Relonch camera review

Relonch camera review

The Relonch photos look the way you pictured them. From now you photography vision will be drastically changed and you will not spend the night for photo editing. Your modernize camera will do everything and leave you only photography enjoying

Nowadays the photographers use huge cameras with a wide range of different settings. During the shooting, they always switch the setting, go over the captured photos every time again and try to choose the best setting, that the photo will be perfect without any interference of photo montage services. However, in many cases, it is not easy to take such perfect shot. Especially, it is about the wedding or party photo shooting, when people come together to celebrate some special day. The task of the photographer is to capture emotions and details of this special day. So, he does not have time to be long looking for the correct setting. The professional photographer just takes the photos and then recourses to photo editing. He looks through his shots, chooses the best ones and edits them, using family photo editing, if it is a family holiday or wedding photography post production services for wedding shots.  


Yes, such photo editing takes plenty of time. When you are not good in this business, it will take twice  as large time. Especially, when you are an amateur photographer or it is just your hobby. You might want to have appealing photos of your traveling, holidays, birthday party or everyday moments. The technologies are developing every day and it did not pass the photography industry by. The photography industry is being improved worldwide. If you are interested in these aspects, you can find more information about the Photo industry in Australia, Canada photo industry and Everything about UK photography. Reading these articles, you will find out more about the leading photography genres, photography spots, payment for photographer business and other interesting information.


We want to tell you about an innovative device for photographers of the different level. The Relonch is a revolutionary camera without the screen and any settings buttons, but only with one button, which will retouch the photos instead of you. We will tell you the advantages of this invention and show you the result of its work. The minimalism and vivid fashion design of camera will surprise you not less than the work of the device. 

What are the peculiarities of camera design? 

The Relonch is a high-end camera placed in the admirable leather case. The Relonch has a unique design and differs from typical digital camera completely. The aim of the Relonch is to clear the hurdles for photographers and modernize the photographer’s generation. You will forget about photo restoration services forever. 

Only the viewfinder 

You might use to cameras with screen to review the photos during the shooting. The innovative the Relonch does not have a screen at all. The creators think the absence of screen is a good idea, as the photographer will be concentrated on the object he was taken and will develop his imagination. The photographer has an opportunity to search and shoot, and not to abstract yourself from the work.  


Only one button

The modern Relonch camera does not have strange settings buttons, which may confuse the inexperienced users. The camera has only one significant mode, which allows taking appealing shots under any conditions. It is need not more to figure out the setting on the DSLR. 


Just natural lighting 

The Relonch camera does not have the flash at all. The creators consider that the flash destroys the image . The creators believe that the best picture can be shot in natural light. Even if the light is low, it will make the photo emotional and alive.  


Only the prime lens

To have a professional camera in hands is an honor for the photographer. You will be surprised by the fact, that the Relonch does not have zoom, as it huge for camera design. The camera creator chose the lenses suitable for any occasion. If you want to get a close-up image, just get closer.  

Only a SIM card

Forget about SD and the problems they caused. Sometimes in the mid of the shooting, your SD card can be fully filled. It is not about the modern Relonch. The Relonch has built-in SIM through which the camera uploads the images to the Relonch server automatically. Moreover, the server choices the best retouch variant for the photo and send them to your smartphone or computer, what is very convenient.  

Why will the Relonch attract you?  

With the Relonch in hands, everybody can shot his talent as a photographer. It sounds like fairytale, but we will convince you. The Relonch will unleash your talent. Every day is the best day photography, not depending on weather or circumstances. Don’t wait for a special occasion. See the remarkable examples of everyday photos in your own eyes.  

The ordinary summer day of a little girl. The photo was captured with the push of a button. 


What is more? The bright, fashion design of the leather case will suit to your looks. You will be able to take the Relonch anywhere. It is no matter whether it is Sunday’s walk or fashion party. In addition, the small size will only please you. You will be able carry around the Relonch as well as mobile phone. Choose your favorite look and leather case. You will be fascinating without doubts. 


How do the photos captured by Relonch look? 

The Relonch uploads all captured to the server, where they have retouched automatically. The server algorithm chooses the suitable retouch variant of the photo, which you will be able to download on your smartphone or computer. Let’s look through the captured photo by the Relonch and by the ordinary digital camera.


Using the Relonch, you will forget about the photo color correction services. The photo captured by Relonch is with adjusted contrast and sutured.   

Your portrait photography will be perfect with only one push of the button. You will not care about professional portrait editing techniques. Your photos will look natural and without drawbacks.  

The nature photography will have another look. The nature phenomenon will be emphasized by vivid colors and contrast adjustment. The post production photography editing will be of no importance. 


The Relonch photos look the way you pictured them. From now you photography vision will be drastically changed and you will not spend the night for photo editing. Your modernize camera will do everything and leave you only photography enjoying. 

How can I get the Relonch for myself? 

The Relonch is great choice because you pay for the photos but not for the useless camera. These cameras are expected to be released to the public in mid-2018 or later. Currently, you can only reserve the camera for yourself. You pay only $1 for photo and $99 membership fee. The Relonch creators are sure that people will be ready to pay $100 or even $1000 for such amazing images. 


What if don’t I have a chance to get the Relonch? 

It is not the problem if you can’t get the Relonch. Unfortunately, our company does not provide the Relonch renting. Nevertheless, our company provides photo editing services on the high level. Our company works with professional photographers worldwide. Every day many customers apply to our manager with their requirements. Our skillful photo editors work at full power to satisfy the clients. The photo retouching is very meticulous work. You can check photo retouching before and after to be sure in photo retoucher’s professionalism. FixThePhoto photo editors appreciate accuracy and swiftness. As for photo retouching rates, FixThePhoto offers the most affordable prices and high quality of photo editing. Send your photos to us and you will not be wrong. 

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