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Matte Dream Collection 

Standart License ........ $50

Matte Dream Collection:

    • Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher
    • Presets in .lrtemplate .xmp formats
    • 10 Lightroom Brushes
    • Windows and Mac
    • RAW and JPEG
    • FREE BONUS 70 B&W Professional Presets
  • Quantity of Presets70
  • Size200 KB
  • Downloads986
  • Rank

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Matte Dream Lightroom Presets Bundle Details

  • Premium package of 70 stylish LR presets
  • + FREE BONUS 70 B&W Professional Presets
  • Can be downloaded to LR 5, LR 6 (CC), LR CC 2015
  • You can work with the plugins on Mac and PC devices
  • RAW and JPEG formats available
  • Can be simply corrected to fit your pictures and photography style

Having purchased our FixThePhoto: Matte Dream Lightroom Presets, you will receive a FREE BONUS – B&W Collection. This toolkit includes professionally designed B&W Lightroom presets you can apply to different photography styles. You can use these presets for the photos with different lightning settings – indoor or outdoor digital photography. B&W is a fully-featured bundle of Lightroom presets you can buy separately B&W Lightroom preset collection or in the Entire Collection of 1822 Lightroom presets

These Matte Presets for Lightroom bundle has a full package of LR settings to receive stylized photographs. Note, some LR presets with 4dark or 4light addition are designed for dark and light photographs only. We recommend editing exposition by yourself, and correcting shadows and highlights in rare cases.

Enjoy fast and simple photo editing with our natural light Lightroom presets.

FixThePhoto Matte Dream Collection Includes:

70 Professional Lightroom Presets: Chocolate, Arctic, Dove, Deep Matte, Film, Emerald, Pink Glasses, Honey Moon, Tender, Soft, Sorbet, Dreamy, Peach, Serenity, Teal&Orange, Gold shine, Blueberry, Latte, Sepia Dark, Sepia Light, Beach Wind, Soft Contrast, Pineapple, Brighten, Autumn Leaves, Soft Matte, Honey, B&W, Sea Green, Vintage, Butterfly, Orchid, Choco, Dark Chocolate, Retro, Whisper, Summer, Vibrance, Cake, Merigold, Creamy, Honey, Mint, Daiquiri, POP, Spring, Cold Sun, Bomb POP, Rose Petals, Rainbow, Bright Colors, Lime, Amorous, Lace, Sweet Moon, Pearl, Turquoise Shadows, Glimmer, Angelic, Azure, Cinematic, Dramatic, Blush, Flowers Dreaam, Sharpen, Soft Skin, Orange Juice, Americano, Storm, Clear White.

70 Professional Lightroom Presets: Soft Contrast, Classic, Stars, Deep, Grains, Bright Matte, Dark Blue, Flm, Ocean, Sharpen, Electric, Crisp, Bright, Dark, Soft Matte, Soft Skin, Noir, Contrast, Portrait, Harmonic, Memories, Details, Blur, Mist, HDR, Trendy, Chicago, Winter, Organic, Moon Light, Ephemeral, Hollywood, Paris, Happy, Royal, Nature, Sepia, Editorial, Friday, Moody, High Key, Gleam, Dynamic, Platium, Fade, Discovery, Glamour, Beauty, Sadness, Wedding, Heroic, Brilliant, Silverstone, Pure, Goodfellas, Delight, Shine, Fashion, Nature, Achronomic, Adore, Matte Classic, Freedom, Dust, Old Style, Love, Majestic, Sleek, POP, Astronomic.

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