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Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits

Looking for high-quality free Lightroom presets for portraits that will make your outdoor and studio photos pop in several clicks? FixThePhoto offer 40 Lightroom presets for portraits that are a great photo editing tool both for hobbyist and experienced photographers that can greatly enhance the look of the image just in several seconds. In fact, you may use a suitable preset and turn your dull ordinary portrait into a pop shot without easily.


How to Install Lightroom Presets for Portraits?

install Lightroom portrait presets

Lightroom CC is great for basic portrait editing and color correction. To fix problems with color or to perform raw image editing you can use Lightroom portrait presets to make your task easy and efficient, especially if you need to enhance many images at the same time.

  • Download Lightroom Free and you can try all the features of this amazing software before deciding to buy the subscription.

With our collection of free Lightroom presets for portraits you will only need a couple of seconds to edit photos. Just imagine how much time you are going to save! The great thing is that you can undo all the changes at any point.

You need to remember the following steps to install these or other Lightroom presets for portraits:

1. Download selected free Lightroom portrait presets and wait for them to arrive at your inbox as a .zip attachment. Archives contain .lrtemplate and .xmp files, which you need to unzip.

2. Start the software and import photos you want to improve (JPG or RAW files).

3. In the Develop Mode find the Preset Panel on the left. Click to add a new folder. This step is necessary to keep your portrait Lightroom presets in order.


4. Right-click on the folder you’ve just created and select Import.

install portrait presets for Lightroom

5. In the window that opens up, select the Lightroom portrait presets you want to install and click Open. That’s it! Now you can start working on your portraits.

How to Use Portrait Lightroom Presets?

How to Use Portrait Lightroom Presets


The Collection of the Best Free Lightroom Presets

Look though our big set of free Adobe Lightroom filters. No matter what photos you have: wedding, portrait, newborn, headshot or landscape images, we have the best Lightroom presets to enhance all of your photos in several clicks. To make navigating easier for you, here is a table of contents to choose a certain section of free Lightroom presets.

free lightroom presets for portraits box pack


Lightroom Presets for Portraits Collection

There are many beautiful Lightroom preset bundles designed by FixThePhoto, so you are sure to find cool Lightroom filters for children, wedding, studio, group, selfie, and other portrait photos.


Using our Lightroom presets for portraits, you can make the picture softer and lighter, change skin color, add a glamorous touch, remove darkness, reduce noise, enhance the model’s beauty and keep the portrait realistic. These best Lightroom presets for portraits are absolutely free, so you can download them and use any time you wish.


Studio Portrait Lightroom Presets

Download the Contrast Lightroom filters to make photos taken in dim or poor light vivid and full of clear colors. The Saturation Adobe Lightroom effects are recommended for portraits taken outdoors when you want to make photos bright and emphasize all facial details. Apply them for street portraits with many neon and lights. Use the Black & White Lightroom photo filters to make portraits monochrome professionally in several clicks. It is very useful if you’ve captured too harsh light but want to save your photos.


If you want to turn the boring portrait image or selfie into the eye-catching fashion photo, install the Wind Lightroom preset. It will instantly make your outdoor photo full of bright colors and accents. Use the Sun Flare Lightroom presets for portraits that have this charming glow. This filter will make it striking with a professional approach. The Matte Lightroom presets are recommended for bridal, newborn, and couple portraits where you want to single out the romantic mood and feelings of the models.


Outdoor Portrait Presets Lightroom Free

The Cold Shadows Lightroom preset is the best choice for moody and studio photos where the main accent is on the model’s eyes and make-up. This is one of the top Lightroom presets frequently used by fashion photographers. Use the Old Style preset if you want to add that charming vintage vibe to your photos. It looks especially great on outdoor portraits taken on the streets. Portrait photography can be tricky but after applying the Cinematic Lightroom settings for portraits, all images will look as if they were taken from the Hollywood movie.


If you don’t like too much photo editing, download the Nature portrait Lightroom presets that will make your photos look good and clear in several clicks. It will help you adjust shadows, improve tones, and bring out the best sides of your portraits. The Fall presets are recommended for outdoor portraits taken on the cloudy days without too harsh light. All green, yellow, brown, and red tints will look especially pretty. The Vintage preset is the best choice to wash out too bright colors and add some sun flares. Your outdoor family portraits will look especially warm.


Senior Portrait Lightroom Presets Free

Use the Color Pop Lightroom preset to add the color richness to your social media photographs and selfies. It is the best way to edit dull photos and give them a magazine touch. If you want to make an accent on small details as hair or eyes, download the Sharpening Lightroom portrait presets. Add some interest to your natural light portraits with this one-click preset. The Pure Lr preset is the fastest way to adjust white balance on your studio and nature portraits.


The Fashion preset is one of the best filters from the glamour Lightroom presets bundle that will add a special charm to your studio photos. No matter what make-up or background your portrait has, you will get stylish and magazine color correction easy and quickly. Turn the boring street portraits into eye-catching photos with the help of the Brighten preset. Make your sunny portraits chic having applied the Pink Glasses Lr preset. It protects your model’s skin tone and texture but still enhance colors and remove distracting shadows.


