9 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards in 2023

By Robin Owens 2 days ago, Keyboards

The best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards at affordable prices.

best tkl mechanical keyboards

The term stands for a basic device that does not have the extension with a number pad on the side. The best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is an ordinary full-sized keyboard that many users prefer for a few reasons. They might need to fit it on a small table, want to have their mouse closer or find the number pad unnecessary, to begin with.

Top 9 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

  1. HyperX Alloy FPS - Our Choice
  2. SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL - Stylish
  3. Razer Huntsman - Well-rounded build
  4. Razer BlackWidow TE - Durable build
  5. Glorious Modular - Portable
  6. Aukey TKL - Budget
  7. Logitech G915 TKL - Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  8. Keychron K2 - Wireless
  9. Durgod Taurus K320 - Multi-compatibility

Below, you will find a list of keyboards that has been carefully compiled to include the best devices for various kinds of use. If you’re a gamer looking for a TKL keyboard to improve your set, I’ve tested out a few and you can read about the results below.

1. HyperX Alloy FPS

Our Choice
hyperx tkl keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Red LED backlighting
⊕ Ultra-thin
⊕ Linear and noiseless
⊕ Sensible price
⊖ No Bluetooth

This TKL mechanical keyboard is decorated with empowering red LEDs and uses the Cherry MX switches. You can select Blue, Brown and Red switches, depending on your preferences. It has the standard 87-button layout and a pretty miniature body.

You will get a sturdy, reliable, high-precision device that will serve you faithfully and loyally for a long time to come. It also means that you can rely on it when the action really heats up in the gameplay. The cable can be detached, which will help it serve longer and make the keyboard portable.

2. SteelSeries Apex

steelseries tkl keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ RGB Backlit
⊕ Responsive switches
⊕ Compact profile
⊕ Smart display
⊖ Too expensive

This keyboard features adjustable switches that allow setting the actuation distance within a 0.4-3.6mm range. If you often do such adjustments, then you will also be excited to have an OLED smart display dedicated to that.

You can also use it for tracking various info while you’re playing and manipulating Spotify, Discord and other programs. The device is cast from Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that will withstand intensive use during the tense moments of the game or traveling between tournaments.

The technology in this keyboard is really advanced and allows impressive adjustability even for separate keys.

3. Razer Huntsman

Well-rounded build
razer mechanical keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Durable
⊕ USB-C connectivity
⊕ Compact dimensions
⊕ Exclusive Gaming features
⊖ Unreasonably expensive

If you’re searching for a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard from this brand in particular, here is a great model with advanced features. For starters, it received the best switches they’ve made so far so it’s a must-have for anyone dealing with fierce competition.

It has 1.0mm optical actuation, and the response is literally instant at any moment of the game. The personalization is crazy, the keyboard can sync with the popular games and hardware not only from Razer itself but from over 30 other brands.

You get 16.8 million colors of illumination that can be regulated individually for each key. The keycaps themselves are also high-tech, made of the special textured PBT that is not only strong but also capable of reducing the grime buildup.

4. Razer BlackWidow

Durable build
razer tenkeyless keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Ergonomic
⊕ Created for tournaments
⊕ Durable build
⊕ RGB backlighting
⊖ Potentially fragile

This is an astonishing model for gaming created to have the fastest response possible. In a tense atmosphere of a tournament, you can really feel how even milliseconds obtain significance and can potentially cost you a place.

Since manufacturers and designers have outdone themselves creating this model, it will give you what the tiniest benefit there is in outstanding keyboard performance. It makes the most out of the Razer Orange switch technology and gives you sufficient feedback while making little noise.

It only needs 45G of actuation force which is convenient for both gaming and regular office use. You can use it as a wireless model or connect the cable that comes with it to make sure you don’t depend on the battery.

5. Glorious Modular

glorious tkl mechanical keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Proper modular keys
⊕ Minimalist design
⊕ 16.8 million color RGB
⊕ Neat and small
⊖ No USB-C

If you are on the lookout for the N-Key Rollover feature, here is the best TKL mechanical keyboard model that comes with it. This peripheral operates on double-shot injection keycaps with modular switches and allows for much personalization.

For starters, you can easily remove any of the keycaps and replace them with whatever compatible MX switch and cap you want to have instead. In addition, you can assign macros with the provided software and create new functions and commands without any special knowledge. If you get the pre-built model, it will come with secondary icons printed on it.

6. Aukey TKL

aukey mechanical keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Minimalist design
⊕ Full N-Key Rollover
⊕ RGB illumination
⊕ Sensible price
⊖ Rattling keys

One more design that eliminates the number pad and provides some desirable features under a reasonable price tag. The Outemu switches have a good reputation for reliability and sensitivity and resemble the much more expensive Cherry MX blue switches.

The design of this small-size device is really sleek, with stylish matte black casing. It is portable and can be used with equal comfort during work and gaming hours.

7. Logitech G915 TKL

Wireless Gaming Keyboard
logitech tkl mechanical keyboard

Interface: Bluetooth | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ Speedy wireless connection
⊕ Tenkeyless design
⊕ Durable battery
⊕ Attractive look
⊖ Overpriced

If you want the absolute best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard in terms of look and functionality, this is the model. To begin with, it can provide you with 40 full hours of gaming in one charge. The connection is stable and super-fast, making you forget what lagging is.

