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Express Scribe Free Benefits:

  • Variable speed playback
  • 30+ formats
  • Automatic speech to voice conversion
  • Automatic file management
  • Collaboration with Dragon Naturally


  • Can I get Express Scribe free forever and without limitations?

Yes, the Express Scribe free version is available to all users and without time limits. You can also use it can for commercial purposes.

  • What are the limitations of free Express Scribe in comparison with the Premium version?

The paid transcription software offers additional features such as variable speed playback, multi-channel control, video player, and file management.

  • Can I use free Express Scribe on my smartphone/tablet?

No, today there is no mobile version, and developers don’t provide information about a possible release date.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Express Scribe Free Version

Experiencing difficult quarantine times and thinking about Express Scribe free download? How well are you aware of the problems that may harm both you and your PC? I have described the top 3 reasons that may help you see the other side of this possibility.

  • Copyright Infringement and Imprisonment

One of the most dangerous troubles that you may encounter when using pirated software is a problem with the law. This action infringes copyrights, and the copyright holder may sue you. With a 99% probability, you will be forced to pay a fine of $ 4000 or more. There are also cases where the defendant’s personal property, home, and even business is confiscated.

  • No updates

Any unlicensed software is autonomous, which means it is disconnected from the developer's servers. It is for this reason that your workmate will receive an update released by the company, but you won’t. Note that in your case there is no point in contacting the technical support, because before answering, each account is checked by experts for authenticity.

  • Software Bugs and Viruses

The problems with copyright infringement affect only you, what about viruses that could damage your computer and personal data? As practice shows, more than 80% of files downloaded from torrents contain viruses, so chances are very high that your Express Scribe free version is also infected.

The best free antivirus software can cope with simple advertising viruses, but what about those that are handled by Kaspersky Lab professionals? This type of viruses isn’t detected by security programs and can block/steal all your personal data, including credit card info.

Best Express Scribe Free Alternatives

If the functionality of the free version isn’t enough for you and you don’t have $24 dollars to get the premium version, you can check several equally effective free alternatives.

1. InqScribe

inqscribe logo
  • Note type system
  • Transcription of any video and audio  
  • Simple managing
  • May lag

InqScribe is a program for free transcription of audio and video with advanced features. The editor can be used to transcribe audio and film exploration.

A unique feature is the presence of a transcription system and a note type system in a centralized position. This means that you don’t have to switch between these two functions.

2. Scripto

scripto logo
  • Open source 
  • Supports more than 40 formats 
  • Allows you to transcribe multimedia files
  • Confusing UI

Scripto is the Express Scribe free alternative with open-source code that transcribes documents and multimedia files. It is meant for institutions and organizations, such as libraries and museums, participating in a number of large and small joint transcription projects, as well as for small groups and individual projects.

Scripto was created for projects that use any existing content management system, which includes documents, images or multimedia files.

3. Parlatype

parlatype logo
  • Minimalistic interface 
  • Adjustable rate
  • Timestamps
  • For beginners only

Parlatype is an excellent choice for beginners. It offers a minimalistic audio player for manual transcription of speech. The target audience is journalists, students, scientists and those, who need to decrypt audio files.

Among the tools, you will find adjustable rate, pause, and timestamps. You can also use macros for LibreOffice and pedals for managing the process.

4. Transcriva

transcriva logo
  • Over 50 formats 
  • Transcriptions Library
  • Adjustable rate
  • For Mac OS only

If you decided not to use Express Scribe free for Mac, and need a decent replacement run on this OS, you can try Transcriva. This is manual transcription software with an automatic transmission system. The editor allows you to transcribe any meeting, interview, lecture, film, speech, dictation, etc.

There are viewing controls, a transcript editor, transcription library, multimedia tracking system, playback and recording system, playback options, volume and speed, as well as a search field located on the main screen.

5. TranscriberAG

transcriberag logo
  • For long recordings
  • Labeling speech turns
  • Weak additional functionality

TranscriberAG is designed for manual annotation of speech signals. It offers a simple and convenient graphical interface for segmenting long speech recordings, decoding them, and labeling turns of speech.

TranscriberAG is geared towards the needs of the speech research community, but its features may be useful for other situations as well. It uses the Annotation Graphics format as its own format, but can read a number of other annotation formats.

Download Express Scribe Free

download express scribe free video converter

Instead of tempting fate and violating copyrights, download the free official version of Express Scribe for your computer.

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