the soul. Thus, these amazing presets will be the best idea.


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4. Vintage Love Lightroom Presets Collection


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This unsurpassed collection contains Vintage Effect presets from up-to-date Lightroom. In addition, it has one great bonus. There is a special toolkit that provides users with quick image enhancing. Are you searching for special best presets lightroomwhich will certainly add admirable flair to your precious photos? Then it is just for you. To achieve this great beauty within several clicks is real. Having applied them you will surely have total control over your shots. And that consequently will save valuable hours that may be devoted to things, which are more precious.


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A great fact that every separate preset from this collection has a diverse range of additional tools such as adjusting fade, contrast and surely exposure. Again, these are compatible with Lightroom 3,4,5 & CC.

Best Wedding Lightroom Presets for Professional Editing

Nowadays not many people realize how tiring the process of photo taking may be. Many of us believe that it is just catching a perfect or at least pleasantly looking shot. As reality shows this laborious process also requires deep knowledge of choosing just the right angle and selecting exactly suitable posing.

But still as soon as you have a good shot, the work is not stopped. It is high time to get into image post-processing, which may take up to several hours for enhancing one image. Sometimes this procedure turns out to be a great time waster. Photographers have to keep just married couple from enjoying their photos and devote time to processing rather than to co-work with new customers and please them with high quality works. Thus, Lightroom presets free best that bring lots of benefits will considerably cut down precious time, which you will definitely waste on this tiring procedure.

best free lightrom preset

Photography as a real magic: that is undisputedly not just a captured movement. It is quite an obvious fact that every picture is not just a kept movement. That can be named as a special moment that you freeze forever with only one click of modern photo taking equipment. But still in order for the outcome to be undeniably worth high praising, it should also include a considerable variety of little details. For instance, right lightning, good setting and great colors are a definite minimal for photo beauty. Pictures with such settings will have alluring deepness and eye-catching dynamics. That will consequently bring all memories back in viewers` minds. The result is quite wonderful, but to get closer to it is surely not so easy and quick.

The most preferable variant is to collaborate with special presets, as there are lots of them, which are widely accessible. Thus, experienced photo makers know from their experience one undisputed fact. The decision to simply download the best presets for Lightroom free for free will solve two problems simultaneously. This unsurpassed collection of unparalleled free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers will become a considerable contribution for wedding images. Achieving really admirable results has never been so easy and so fast. Having used effective free Lightroom presets for wedding photography editing will definitely ease life. And the biggest advantage is to be a presenter not just of ordinary pictures, but of the whole love story of unique beauty to the couple you are enthusiastically working with.

1) Lightroom Presets Used for Marvelous Weddings


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Here there is a possibility to find everything that you may face a desperate need in. It contains 230 magnetic Presets for up-to-date Lightroom designed by motivated professionals. Definitely you as a welcomed customer will have a tremendously wide choice for improving your pictures.


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Concerning their compatibility, they support RAW and certainly Jpeg files. If a desire to apply them to other image formats has come to your mind, the outcomes will be unpredictable. Additionally, they are completely compatible with Pc and Mac. All versions of professional Lightroom Creative Cloud (code CC-CC2015) and undoubtedly Lightroom 4- 6 are supported.

In order for comfortable using, there are instructions, which are included. Due to high quality results, that may be thought to be a frequent choice of both amateur and professional but target-oriented photographers.

2. Sepia Fantasy Wedding Presets

These the best professional Lightroom presets include a certain range of 60 elegant and colour-improving presets of profound quality which will be quite helpful for modern wedding photo makers. Their main peculiarity is working with image colouring until a definite picture looks just stunning. Both photo amateurs and auteurs frequently ask for their applying. Gorgeous look will surely always be a final result in case of simple using this wonderful collection of professionally done presets that cause unsurpassed outcomes. You are sure to have an unsurpassed opportunity to add magnetic vintage, grain or highly stylized look to every particular image you want to work with.


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These Lightroom presets are rather simple in quick installation. In case you have some unanswered questions, there are added instructions in PDF file that will make everything clear. It is compatible with Lightroom 4,5 and surely above. But please notice that it works with Lightroom only. The collection of tools is efficient and surely fast only with Lightroom. There are few limitations concerning files formats. They are applied to JPG, widely-used RAW, DNG and TIFF files.

3. Wedding Lightroom Presets

Want to enjoy an exceptional quality and only stunning photo effects? Then this fascinating collection consisting of 30 alluring presets is perfectly suitable for you. Each preset has honestly been carefully created by only enthusiastic designers to bring beauty to the world of wedding photography. Like the previous version it is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 ( CC versions).


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It supports Raw, PNG and JPG picture formats. Additionally, it may deal with wedding videos and that makes this collection so popular. It is quite easy in using, as there are thorough instructions that will answer all possible questions. But still, as a rule these are one-click presets.