The illumination can be customized per-key and set to react to game actions, visuals or audio. With a set of dedicated controls, you can instantly adjust the volume, change the track or video. The device operates on two types of connection and you can switch between the USB receiver and Bluetooth quickly as well.

8. Keychron K2

keychron mechanical keyboard

Interface: Bluetooth/Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes

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⊕ RGB backlight
⊕ 3 full days of battery life
⊕ Compact
⊕ Maintains a connection to 3 devices
⊖ Loud typing

This keyboard can maintain a simultaneous connection with three other devices and switch between them immediately via the Fn + 1/2/3 key combination.

The Broadcom Bluetooth chipset holds the connection without failure and can be recognized by any computer, tablet and even smartphone. The battery has an impressive capacity of 72 hours, but if you don’t want to rely on it, you can also use the device through the USB Type-C cable.

It has the proper set of keys within a portable body, which makes it convenient for frequent transportation.

9. Durgod Taurus

durgod mechanical keyboard

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: No

rank rank Rating

⊕ USB Type C
⊕ Multi-compatibility
⊕ Small dimensions
⊕ Decent price
⊖ No backlighting

This is a more basic model without too many frills, only the useful features. It has great personalization opportunities via the brand’s software where you can set specific actions to keys or their combinations as well as upgrade the firmware.

It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The model has a reduced layout design without the number pad on the side but there is a full-sized version as well. The feet of this device have two positions to make sure you can find the right level to prevent wrist strain.

Image Name Features  
hyperx tkl keyboard
HyperX Alloy FPS
Our Choice
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
steelseries tkl keyboard
SteelSeries Apex
Smart Display
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
razer mechanical keyboard
Razer Huntsman
Fastest Switches
  • Interface: Wired
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes

How to Choose the Best TKL Gaming Keyboard?

best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

Typically, texts about computer upgrades are mainly focused on CPUs or GPUs and other elements increasing productivity. However, getting the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard can introduce a great change for the better. And the great part is that they are very affordable as well as reliable and durable.

What Makes a Keyboard Mechanical and Why You Should Have One

For a standard, you could consider the Cherry-style metal contact switches and anything that works the same way. Pressing the key allows the stem to reach into the housing and let the two metal elements contact. This action then sends the command to the computer. If you look at the popular Topre switch, that one has a stiff dome and an identically shaped spring underneath. There is a multitude of other types, like the Alp switch or a buckling spring, but those are becoming rarer in modern devices.

Mechanical or Membrane Contactors?

Obviously, there are pros and cons in each and thus people gravitate towards either option. However, the mechanical models comprise the overwhelming majority of purchases and people claim to prefer the faster contact reaction as well as the more “physical” sensation of hitting a key. Comparing the two types, you will notice that the membrane construction means nearly noiseless operation. But when you take a look at the two latest models of either kind, you will see that the mechanical switches have become quieter and the membrane more responsive, significantly narrowing the gap between them. Admittedly, if you’re searching for the cheaper tenkeyless keyboards, the membrane ones are more represented here.

Full Width, TKL or 60%?

Trying to determine which keyboard to buy, you will be stuck between the full, TKL and reduced types. The full width is the device that has 105-109 keys and provides speed and comfort for office use. Then, there are the TKL models that do not have the numeric pad on the side and often attract the attention of gamers for that reason. Having the properly-sized keys but being able to keep your mouse closer is important for the gameplay. Alternatively, you can get a really tiny device with only 60-75% of width with some options that barely reach 20 cm. The latter are not at all suitable for gaming unless you search really hard for a specifically designed one, but they make the perfect gadget for frequent traveling or constricted tabletops.

Tenkeyless, Though Technically 14-Keyless

best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

The optional numeric pad on the side is a matter of convenience and speed of work for some but excessive bulk for others. It might be that you actually use the side number pad often and then chopping it off is not a great idea. On the other hand, if you have little space for the mouse and often bump into objects or lift it off, the 10 keyless mechanical keyboard will have to come to the rescue. After all, it is a proper keyboard with all the functions as well, you only need to get used to typing the numbers from the row instead of the pad.


  • • What should I look for in a mechanical keyboard?

Here, each key has a separate switch underneath, and that has a huge benefit. Unlike the membrane, scissor or butterfly types, this one will serve longer and can be subjected to quick repairs. In some cases, it is also more comfortable.

  • • Are mechanical keyboards the best?

This type has quite a few benefits and if you’re looking for the best option, I would name the Razer BlackWidow Elite. The comfy wrist rest prevents fatigue and the overall design adds comfort to anything you do. Using it for office purposes feels great and the tactile feedback is satisfactory.

  • • Are all mechanical keyboards the same?

Yes, you can expect these to be consistent in feel. The membrane ones often feel very different but that is due to the dissimilarities of production where the same technology is implemented by different designs.

  • • Are mechanical keyboards better for your hands?

They are definitely bliss for long hours of work so people who type a lot will be more than happy with a mechanical model. It takes little time to get used to, and if you want to know more before you switch, read about how they differ from the regular keyboards.