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How to add presets to Lightroom

How to add presets to LightRoom in some steps

Photography is very expensive hobby / business and everybody would like to have it paid backed at least in the half of it.  Buying camera, additional lighting equipment, original software for image editing, days and nights spent in from of the computer screen – that costs much.  You can easily earn money, if you download your photos to the image stocks, beforehand signing up in some of them.  For instance, you can begin with DreamsTime, Fotolia, Crestock, Bigstockphoto.


There are amounts of digital softwares for the photo editors. However, none of them cannot speed the works so immensely as Adobe LightRoom does. There some ready made settings and a particular amount of tools you are likely to use if you are not a professional in this sphere and want just to enhance your image without attending the help of any of the photo post production services. It is possible but still not so effective. Especially is you are not quite good at all this stuff. To make your life and those editors constantly concerned with the hips of images to correct better and give the opportunity even to have a cup of coffee or spend an evening together with the friends or family, LightRoom proposes presets.


They are so varied and marvelous that every image can be just unrecognizable if you use them. Presets are the most convenient and light settings you may ever come across if you are concerned with self development and  personal career growing in the sphere of photography industry and photo services.  Sorry, but you may do not know what we are talking about. That is why it is important to define and give the meaning of the word. To begin with, we already see from the word preset what meaning is involved here. It means that something is done previously, beforehand. Presets in the LightRoom are the saved set of settings for the software. They are mostly used for the speeding up the process of photo enhancing. It is worth mentioning, that presets can be created yourself for other purposes, not connected with the photo editing. For example, writing copyrights into your images. You can write them on your own and download for free from numerous photo websites. However, that is the topic for another article. 

Today, we will answer the widespread question: “How to install presets in LightRoom 6?”


Today, we are mostly concerned with installing presets into LightRoom.    

Moving on, we clearly see that these are saved on your computer in the form of data files with file extension Irtemplate. This is the extension that indicates the preset file, following which you can easily find them among the thousands of other files and folders, making jungle on your laptop.  It is here that all the settings of color, hue, contrast, white balance and all other meta data are stored. 



If you want, let’s say, eliminate shading, lateral chromatic aberration, distortion, or even add water markings to the image, you can possibly do it in two possible ways: 

1) apply the settings separately to each of the images;

2) save the settings in presets LightRoom and apply them whenever you like to the unlimited amount of photos. 

We would like to introduce you two ways of solving the issue of “How to import presets into LightRoom cc”, but before it, it is important to mention that if you decided to use presets created by other photographers, the result will not always satisfy you. On the one image it would be great, and on the other – horrible. The same is with before and after retouch. On the one hand- you like the original image, but the retouched one seems to you more promising and lovely. But you cannot proceed in the same retouching technique retouching another portrait or whatever headshot retouching you are busy with. In each of the cases you should choose something yours, individual (for the sunset – one preset, landscape – quite another, plus final enhancing of each of the images. The outcome of editing using preset is to the great extend depends on how you adjust the exposure. Additional way here is to play with white balance since it may appear a sure fire way to get the desirable result. What we are driving at is the issue that you should not miss but follow the main rules of outsource photo editing. It is important, since it points to your background knowledge of the basics in the field of photo retouching and post processing.   

Numerous set-outs are stored in archival depositories. You can easily found them on the Internet, as they are very widespread and the most part of the presets for the LightRoom is free. 

Still the question is asked “How to add a preset to LightRoom?” It seems difficult. However, the process is easier that you think. And you will be surprised after following the scheme as a guide how simple installing presets in LightRoom is.


Attention! It is important! Do not forget that depending on the system your computer is run – Mac or PC, you should notice the following difference: 

In Mac there is no menu Edit. It is called LightRoom. The same is with the PC. It is visa versa. Here you should look for Edit instead of LightRoom. 

At this point, you can use a number of presets and do not forget about hot buttons and we remind you about them, since people usually do not pay attention to them. But as soon as you start indulging photo digital software you will see how convenient hot buttons are. Instead of clicking hundreds of times to open the particular folder you can just once press two or three buttons and here you do. The window is opened and everything works as you wanted. 

However, we continue with the variants of installing presets in LightRoom. There are two of them, although they are the easiest and the most useful for you to see everything vividly. Let’s get started!   


How to install presets in LightRoom 6?  Case 1 (for Windows and Mac)

Before getting down to the photo editing you are to import them. Than we go to the Develop module and on the left panel, you will see the menu “Presets”.  We are interested in user presets.


In order not to mass up in the huge amount of presets for the LightRoom , it is more convenient to store them in folders. To create a new one, you choose “New Folder” (to open it use the right button of the mouse in the menu “User Presets”). 

That click the option “Import”. The dialog box will open, where you have to choose the place of your presets; to import a couple at once – press the button “Ctrl” on the keyboard and choose the objects you are interested. After that click “Import”. Here we go, that is the simple answer to the question of how to import presets into lightroom 6. Nobody even would have expected that it appears to be that easy.


In the following way, you will add presets to the LightRoom. This way is rather convenient if you want to add only some of the presets. However, it may happen that you need at once a good number. At this point we are coming to the next case. 

