Telecoming Company Review 2023: Benefits of Partnership

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: I got interested in the Telecoming company because of its successful cases. It stands for its long-term partnerships with famous sports brands, such as Real Madrid and Benfica. When working on each of these projects, the company uses all the available resources to create innovative solutions for its clients and help them make the most out of their investments.

Telecoming specializes in building strong fan communities and monetizing audiences using mobile billing. The company doesn’t use any third-party invoice apps.

  • Specialize in mobile user acquisition
  • Cooperation with famous brands
  • 5 years of experience in the sportech industry
  • Technological background
  • Current partnerships with 50 carriers worldwide
  • No prices for services
  • Might be some communication issues due to the difference in time zones
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Telecoming works on projects in 27 countries, including official licenses of the top football clubs in Europe and Africa. Besides, it has projects related to competitions in 13 sports disciplines.

The company helps brands expand their fan bases and start to earn money on them. It utilizes mobile billing instead of relying on third-party invoicing software for small business.

The company provides entertainment services and has an extensive experience in the sports industry, which makes it a perfect match for sports clubs, leagues, and various organizations that want to improve their online presence and develop their brands.

Telecoming Сompany: Main Features

logo telecoming

Telecoming is a well-established company that specializes in providing entertainment and information services for sports fans who use their mobile devices for watching sports events. Its team knows how to build strong communities of paying members who pay for a subscription to enjoy watching their favorite clubs, teams, and athletes.

Qualified Tech Team

Telecoming company makes a great first impression due to its high level of professionalism. The team includes experienced web developers, app creators, cloud engineers, and innovation specialists, among many others. All these experts have extensive knowledge of the newest technologies.

The experience of the team allows it to create innovative technological solutions and use the recent advances in the industry to improve the digital experience of sports fans.

AI and AR Technologies for Brand Development

telecoming tech

Regardless of the services that you will choose, you will see that the Telecoming company masterfully uses technology to get a cutting edge. The team utilizes Artificial Intelligence to generate dynamic content based on the preferences of users. This technology was used by many creators of Artificial Intelligence software. Such programs help brands to solve a variety of tasks more quickly.

Augmented Reality is used for creating unique filters and adding virtual trophies and other objects for improving the experience of users.

Besides, the company works with augmented audio technology, which enables it to create engaging audio playlists and improve the accessibility of information about voice events. Due to this, users can utilize voice players to access the information they need.

State-of-the-Art Technological Features

telecoming example

Telecoming company has in-depth knowledge of streaming technology. Its team knows how to transform a streaming signal when people enjoy sports events in browsers and apps to watch live sports. Thanks to data visualization, the team can convert data into viewable content live. It makes it easier for fans to watch sports events.

In addition, the team can build an autonomous chatbot, add games and quizzes on sports events, or even mint NFTs. The NFT collections they create use Ethereum and Solana networks. After minting an NFT, you can add it to popular NFT apps.

Projects Across the World

Telecoming provides its services using mobile operators from all across the globe. It utilizes Direct Carrier Billing. This technology enables fans to make purchases using mobile billing. Due to this, the company can work all across the globe.

Since, 2008, it has been conducting operations in Europe. Since 2015, it has established its presence in Africa. In 2021, it entered the U.S. market.

Cooperation with Major Brands

telecoming brands

The company worked on projects for such brands as Real Madrid CF, PSG, RSC Anderlecht, and SL Benfica. These clubs are considered the indisputable leaders in the industry. Besides, the Telecoming company currently works with ASEC Mimosas and Chabab Belouizdad.

The team has also established a partnership with EFC, the most widely-known promoter of martial arts from Africa. The company is also the exclusive mobile distributor of Paris Saint Germain.

Usage of Relevant Advertising Channels

telecoming work

The Telecoming company can reach out to your target audience using a variety of advertising channels. You don’t need to contact a third-party advertising agency as Telecoming will help you promote your brand.

The company knows which ads are more suitable for a young audience and how you can increase your fan base. The team uses different approaches when solving tasks. It utilizes data science, creative solutions, and knowledge of innovative technologies.

Useful Stats and Articles

telecoming blog

Telecoming sends annual reports to its clients, in which it shares useful information about markets. Take a closer look at the Telecoming blog, where you can find articles on such topics as technology, business, and life. Here, you will also find information about NFT, reviews of events and design projects, as well as articles on a variety of other topics.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can receive weekly news and updates by email.

Telecoming Company Prices

You won’t find a price list on the website, which is why you need to contact it directly to clarify the information with the manager. You can contact the company’s representatives via social networks, write them an email, or call the number that you can find on the website.


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