7 Best Underwater Drone Cameras for Every Budget

By Tati Taylor 10 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Submarine drones with camera for video shooting in resolution up to 4k.

top underwater drones with camera

Capture beautiful underwater pictures with the help of a high-end ROVs submarine drone with an embedded camera and remote control. Submerge into the deepest waters for shooting hard-to-reach places or survey little-scale coasts from the beach.

However, you must remember that high-quality drone with submarine camera is still pricy: from 400 to 3000 dollars, and the price of professional ones which are used to shoot movie scenes cost from $5000.

Top 7 Underwater Drone Cameras for Beginners and Pros

  1. PowerVision PRW10 - Advanced technologies
  2. Geneinno Titan 150M - Best submersion distance
  3. Qysea Fifish V6 - 4.5 hours of autonomous performance
  4. Submarine Camcorder - For a limited budget
  5. Aquarobotman - Ultra compact for transporting
  6. Chasing Dory - Wide-angle lens
  7. Windek Sublue - Compliant with any action camera

Every submarine drone camera has its own unique peculiarities and characteristics. Some of the presented models are equipped with professional shooting gear in 4K UHD, and have a wide observation angle, which allows to capture splendid images; others can submerge to 492 feet depth (150m), and constantly shoot videos up to 4.5 hours from one accumulator. More expensive models will offer the feature of connecting to control the drone with your smartphone’s adaptive app.

1. PowerVision PRW10 – Our Choice

Connectable VR module
powervision prw10 underwater drone camera

Video: 4K UHD | Max Depth: 98 feet | From Full Charge: 4 hours | Speed: 4 knots | Connection: 230 feet waterproof cable, Phone app, VR, Remote Controller

  • ✚ High-end 4K shooting
  • ✚ VR connect
  • ✚ Fast movement
  • ✚ Drone tracing app with precise data and the depth analysis
  • ✚ Stylish body
  • Submerses into small depth

Due to its exquisite design, optimized management elements and high-end 4K UHD camera, PowerVision PRW10 is a leader on the underwater drone market. Though this drone does not have the best submersion distance features (just 98 feet/30 meters), it provides a range of many other useful functions, like wireless connection and a direct control with the help of mobile app, and even Wi-Fi connection to VR glasses for a deeper submersion.

Among the unique functions of PowerPay Wizard drone version, I can single out a sonar PowerSeeker, which enables the drone to see the underwater landscape and detect the precise data of water temperature, pressure, and a lot more. It is also worth mentioning that this model offers a 1080-resolution live broadcast from the drone to social networks, such as Facebook, WeChat, and Instagram directly from the app.

2. Geneinno Titan 150M

Photography at the depth up to 150 meters (492 feet)
geneinno titan 150m underwater drone camera

Video: HD-4K | Max Depth: 492 feet | From Full Charge: 3.5 hours | Speed: 4 knots | Connection: 500 feet waterproof cable, Remote Controller

  • ✚ Submersion at the depth up to 150 meters
  • ✚ Wide-angle 160°observation field
  • ✚ EIS shakes protection
  • ✚ Great flexibility due to 6 mechanisms performance
  • ✚ Mechanisms Industrial ROV Flight case protection
  • Short active work period

Geneinno Titan is known in the industry as the strongest underwater drone for deep submersion (up to 492 feet/150 m). Its body includes a lot of protective nets and pads, which protect it from sand and other underwater trash that can harm the engines, and six-stage engines easily deal with even the most powerful streams.

Regarding the photography parameters, it contains a wide-angle 1/2,3-inch CMOS-matrix SONY, with a 160 degrees observation field and the best 4K shooting quality. Besides, its 300-lumen lighting is worth your attention, as it is sufficient to illuminate the darkest and deepest ocean places at over 100 meters of depth.