Fashion Portrait Presets for Lightroom

This is one of the best Lightroom presets for portraits that is universal and can be applied to outdoor and studio portraits. It will tweak all the basic edits to give your images the most natural and vibrant look in several clicks. Our Darken portrait Lightroom preset will increase the contrast to make the dark night colors or city lights stand out without too much grain.


With our Sunny Day preset you will be able to make your travel photos warm and soft. The Brighten portrait Lightroom preset enhances the highlights making your Instagram portraits look pop and bright. The Orange and Teal filter is one of the most popular Lightroom free presets for portraits taken at the seaside. Use it to make your tan look natural.


Insta Portrait Lightroom Presets Free

The Portrait Lightroom preset will take your Instagram selfies and portraits to an absolutely new level by enhancing the colors and removing distracting noise. With the help of the Film Look Lightroom preset you will improve light in the image and add a soft film glow. Download the Creamy Lightroom preset to soften the lines in your portraits and make the whole image pastel.


With our Vintage preset you can add a retro vibe to your photograph by enhancing neutral colors and hiding too harsh light. Add more browns to the portrait with our Chocolate portrait Lightroom preset, make your image warm and cozy. The Rose Petals preset will be perfect for pictures taken indoors, it will remove the unwanted color cast from the photo.


Moody Portrait Lightroom Presets

This Moody preset will create a special atmosphere in your image, you will be able to create a vibrant contrast so that any color combination and every detail is prominent. The Cold Wind is the best Lightroom preset for portraits where blue is the dominant color. It will make it clean and pure. The Sunny Day Lightroom portrait preset will make the light in the image more natural and fix any issues with colors.


This Contrast Lightroom portrait preset will fix any issues with contrast and make all the details stand out. The Cloudy preset will improve pictures taken on overcast cloudy days. It will brighten the colors and improve highlights. With our Matte Effect preset you will be able to soften the whole image as if it was printed on the matte paper. It’s a perfect filter for wedding photography.


Magazine Portrait Presets Lightroom Free

The Soft Skin preset is one of the best free Lightroom presets for portraits that is a must-have for close-up portraits taken at the studio. It will make the skin look perfect but not pale. The Greenery preset is good for outdoor photoshoots with a lot of trees or grass in the background. It will enhance the green without distorting other colors. The B&W Essential preset is a basic black and white preset that will make your images look chic and classy.


The Vintage Style Lightroom preset for portraits will enhance the warm tones in the image. It is great for editing styled wedding photos. With the Warm Filter preset you will bring out the warm tones in the image to make them look more vibrant.

Additional Free Portrait Lightroom Presets by FixThePhoto

Looking for more Free Lightroom Presets for portraits? Visit one of these pages to see our new free Lightroom presets collections.


Natural Light Portrait Lightroom Presets Free

If you want universal free Lightroom portrait presets, install the Best preset from this bundle that will make any portrait pop in several clicks. No matter what light your photos have (studio or sunlight) or it is a selfie or a bridal portrait, all photos will become instantly gorgeous and full of bright but natural colors. The Darken Lightroom filter will add high contrast, adjust clarity settings, and improve vibrancy. Highly recommended for studio portraits with a one-colored background. Make skin fresh and clear without ruining its texture.


Download the bundle of Newborn Lightroom presets to make your baby photos soft and cute in several clicks. These are creamy Lightroom presets that will remove the newborn’s reddish skin and balance natural light. If you have to edit more than one hundred event photos during several days, download the collection of Wedding professional Lightroom presets and make color correction fast and easy. The Best Free Lightroom Presets 2019 pack includes all trendy color combinations that were popular that year. A bright and clean look is guaranteed.


Pro Portrait Presets for Lightroom

If you like taking architecture photos, add these free HDR presets for Lightroom to make your travel photos vivid. Refresh colors, reduce highlights and whites, and boost saturation to increase the high dynamic range of your photos. With the Landscape Lightroom presets you will make any nature photo breathtaking and catchy creating a lighter mood. If you like taking photos with your smartphone, add the collection of the Street presets to your Lightroom workflow. Make natural lighting conditions look awesome just in several minutes.


Download free Black and White Lightroom presets to add a stylish monochrome look on portrait, wedding, street, and studio portraits. Add incredible depth and personality to your images making any photo dramatic and moody. If you want to make your ordinary photos chic and romantic, use the Film Lr presets. They will help you instantly optimize your pictures, adjust poor colors, lighting, and get beautiful social media photography. Take your photos to another level with the help of the Matte Lightroom presets and make lighting washed out as if your portraits are printed on a matte paper.



Free Lightroom presets for portraits have become truly popular thanks to many useful features. If you haven’t tried them yet, you have a great chance to learn the pros and cons of such LR filters and then decide if you want to download the bundle.

Lightroom Portrait presets – Pros:

Lightroom Portrait presets – Cons:

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