Relonch LightApp Review

By Eva Williams 17 days ago, Software Reviews

Platforms: iOS
Price: Free trial or $2.99

Verdict: LightApp is an excellent image editing application based on AI, which you can use to enhance your shots in several clicks.

You don't need special equipment to get a perfectly lit face in your selfie. Using the app's tools, you can fix too dark parts of the picture caused by harsh lighting.

  • Image editing in 1 click
  • Pulls the image out of the shadow without causing noise
  • Suitable for editing both portraits and landscapes
  • Lack of Android version
relonch lightapp interface

Relonch is the company primarily known for its camera that uses the so-called "digital film" technology. Relonch camera has no screen, no flash, no settings, no SD card, but you have to pay $99/month to enjoy its capabilities.

All your shots are sent to the Relonch server and edited with the help of AI-based tools. Then the images are returned to your app in a few hours. With the advent of LightApp, these guys removed the camera component from this equation and added AI technology right into the application.

Complete Relonch Review

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One of the biggest problems with mobile photography is poor lighting. In these situations, a part or the whole face is in deep shadows. Relonch AI fixes all these problems and adds another light source. It lights up the shaded area and evens out colors.

Corrections with Exposure Adjustment Map

relonch ai lightapp exposure adjustment map

AI uses unique adjustment maps to imitate artificial light and make some areas of the frame lighter. You upload the desired picture, the program automatically determines which areas of the image you need to lighten up and provides the most natural result.

Automatic Local Adjustment

Using the same exposure adjustment maps, the app identifies only those zones that really need to be improved. It doesn’t affect those that already look great. Therefore, strongly overexposed areas of an image will become darker.

At the same time, those parts that were in deep shadows will become lighter. However, you should be careful if the shadows are too strong. In this case, there may appear noise in the image. However, the application copes with most tasks without problems.

Realistic White Balance Correction

relonch ai light app white balance correction

When shooting in the evening or at night, you often get images where white balance is spoilt. You can see this defect in the skin and background areas. Most often, these images look very yellow, while other colors are missing.

In some cases, they will be bluish images with all the colors shifted to a blue shade. In both cases, the picture won’t look attractive, and it can be quite expensive to correct it using photo editing apps.

LightApp corrects white balance automatically. You just open a photo in the application, and Relonch AI-based app does all the necessary manipulations. You only need to move the slider to the right and enjoy the result.

FAQ: LightApp Review

  • Does the app work with portraits only?

No, LightApp is suitable for editing all types of photos. I know that Relonch AI is an indispensable tool for those who like to shoot landscapes with a smartphone. I think the application has become an analog of the "make beautiful" button that many shooters would like to have in all complex and overloaded mobile image editors.

  • Does LightApp support video editing?

Yes. For some reason, this feature isn’t described in most app reviews. But, in my opinion, it is a handy option to consider. I usually use it as a filter app. I just put one filter on all my time-lapses, because in 99% of cases, LightApp will make it better.

  • What photo formats does LightApp support?

The application works with all formats that your smartphone supports. Therefore, if you open a picture on your iPhone, then LightApp will easily recognize it. All my images were exported in JPEG format with minimal compression.

  • Does the app have a free version?

Yes, you can use LightApp absolutely for free, but there will be a watermark in the form of the program's name and its logo in your photos.

LightApp Prices

The program is available for free. However, if you don’t want to see a logo in the left corner on your images and videos, you can buy the app for $2.99. This is a single-time payment.

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If you want to find a more advanced app for photographers, which gives you a better choice of tools and you are ready to spend more time on image editing, or you have an Android smartphone, then pay attention to alternative programs similar to LightApp.

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