3. Qysea Fifish V6

The longest submersion time using one accumulator
qysea fifish v6 best underwater drone camera

Video: HD-4K | Max Depth: 300 feet | From Full Charge: 4.5 hours | Speed: 3 knots | Connection: VR Box, Remote Controller, Kevlar Tether 328 feet

  • ✚ Ultrawide angle of 166°
  • ✚ Smart VR technology
  • ✚ Posture block
  • ✚ Submersion time 4,5 hours
  • ✚ Removable SD drive
  • Weak lights, disable the drone to navigate in total darkness

Qysea Fifish V6 is the best underwater drone for ultra 166° wide-angle photography, with 4K Ultra High Definition quality. It is also featured with maximum aperture f/2. In other words, it can also deal with underwater scenes at poor lighting. An important advantage is its long autonomous work for up to 4.5 hours from fully charged accumulator.

Among the unique drone peculiarities, I will mark the patented Smart thruster Array technology, due to which a drone is able to perform complicated water manipulations, roll, flip over, make loots, etc., and after that take a stable position no matter what the depth is.

Undoubtedly, it means that FiFish is more complicated to manage. If it is your first submersible drone, you will find using this drone complicated compared with others.

4. Submarine Camcorder

Best choice for beginners and children
submarine camcorder best underwater drone camera

Resolution: 3840x2160 | Contrast Ratio: 150,000:1 | Brightness (Lumens): 1500 | Screen size: 60" - 140"

  • ✚ Wireless hot-spot to smartphone video
  • ✚ 10x white LEDs offer decent additional lighting
  • ✚ 2 engines with 8000 turns a minute
  • ✚ Low-cost
  • ✚ Pretty lightweight
  • The app is supported only on Android

Submarine Camcorder is a perfect choice for your children, as it will let them fly near the lake or sea coasts. It is not the smallest submarine drone, but with its plastic body, it weighs slightly more than the average smartphone, 800 grams to be exact. It has a 20 feet cable and can submerge at the depth up to 3 meters. In-built white LEDS can help illuminate the bottom and see the magnificent corals.

It is managed with the help of a special remote control. Moreover, you can install a mobile app for Android devices (tablet or smartphone) and watch the seabed in real time.

5. Aquarobotman

Ultracompact drone for 4K shooting
aquarobotman best underwater drone camera

Video: 4K | Max Depth: 328 feet | From Full Charge: 3 hours | Speed: 3 knots | Connection: Wi-Fi, VR, Remote Controller, Tether 328 feet

  • ✚ Powerful LEDs
  • ✚ Ultracompact and lightweight drone
  • ✚ 4K camera
  • ✚ Basic Wi-Fi spot for wireless video access
  • ✚ Up to 100 meters submersion
  • The app is to be downloaded from the official website

Underwater Nemo drone has a removable, easily changeable battery which allows to use the drone for long underwater swim. It supports 4K UHD video, in addition to 16-megapixel Full HD pictures, and is also equipped with the intensive LED illumination, 1000 lumen capacity which is sufficient enough to enlighten a few meters ahead the dark bottom.

Despite the fact that the drone does not have VR glasses in a set, it can be easily connected to other VR-headset using the wireless Wi-Fi spot. I’d like to mention that its durable body materials allow submerging to 328 feet/100 meters.

6. Chasing Dory

For a surface shooting
chasing dory best underwater drone camera

Video: UHD 1080p | Max Depth: 40 feet | From Full Charge: 1 hours | Speed: 4 knots | Connection: Wi-Fi, Tether 49 feet, Remote Controller

  • ✚ Smartphone management
  • ✚ Lightweight
  • ✚ Overcomes strong streams
  • ✚ Wide-angle lens f/1.6
  • ✚ 250 lumen LEDs
  • Only 1080p

Chasing Dory is a low-cost drone for beginners or fishermen. It can submerge at the depth up to 12 meters/40 feet and film 1080p videos. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and broadcast live 720p videos. It is also compact and easy to transport.

Among the unique & useful functions, I can point out the depth and shooting angle blocking, which will allow you to select the best camera angle. However, it also has a range of flaws, like 100 degrees viewing angle. Moreover, the propellers can absorb the rubbish if the drone is located close to the bottom, or when you shoot in a dirty place.