How to add presets to LightRoom? Case 2 (for Windows and Mac)   

The main idea of this case is to copy the presets in the special place on the disk. W opening the following menu: Edit and find there preferences (you can also use the hot buttons “Ctrl+”). 


Chose the submenu “presets”. We are to pay attention to the point “Store presets with catalog”. Ticking this point, we are ordering the LightRoom to save the presets in the folder on the hard disk together with the fails of the catalog. It is very convenient as everything is stored in one particular place, but not placed where happened in the jungles of the file system. 

When pressing the button “show LightRoom Preset Folder…”, the program will open the folder, where all the presets are stored. 


After it, we reboot the program, and see that in module “Develop” everything is in the way we wanted it to be. 


After you have gone through all the stages of our how to add presets to lightroom tutorial, there still may appear some tough moments, but do not panic we will guide you through all of them. 

Trouble 1. You do not see the imported presets. 

To solve this, you that you have entered the right module. It is often happens that people mix up Develop one with the Library. To go to the right place you can find the develop module in the right corner of the screen and click there. By the way, it is very convenient to use hot buttons. Our recommendation is that you should not forget about them. That is why we remind you of them: if you are working at PC the combination is the following:  Ctrl+Alt+2. It differs not much if you are using MAC: Command and Option and 2. These combinations will bring you to the develop menu. 

However, there is another option. The navigation panel is hidden. It is usually to the left on the screen. You can easily open it if you press tab in the keyboard of your laptop. 

Unfortunately, there even exist the third variant. You may see the presets inscription, but no pop up opens. Yu must click the presets on the panel and after that make the window bigger. It will help you to see the imported presets. 

Trouble2: you cannot add a new folder with clicking right

To begin with, you have to double check if your computer is set up in the way as to be able to create a new folder with right clicking.


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The other option is that is also quite possible is when you are concerned with pointing to the word presets. That is a part of the menu. You have to point to the name of the installed preset or a folder. It will make you to call up the right module. 

Problem 3: you do not see the imported presets. 

The thing that you should do first of all you have to check if you have brought the downloaded presets into the correct lightroom part. That you should go to the develop presets module. 

You must make sure that the item “store presets with this catalog” is not matched. If it does, the presets will be seen only in the individual catalog, but not on the range of numerous catalogs. It will make them distanced from constant availability. 

Problem 4. The most funniest though frequent case. 


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You may have sometimes come across the case, when you have downloaded the zip on your computer, however, after unpacking the inner files are shown as unrecognized. The solving of this issue is extremely simple. You should set up the LightRoom!) after doing this all the files will be okay and you will be able to work.         

Question, which is quite simple, although still worth attention, is in what way you can get the files out of the archive in order to complete the guide “How to import presets in Lightroom 6?” 

The common way of extracting presets is to click twice on it and you will have a new window opened. There you will view the files stored in it. Here you can free copy them. 

Another way to extract them is to open the pop-up window and choose the options either “Extract all…” or “Extract here”. These options will enable to get the files out of it and in the particular place you want. The location of them is up to you to choose.

We consider the steps we presented for you to be sufficient enough for you find the answer to the questions “How to import presets into LightRoom 6 /cc?” They were all written down from our experience and our partners. Some of the steps may seem to you very simple and it may be stupid for you to read some of the parts of them. Remember, there are people, engaging in it not professionally, just like hobby, and even the procedure of extracting files out of archive is important for them in solving the question: “How to add preset in LightRoom?”. To crown it all, you can watch this video tutorial.

Here you will in details view all the slightest stages that are difficult to describe I written language. Videos of this kind are nice since they involve detailed description of the overall procedure and people can see vividly what to click and what pop ups to open.  

Once we have found all ins and outs of the issue called “How to import presets into Lightroom cc?” now we will discuss the most useful and widespread methods of deleting the presets from the Lightroom. It is even more easier to do than to import presets. So, you can just tick it with right button of your mouse on the preset you do not like or do not need anymore. After it just press Delete on the keyboard and the thing is done. Mistakes are often, since you may be not very attentive nd delete not the wanted one. you can back the things if you press Ctrl + Z on your keyboard if you use Windows; and if you are the user of mac you should press Command and Z and all the options will be back up. It is very easy. another way to do this is to go to the file system, open it in the window and delete the preset files via file system.   


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LightRoom is very convenient for photo cataloging. For this purpose, before or after the importing attach to the images some key will make the search of images considerably less time and you will find the needed photos in a couple of seconds. It is also very convenient to use the tools of image cropping (you can choose the frames of cropping in the accordance with the composition rules);heap of the horizon is easily eliminated in a pair of clicks. 

Good camera is only half of the deal. Even the question “How to choose the best camera for an amateur photographer” seems not a big deal if you do not know how to use it in the right way or usually forget the most valuable though the simplest basics of the photo business. When going out on the photo hunting, keep in mind that some of the image drawbacks are impossible to eliminate in any of the graph editor (heavy Chroma noise or the blur of the photo). Therefore, you should take care of the camera settings sat appropriately before the photo session.


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