Pixels Of Fury: Shutterstock's Awards

Pixels Of Fury: Shutterstock's Awards

Pixels of Fury: Shutterstock's Awards is an original live event, where artists compete for the best design in real-time. To showcase their ability, the designers have to show all their skills since the contest runs at neck-breaking speed.

Want to show off your creativity and professionalism as a designer? Interested in taking a peek at how designers prepare their masterpieces? Then come to Pixels of Fury.

What Is Pixels of Fury?

pixels of fury audience

Pixels of Fury is a nation-wide live graphic design contest organized by Shutterstock and AIGA. Each year the contest is held in large cities across the United States and Europe.

The main distinguishing feature of this competition is that all contestants only get 20 minutes to create a design dedicated to a specific subject, after which the live audience chooses the finalists and the winner via a text-poll.

You can follow the events related to this competition with the help of the #PixelsOfFury tag.

Pixels of Fury Competition: Rules

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Number of contestants: 6
Stages: 3
Time per stage: 20 min
ear: PCs and programs provided by the organizers
Assets: graphics from Lightbox + Shutterstock photos and illustrations
Vote system: real-time SMS poll
Prize: “Furious Pixel” cup + grand prize

The competition is broken down into 3 stages. Each stage gives the participants 20 minutes to implement their designer vision of a previously agreed-upon subject.

As for assets, they can use images and vector graphics from Lightbox. Additionally, before the beginning of the event, they are given 45 minutes to study the Shutterstock website and pick appropriate images and music.

The theme of the competition is revealed to the participants shortly before the event: a couple of days prior to Pixels of Fury they receive a notification from the organizers with the keywords, and just before the start of the contest they are informed of the subject.

The subject can be anything from a mockup of a wine bottle label to relevant social topics like environmental protection or inequality.

The participants have to work under heavy pressure as the people in the audience can see every move they make. The live audience can vote for their preferred designers via text messages.

How to Become a Contestant?

If you want to become a participant, you have to fill out an online application, telling about your career as a designer and including a couple of preview images. The organizers select the best candidates and invite them to participate in the live event.

Citizenship: USA or Europe
Age: 21+

How to Become a Viewer?

There’s nothing simpler than receiving a free ticket to the Pixels of Fury – you just have to fill out an online form on their official website.

Age: 21+

Special Contest for the Audience

pixels of fury napkin sketch contest

Pixels of Fury isn’t just an exciting competition for graphic designers, but also a top creative event that offers a ton of audience engagement. The Pixel Fury organizers highlight the fact that preparing the event takes a lot of time.

To support the contest’s popularity, the viewers are entertained by a live DJ, free food and drinks, and various contests that involve the audience. For instance, they can participate in Shutterstock's Napkin Sketch contests.

Why Participate?

The main reason why designers decide to take part in Pixels of Fury is the huge popularity of this event.

During the competition, the six challengers are observed by thousands of people in the audience, and afterward their work is talked about by the press and showcased on Shutterstock’s website. As you can see, Pixel Fury is the perfect place for self-promotion.

The excitement from the event, being in the center of everyone’s attention, the chance to test your skills – all of that inspires and allows you to find a new way to show your talent.

The winner of the competition receives the Pixel of Fury trophy, which is highly prestigious among designers.

Best Pixels of Fury

I prepared a list featuring some of the most original winning designs from Pixels of Fury, created during all the years of the competition’s existence. Here you’ll find aliens, terrifying monsters, advertisements for products – everything created by the creative minds of Pixel Fury designers.

pixels of fury chicago 2019 winner “Superhero Moms” by Noah Brennan, Chicago 2019 (Winner) pixels of fury chicago 2019 “Mom is Every Time Right” by Amy Reyes, Chicago 2019 pixels of fury nyc 2018 winner “Gelestial Sorgeress superhero” by Cara Random, NYC 2018 (Winner) pixels of fury nyc 2018 “Glitch” by Lisa Klein, NYC 2018 pixels of fury london 2018 winner “Equality Starts Early” by Jessica Steimer, London 2018 (Winner) pixels of fury cannes 2017 winner “EAU de Andrea” by Andrea Souza, Cannes 2017 (Winner) pixels of fury chicago 2017 winner “Race the Rings” by Lura Meisch, Chicago 2017 (Winner) pixels of fury nyc 2017 winner “Sci-fi/Horror Poster” by Anna Fine, NYC 2017 (Winner) pixels of fury nyc 2016 winner “They’re Fast!!!” by Cryssy Cheung, NYC 2016 (Winner) pixels of fury nyc 2016 “Finster-inspired sneakers” by Alex Wiehl, NYC 2016 pixels of fury cannes 2016 winner “Pink Wine’s Origins” by Steffen Christiansen, Cannes 2016 (Winner) pixels of fury napkin sketch winner “Teddy Bear” winning napkin sketch

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