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Matte Complete Collection

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Matte Complete Collection:

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Matte Complete Collection Lightroom Presets

  • Fixthephoto’s experts have expanded this list to 130 kinds of matte presets for Lightroom.
  • The proposed matte presets are perfect for both later versions of the program, and for the release of the CC, because these plugins are universal and have no restrictions on the installation.
  • We recommend you to apply Lightroom matte presets on the images in JPEG and RAW formats to avoid unwanted problems with the further work with the image and in order not to reduce their quality.
  • Plugins will work on any device where there is an installed LR. 
  • In the bundle you will also find FREE BONUS - FixThePhoto: Sepia Fantasy Lightroom Presets. These filters not only accelerate the retouching process, but are also simple and understandable in management and application.With these  sepia Lightroom presets you can achieve uniqueness and originality in photography, as they provide a greater choice of styles and have editable settings. You can also order this Sepia Lightroom preset collection or Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets right on this site and start working on improving the photos immediately after payment and download.

Matte Lightroom Presets

We will describe the matte presets for Lightroom main advantages, thanks to which these automatic effects are in great demand among photographers, retouchers, designers and bloggers.

  • Acceleration of work. Automated work of effects is aimed at speeding up the editing processes and reducing the time spent on them. One matte Lightroom preset can be applied directly to 100 photos in the program.
  • Endless enhancement. Each effect has its set of adjustments, but your creativity is not limited to this. Change and retouch the image after applying the matte filter until you are completely satisfied with the result.
  • One style. The entire photo session will have a common and consistent style thanks to the same settings for each selected set of effects.
  • Ease of use. Lightroom presets matte are aimed at simplifying the editing process, but they are simple and versatile in their application. The stages of download and application will be performed in a couple of clicks, and then you will be able to select any downloaded effect, apply it, and monitor the result.
FixThePhoto Matte Complete Collection Includes:

1. Matte dream: Chocolate, Arctic, Dove, Deep Matte, Film, Emerald, Pink Glasses, Honey Moon, Tender, Soft, Sorbet, Dreamy, Peach, Serenity, Teal&Orange, Gold shine, Blueberry, Latte, Sepia Dark, Sepia Light, Beach Wind, Soft Contrast, Pineapple, Brighten, Autumn Leaves, Soft Matte, Honey, B&W, Sea Green, Vintage, Butterfly, Orchid, Choco, Dark Chocolate, Retro, Whisper, Summer, Vibrance, Cake, Merigold, Creamy, Honey, Mint, Daiquiri, POP, Spring, Cold Sun, Bomb POP, Rose Petals, Rainbow, Bright Colors, Lime, Amorous, Lace, Sweet Moon, Pearl, Turquoise Shadows, Glimmer, Angelic, Azure, Cinematic, Dramatic, Blush, Flowers Dreaam, Sharpen, Soft Skin, Orange Juice, Americano, Storm, Clear White. 2. Professional matte presets: Amber, Dove, Pine, Color POP, Pumpkin, Heaven, Perfect, Monochrome, Contrast, Retro, Rustic, Clean, Film, Chocolate, Flash, Sky Cream, Darken, Champagne, Lovely, Cloud Shadows, Nautical, Vintage, Pastel, Chantilly, Forest, Young, Ivory, Sunny Day, Summer, Noir.3. Matte portrait presets: Vintage, Sorbet, Color POP, Subtle, Film, Vanilla, Vibrance, Chocolate, Teddy Bear, Nice Skin, Moody, Innocent, Silk, Darken, Brighten, Candy Bar, Sharpen, Pretty, Apple, Dreamy, Sea Green, Lavanda, Clarity, B&W, Cinematic, Sunligt, Sepia, Golden Hour, Pink Glasess, Aqua.

60 Professional Sepia Lightroom Presets: Retro, Marvelous, Rustic, Brighten, Lovely, Burgundy, Turquoise, Warm Light, Chocolate, Matte, Iris, Heaven, Pretty, Old Film, Gold, Merigold, Shine, Fashion, Basic, Dramatic, Pro, Deep Colors, Greenery, Whisper, Peach, Dove, Pure, Darken, Vintage, Rose Petals, Orchid, Soft Contrast, Happiness, Flash, Memories, Electric, Onyx, Pink Glasses, Glam, POP, Fashion, Dark Chocolate, Perfect White, Chantilly, Butterfly, Nature, Adorable, Dreamy, Clean, Darlen, Bright Shadows, Moody, Red Wine, Grains, Old Film, Rose, Blueberry, Romantic, HDR, Sun.

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