Corel DRAW X6 Portable

The variety of websites offering Corel DRAW X6 Portable is truly overwhelming and many people think that this is a separate version of the well-known software released by the company.

In fact, the Corel team suffers a lot from the appearance of this product, which is in no way related to this developer, but thanks to the world’s fame of the company is quickly distributed on the net.

What Is Corel DRAW X6 Portable?

Many people feel a bit confused when they see a program with a label “Portable”, but most of them think that it is simply a new version of powerful software. In fact, this word signifies that the program has been cracked by hackers and can be now launched free of charge and without prior installation.

Corel DRAW X6 Portable or License Version?

corel draw x6 portable or license

Anyone, who decides on Corel DRAW X6 Portable 32-bit free download and use, has to deal with serious problems, which aren’t evident at first sight. I have already mentioned troubles with the law, which inevitably follow an illegal action, but there are lots of other unpleasant issues you will face.

Corel DRAW X6 Portable Disadvantages:

  • No updates. Software developers are constantly improving their products and releasing the updated versions with lags fixed and new tools added in order to please their legal clients. If you use Corel DRAW X6 Portable, you don’t get any updates and may be even penalized if you try to download them from an official resource.
  • Personal data leakage. According to the statistics, people, who use Corel DRAW X6 Portable or CorelDRAW 2019 Crack are more subject to personal data loss. Installing potentially dangerous software on your PC, you don’t know how it will “behave” and what will be the results of such activity.
  • Malware viruses. All cracked programs contain viruses. Their primary aim is to infect your computer, making its performance slow and annoying. While installing Corel DRAW Portable X6 version on you PC, you will see a notification from the antivirus software saying that this may be a malicious program.
  • Problems with law. All programs labeled “portable” are initially paid products, which means you have to pay for them to get access to all tools and features. If you download and use the software for free, you violate the copyright law and can be penalized for that.

Corel DRAW X6 License Advantages:

  • Reliability and security. Software manufacturers guarantee that the product corresponds to the industrial quality standard. This means that the disk is readable on any computer; it contains the complete original code of the program and doesn’t have viruses.
  • Regular updates. There is an unspoken agreement between a company and a client – you pay for the product and get all future updates automatically and for free. This refers to new instruments, helpful functions, fixed bugs, etc.
  • Responsive tech support. While using the purchased product, users may have certain questions. Legal users can take advantage of the company’s technical support, which will help solve problems. If you use Corel DRAW X6 Portable, you’ll have to cope with everything on your own.
  • You are a member of a modern and evolving community. Using licensed software, you work in compliance with legislation, meet standards and requirements of certification, respect the work of developers and their copyrights, keep in mind the interests of partners and customers, and ultimately demonstrate self-esteem.

What Corel DRAW Version Should I Use?

Nowadays, you can choose among different versions of CorelDRAW. Some individuals believe that the newest edition isn’t the best option, since they will have to get accustomed to a new working environment, which requires some time. I suggest learning the ins and outs of the latest version to decide whether it is worth investing in.

1. CorelDRAW: Graphics Suite

  • Platforms: Mac / Win
  • Price: Free Trial for 15 days
  • Rank

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a completely updated and improved product, using which, you can create amazing logos, promotional materials and various images for different purposes - from web pages to printing. A complete pack of programs includes Corel PhotoPaint, Corel Capture, and Bitstream Font Navigator. Of course, you also receive a detailed manual with very useful tips.

2. Home & Student Suite

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Trial, money-back guarantee for 30 days or $129.99
  • Rank

CorelDRAW Home and Student Suite makes the most of the hardware and the latest Windows 10 technologies. Support for Wacom devices and Windows Real-Time Stylus pen input technology on compatible tablets (such as Microsoft Surface) takes creativity to the next level. Take advantage of Corel AfterShot 3 for photo management and image editing instead of downloading Corel DRAW X6 Portable.

Corel DRAW X6 Portable Alternatives

Now CorelDRAW X6 version is outdated and newer one costs money, so I suggest you take advantage of free alternatives. Here is the rundown of efficient programs that are worth considering.

1. Inkscape

inkscape logo
  • Convenient UI
  • Lots of tools
  • Rich format support
  • Regular updates
  • May lag

Inkscape is one of the most worthy free replacements for Corel DRAW X6 Portable, which you can get in a legal way. The software has a convenient interface – menu, toolbars, palette, and many other dialogs. The functionality of the program is impressive. The program supports SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and other common formats.

2. Clever Brush Editor

clever brush editor logo
  • Uploads your own assets like Images, Vectors, Fonts
  • Different brushes for painting
  • Cross-browser support
  • Supports lots of formats
  • Not suitable for low-end computers

Clever Brush Editor is designed for work with vector graphics right in a browser. It is intuitive and allows creating a nice layout in a matter of seconds. The toolset is rich and well-thought-out – there are geometric shapes, brushes for painting, text tools and advanced export capabilities.

The most remarkable feature is an integrated library of raster and vector images, which allows creating a project faster using the ready-made materials. You can save the results in JPEG, SVG and PNG formats.

3. PhotoPad

photopad logo
  • Support for many image formats
  • Works with RAW files
  • Suitable for all OS
  • Lots of different image editing and retouching tools
  • Not for beginners

PhotoPad is a free program for editing digital images. Using the software, you can easily crop, rotate, resize images, adjust color, apply a variety of effects (sepia, vignetting, blur, etc.), add text, create collages or panoramas, and more. There are a preview function and support for almost all popular graphic formats. You can share edited images on Facebook or Flickr.


To speed up your work in CorelDRAW, download and use these free tools.

Fire Brush

fire freebie for corel draw x6 portable

To make your images expressive and eye-catching, use this free brush. It adds natural-looking fire flames of different sizes to your works, which is safer than shooting real fire.

Fog Overlay

fog freebie for corel draw x6 portable fog freebie for corel draw x6 portable

Transform your boring photo in several clicks, applying this fog overlay. It makes the picture mysterious, stirring the imagination.

Dust Overlay

dust freebie for corel draw x6 portable dust freebie for corel draw x6 portable

A very handy overlay if you want to give your pictures an interesting touch, so that it will stand out among hundreds of other photos on Instagram.

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