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 Luxe Wedding Collection 

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Luxe Wedding Collection:

  • Quantity of Presets230
  • Size364 KB
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Features of Wedding Entire Collection Lightroom Presets:

  • 160 Lightroom presets for wedding and events
  • 70 black & white filters of high quality for use with all kinds of wedding pictures
  • + FREE BONUS (60 sepia LR presets)
  • All Adobe Lightroom versions (4, 5, 6 and CC) are accepted
  • Easy application of the Lightroom presets weddings on Mac and Windows devices
  • Made for wedding images in RAW and JPEG formats
  • Editable settings of all wedding presets for Lightroom

As a FREE BONUS we offer you a set - FixThePhoto: Sepia Fantasy Presets. This Lightroom Presets includes all the necessary filters created for all wedding events. Now your tiresome wedding post processing does not last long. Our experts used the Lightroom settings which are perfect for your bridal photography. We have tested these Adobe Lightroom presets on diverse genres of digital photography. You also can choose this collection of sepia presets as seperate bundle - Sepia Lightroom preset collection and in the Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets.

What’s Inside of the Wedding Entire Collection

  • B&W Lightroom wedding presets should be applied in any wedding and family photo album. Colored photographs are considered less emotional than b&w images. This entire pack of wedding presets Lightroom helps to express the story behind the wedding day, emphasize the couple’s and guests’ emotions. This is the easiest way to create good and professional b&w outcomes. 
  • Vintage Love Lightroom Presets is recommended to be applied to some engagement and wedding pictures to enhance the special day of your clients. If you seek for old-fashioned Lightroom wedding presets, download this package and receive retro images in one click.
  • Matte Dream Lightroom presets create modern creamy effect, increase saturation, correct colors and shadows, add a vibrant tone, enhance the depth and add a film effect to all pictures. These Lightroom wedding presets work for any outdoor photo with lots of colors, and give a classy and refined look.
FixThePhoto Luxe Wedding Collection Includes:

230 Luxe Wedding Lightroom Presets: 1.Wedding Photography LR Presets:Soft contrast, Film Look, Chocolate, Brighten, Darken, Matte Effect, Frosty Matte, Orange and Teal, Soft Matte, Peppermint, Vintage, Sunny Day, Pretty, Sepia Style, Soft Saturation, Dreamy, Light, Beige, Tonning Chocolate, Cintrast, WB Cooler, WB Warmer, Ethereal, B&W Delicate, Subtle, B&W Charming, B&W High Key, B&W Darken, B&w Lighten, Vibrance, Sentimental. 2. Matte Dream LR Presets: Chocolate, Arctic, Dove, Deep Matte, Film, Emerald, Pink Glasses, Honey Moon, Tender, Soft, Sorbet, Dreamy, Peach, Serenity, Teal&Orange, Gold shine, Blueberry, Latte, Sepia Dark, Sepia Light, Beach Wind, Soft Contrast, Pineapple, Brighten, Autumn Leaves, Soft Matte, Honey, B&W, Sea Green, Vintage, Butterfly, Orchid, Choco, Dark Chocolate, Retro, Whisper, Summer, Vibrance, Cake, Merigold, Creamy, Honey, Mint, Daiquiri, POP, Spring, Cold Sun, Bomb POP, Rose Petals, Rainbow, Bright Colors, Lime, Amorous, Lace, Sweet Moon, Pearl, Turquoise Shadows, Glimmer, Angelic, Azure, Cinematic, Dramatic, Blush, Flowers Dreaam, Sharpen, Soft Skin, Orange Juice, Americano, Storm, Clear White. 3. Black and White LR Presets: Soft contrast, Hard grains (for dark), Simple soft for dark), Simple soft (for light), Soft grains (for light), B&W matte grains (for light), Matte grains (for dark), Simple soft vignette (for light), Simple film, Simple B&W (for light), Simple grains, Simple soft, Simple contrast, Grains hard, Grains vignette, Soft film, Hard film, White vignette Contrast hard, Contrast medium, Contrast soft, Soft contrast vignette, Cold soft, Cold medium, Cold hard, Simple B&W (for dark), Simple hard (for dark), Simple B&W 2 (for light), Warm B&W (for light), Vignette B&W (for light, POP B&W, Medium contrast (for dark), Warm grains, Contrast B&W (for dark), Matte B&W (for light), Medium light, Dark blue, Simple B&W (for light), Simple grains, Matte_I, Matte_II, Matte_III, Soft contrast, Med contrast, Hard contrast, Sharpens_I, Sharpens_II, Sharpens_III, Soft skin, Warm shadows,  Nature, Med Contrast, Light shine, Simple Soft, Sharpens soft, Contrast_I, Contrast_II, Contrast_III, Vignette_I, Vignette_II, Vignette_III, Vignette_IV, Blue shadows, Matte effect, Classic, Simple B&W 3 (for dark), B&W matte (for light), Soft contrast, Warm effect (for dark), Warm effect (for light). 4. Vintage Love Lightroom Presets: Sun Light, Autumn Green, Ivory, Candy, Amour, Soft, Gentle, SunSet, Velvet, Fashion, Perfect, Retro, Tiffany, Mint, River, Glow, Tic Tac, Delicate, Nostalgic, Wild, Sepia Classic, Silk, Chocolate, B&W, Aqua, Retro, Film, Moody, Sweet, Lavanda, Fantasy, Emerald, Old Film, Summer, Old Fashioned, Stone, Sepia Matte, Crewamy, Cloudy, Seashell, Saphir, Turquoise Shadows, Oscar, Sun flower, White Rose, Sharpen, Color POP, Darken, Brighten, Medeline, HDR, Monochrome, Pretty, Rich Blacks, Pumpkin, Tender, Coral, Contrast, Dust, Frame of Love.

60 Sepia Lightroom Presets: Retro, Marvelous, Rustic, Brighten, Lovely, Burgundy, Turquoise, Warm Light, Chocolate, Matte, Iris, Heaven, Pretty, Old Film, Gold, Merigold, Shine, Fashion, Basic, Dramatic, Pro, Deep Colors, Greenery, Whisper, Peach, Dove, Pure, Darken, Vintage, Rose Petals, Orchid, Soft Contrast, Happiness, Flash, Memories, Electric, Onyx, Pink Glasses, Glam, POP, Fashion, Dark Chocolate, Perfect White, Chantilly, Butterfly, Nature, Adorable, Dreamy, Clean, Darlen, Bright Shadows, Moody, Red Wine, Grains, Old Film, Rose, Blueberry, Romantic, HDR, Sun.

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