4. B&W Weeding Lightroo Presets Collectiom

This collection will be helpful in easy wedding picture enhancing. A lot of modern and quite busy photographers cannot imagine their lives without such fast-in-application best adobe Lightroom presets.

best-free-lightroom-5 presets

View more

This unrivalled set contains 70 wonderful presets of each of exceptional quality that are completely compatible with profound Lightroom 4 and 5+. To make every process of using quite fast and simple, there are special hassle-free and understandable instructions. But please note the undeniable fact. The only file formats that these outstanding presets may be applied to are surely RAW and not surprisingly JPEG. We are deeply sure in quality of these described free and wonderful Lightroom presets, because all of them have been thoroughly tested by experienced photographers.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Versions

The program that is named as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has been created as a picture processor and effective image organizer that has been thoroughly developed by popular Adobe Systems for either Windows or macOS. The successful Version 1.0 that was solemnly announced on a date of January 29, 2007 and have price of$299. Now customers have access to the following beneficial versions of profound Lightroom on the contemporary market:

  • Lightroom 3 (this great version was released on October 22 in 2009)
  • Lightroom 4 ( this sophisticated version was released later on March 5 in 2012)
  • Lightroom 5 ( It was successfully released on June 9 in far 2013, it is completely compatible with only OS X 10.7 or later, and for sure Windows 7 or 8)
  • Lightroom 6 (It benefivial version was released not so long ago on April 21, 2015, is quite compatible with OS X 10.8 or definitely later, widely-used Windows 7 or sophisticated 8, demanded Lightroom 6.7 always requires the definite minimum version of only OS X 10.10.)

Lightroom CC can be thought as the popular subscription-based version of modern Adobe Creative Cloud.

How to Install the Best Presets for Lightroom

Without doubts nowadays Adobe Lightroom is believed by many users as demanded and definitely the most frequently downloaded photo quality improving software for beginning and really professional but still enthusiastic photographers that contains millions of various correction effects and presets that are always available. If you didn’t use this beneficial tool before we undisputedly recommend you and all colleagues to read a simple and understandable guide, which describes how to install Lightroom presets within 7 steps.

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Windows:

How to Install Lightroom Presets for Mac:

Step 1. Start with opening zip file of yours.

Step 2. Save your free Lightroom preset folder within several clicks in a simple to find place on your laptop.

Step 3. Copy this (Command + C on a Mac computer or CTRL + C if PC) the entire and great collection folder (please make sure for 100% that you do not simply copy any of PDFs or accessible Brush folders).

Step 4. Open used Lightroom and please select the mentioned from the rich menu bar:

Mac owners click without doubts on Lightroom > choose Preferences

PC users do not fear to choose bottom Edit > select Preferences

Step 5. When the recognized Preferences box eventually pops up and becomes visible, ensure for 100% that you opened the Presets tab, and only after then choose easily recognized the folder of Show Lightroom Presets. Please pay attention: ‘Store all presets with certain catalog’ must remain totally unchecked. Here you are expected to be successfully taken to a special folder which is named simply, Lightroom. Simply click inside without hesitation and find immediately the folder with the certain name Develop Presets.

Step 6. The main step in installing Lightroom presets for alluring results should be considered as the following described - paste (just Command + V if you use Mac or certainly CTRL + V only if you are a frequent PC user) the entire folder of rich preset collection surely into the mentioned Develop Presets.

Step 7. Just restart the program of modern Lightroom and undisputedly here our specialists are to support your wishes! You will enjoy a possibility to find exactly your chosen presets or their collection in the special section for great presets in the surely Develop module. Adding presets to Lightroom should be named as an easy task, shouldn`t it?

If you still do not have understanding and clearness how to add presets to Lightroom our manager is always online and undisputedly ready to support each welcomed customer with it.

Where are Lightroom Presets Stored?

If you tried, but failed to find where are Lightroom presets best stored on your personal computer, here are three basic storages of your cool presets.

If we deal with popular Mac OS X, recently installed, all your custom presets as well as certainly templates have special filenames, have particular ending in. Undoubtedly irtemplate are situated in the [ there must be your user name]/or Library or application Support, maybe Adobe or Lightroom folder. It can be found without much troubles.

If you carefully work with profound Windows XP, again all of the installed and definitely custom presets as well as particular templates also have filenames that ends in .Just lrtemplate and then place in particular folders in the particular Documents and surely Settings\[always your user name]\feat Application Data, modern Adobe or used Lightroom

If you are an owner of the Win Vista or maybe 7, all your precious installed, also custom presets, certainly templates have their filenames also ending in .Just simply lrtemplate and then you can simply find them all in folders in such sections as the Users/[ your current user name] or AppData, surely Roaming, sophisticated Adobe or modern Lightroom folder.

We have a hope, you have already decided to download thoroughly described Lightroom presets for free with a desire to create special wedding, portrait or landscape looks with just one click.

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