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Newborn Collection

Standart License ........ $37

Newborn Collection:

    • Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher
    • Presets in .lrtemplate .xmp formats
    • 42 Lightroom Brushes
    • Windows and Mac
    • RAW and JPEG
    • FREE BONUS 60 Sepia Fantasy Presets
  • Quantity of Presets40
  • Size53 KB
  • Downloads178
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Features of Presets Lightroom Newborn

  • 40 Lightroom presets for baby photography
  • FREE bonus consisting of 60 Sepia LR presets
  • Compatibility with all Adobe LR versions
  • Compatibility with Mac and Windows OSes
  • Support the RAW and JPEG formats
  • Fully customizable

Purchasing the Newborn Lightroom Presets Bundle, you receive a bonus set of sixty sepia presets. These bonus presets will be useful not only for editing photos of babies but also for the wedding, portrait, urban or family photos. Embellish your pictures of brown tones and get a gentle, elegant photo with a touch of antiquity. Such images are timeless and always look worthily in any photo shoot. You can also get acquainted with the Sepia Fantasy Presets Collection separately and get it in the Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets.

Lightroom Presets for Newborns

Why should you use Lightroom presets for newborn photography? All the Lightroom presets for newborns have been tested on a large number of different photos taken under different lighting conditions, indoors, outdoors and on the various backgrounds. Thereby, the settings have been selected so that all of these shortcomings can be corrected merely with the one click. 
You can also combine the Lightroom baby presets and customize them as much as needed. Don't be afraid to experiment and use several presets for one photograph.
You can work with this set of Lightroom presets for baby photography regardless of your experience in editing photos. Everything is quite simple. The main thing is desire and imagination. If you are a beginner newborn photographer, these Lightroom presets for newborns will help you quickly navigate in popular photography styles and see precisely what the final result should be. If you are a professional, supplement your collection with the Lightroom presets for baby photography and speed up the workflow twice.
Enjoy our set of Lightroom presets for newborn photography and remember - simplicity is the hallmark of genius! 
FixThePhoto Newborn Collection Includes:

40 Newborn Lightroom Presets: Smooth & WB, Lovely Day, Flesh_Tone, Basic Sharp, Sunny Day, Pastel, Clarity, Soften Skin, Basic, B&W, Pastel Cinematic, Warm, Matte, Pure, Cinematic, Color, B&W Dramatic, Sleepy Matte, Pinkish Tint, Gentle, Clean Up, Sepia Effect, Amelia, Desaturate Matte, Reduce Noise, Strong Effect Matte, Color POP, Purple, Peach, Moon, Sweet Dreams, Light + Vignetting, B&W Tint, Moon, Desaturated + Vignetting, Fill Light, Princess, Light Leak Effect, Drama, Subtle.

60 SepiaLightroom Presets: Retro, Marvelous, Rustic, Brighten, Lovely, Burgundy, Turquoise, Warm Light, Chocolate, Matte, Iris, Heaven, Pretty, Old Film, Gold, Merigold, Shine, Fashion, Basic, Dramatic, Pro, Deep Colors, Greenery, Whisper, Peach, Dove, Pure, Darken, Vintage, Rose Petals, Orchid, Soft Contrast, Happiness, Flash, Memories, Electric, Onyx, Pink Glasses, Glam, POP, Fashion, Dark Chocolate, Perfect White, Chantilly, Butterfly, Nature, Adorable, Dreamy, Clean, Darlen, Bright Shadows, Moody, Red Wine, Grains, Old Film, Rose, Blueberry, Romantic, HDR, Sun.

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