7. Windek Sublue

For shared submersion
windek sublue best underwater drone camera

Video: action camera mount | Max Depth: 131 feet | From Full Charge: 1 hour | Speed: 3.8 knots | Connection: Wireless use

  • ✚ Any action camera and additional lighting can be connected
  • ✚ 60 minutes of autonomous work
  • ✚ Up to 40 meters submersion
  • ✚ OLED-display with data
  • ✚ Water-proof battery
  • Need to buy camera additionally

If you have a submersion experience and wish to dive into the sea or ocean bottom together with your drone, an underwater scooter Windek Sublue is the best option. Although it does not include the embedded camera, it has a mount which supports all action cameras. What is more, the interface also enables you to connect an external powerful illumination (however, it will influence the battery functioning duration).

Thanks to 60-minute autonomous work performance, 3-speed switch with up to 2m/s speed (4, 47 miles per hour), an underwater scooter can effortlessly immerse you at the maximum depth of 40 meters (131 feet).

optoma uhd30 home theater projectors under 2000
PowerVision PRW10
  • An elegant design
  • VR connection
  • Mobile app for drone control
qysea fifish v6 image
Qysea Fifish V6
  • 4.5 hours of self-sustained shooting in 4K
  • A resistant coil with a cable for submersion
  • 6 channeling engines
submarine camcorder image
Submarine Camcorder
  • The cheapest submarine drone on the market
  • Lightweight body
  • Joystick management

How to Choose a Good Underwater Drone Camera?

If after looking through the list of the best underwater camera drones you still have some questions unanswered, pay attention to several parameters which you should consider while making your choice.

Underwater camera capacity is one of the main aims for buying the submarine drone. Take into consideration the maximum possible resolution for recording videos, the best one will be 4K. Shooting lens angle is also an important factor. The best options are wide-angle ones, with 160 degrees lens.

Moreover, if you have the opportunity to compare several drones, check their lights, as the sea bottom is very dark if you dive deeply. It is also important that the lights’ capacity is enough to enlighten the area several meters ahead.

check the quality of the camera when choosing an underwater drone

The battery’s period of service is one more essential factor which will let you shoot long videos without changing the battery every 3 minutes. Moreover, you have to keep the distance and time to allow the drone to be in time at the required place and get back to you. A perfect feature of this option is 3-4 hours of autonomous work. Nevertheless, 2 hours are usually enough to shoot some beautiful 30-minute videos.

A high-end Body — is not only a strong, scratch and external factors proof material, but also the one that contains protective pads and net from sand, stones, algae and other bottom rubbish. If your drone is not equipped with a well-protected body, you may have problems with central engines in 3-5 swims.

check out the unique technologies when choosing an underwater drone

The Unique functions, such as VR connection allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea bottom. Among other useful functions you may also find in-built mobile apps, connectable joysticks etc.


  • • What is the maximum underwater submersion depth?

Every drone has its own efficiency. If it is a low-budget model, the maximum submersion depth will be 15-30 meters, but the premium models such as Geneinno Titan 150M, submerge to 15 meters.

  • • How to control the underwater drone?

You may control the drone’s floatability to avoid drowning. On-board engines push the water and enable you to control the drone remotely or with the help of in-built sensors.

The majority of underwater drones use the line which links them with the dispatching room where they are controlled from. Inside this dispatching room, operators can regulate the incline, altitude and orientation of the transport means in real time. The cameras function as eyes which allow the operators to direct a drone to its aim.

  • • Do I need a license for underwater drone?

In most cases you do not necessarily need a license to exploit underwater drone. Nevertheless, your country can implement recent limitations or rules, which you might not be aware of. That is why, you should consult local authorities before using it to avoid any inconveniences.

  • • What can underwater drones be used for?

Underwater drones can be efficiently used both for personal needs or hobbies, and for professional or commercial purposes. From underwater shooting to underwater inspections, military and rescue missions, archeological projects, and environment protection.